Monday, March 26, 2012

Enter the Shredder

Episode 2
The turtles start off by beginning their day with practice as Leonardo leads.  He has that attitude that you know he’s the turtle in charge.  The sparing with Leonardo and Michelangelo was awesome!  Splinter saw the lack of patience being displayed by Michelangelo and reminded him to control his temper, oh what classic sensei teaching.  They get some time to eat their pizza topped with cereal, a tasty pizza time breakfast!  That’s one thing I’ve yet to do I’ll admit.  I’ll get back to you if I ever try it.  Shredder and Krang (the brain alien from dimension X) have a real trust issue to figure out.  It’s very good writing to have them both vying for the upper hand while discovering the turtles.  Shredder tried to kill Splinter with the mutagen but instead created a more powerful foe.  Krang drops the hint to mutate his own army of soldiers.  Krang meanwhile hopes to coax Shredder into creating a new body for him as it seems Krang lost his.  It’s quite an interesting plot for the show as new details emerge.

                Bebop and Rocksteady (still unnamed) are selected in Shredder’s little experiment to get revenge on the turtles.  It might be difficult for them to get a date now but you get to see them in their memorable forms now.  It’s neat early on watching April struggle to get a story on all these bizarre recent events.  The boss actually doesn’t treat her with much respect.  When I was a kid I hardly paid any attention to April’s side of the show, I just wanted the turtle power.  The turtles surprise her in “disguises” as she asks them to be serious for a change as she found a lead in the story.  When she reveals that animals were taken from the zoo the turtles crack up before they realize it could lead to the Shredder. 

                Splinter discovers the technodrome only to be captured instantly, come on Splinter!  The turtles face the technodrome with incredible ninja style and fashion; no so much as they aren’t very stealthy ha-ha.  The Shredder wishes to test the turtles with random robotic machinery, you see the leadership of Leonardo as he instructs the team how to handle and attack the situation.  Michelangelo has no clue which is interesting to see how each turtle fits their role.  The scene is exciting and the theme music is the icing on the cake!  Donatello grabs a random piece of junk after the battle.  The turtles get trapped and have a giant object bearing down on them as Donatello uses a scrap item from a previous fight.  Leonardo uses a ninja star to explode the item and make a way out of the path of the giant object.  It’s truly great to see the ninja star as it doesn’t make many appearances in the show.  They entrusted Leonardo to take the one time throw to allow their escape which show true character development.

               The Shredder tries to convince the turtles to join the foot clan upon which Raphael has some great answers for him.  “Does the phrase go suck a lemon hold any meaning for you?”  It establishes him as the turtle with the sarcastic attitude with witty remarks.  The turtles free Splinter as Donatello has his own great line, “The mutation didn’t up their I.Q.’s any.” As Rocksteady and Bebop ram heads and get knocked for a loop.  They end up trapping the two numbskulls in a zoo offering to April that they can be her story.  As far as number two in the pilot series goes this continues on a path that should have been the trail for the show all along.  I’ll continue to watch this episode over and over gladly.

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