Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X

Episode 4
The turtles meet the neutrinos, youths from a war torn world, and join forces to repel Shredder’s attempt to destroy them.  Rock soldiers under Krang’s command aid Shredder in his quest as well.  Meanwhile a weather making device threatens the entire city!

               We start as the turtles get the brilliant idea of pushing their stolen van up the stairs to Baxter Stockman’s work area.  The display of mutant strength is in exhibition here.  I love how they all get a good laugh of Baxter being in jail for the mouser destruction when they’re technically thieves themselves!  But nobody really cares about Baxter’s belongings so it’s no big deal.  Donatello within hours does the impossible by revamping the van into a new high tech computer on wheels.  I’m truly impressed by the brain in that turtle.  Leonardo did prefer the roof three feet higher to practice his katana techniques but was refused.

                Shredder is obsessed at destroying the turtles while dismissing his failed mutant experiments Bebop and Rocksteady.  They plead for another shot but don’t get it.  It’s great to see their tough attitude and fierce some personalities still intact at this point.  Krang warns Shredder of using Dimension X to gain more power.  Shredder promptly ignores him of course and releases the Neutrinos and General Traag and his rock soldier to earth.  They flee topside, the neutrinos, while you get a neat short scene of Bebop and Rocksteady battling the rock soldiers.  Shredder puts an end to it and gives the rock soldiers the best ground vehicle in the house for the destruction of the neutrinos, what about the turtles Shredder?

Neutrinos from the 80's dimension?
                The turtles pursue the neutrinos from the subway entrance as Raphael says, “Is it just me or did we just get buzzed by a couple of rocket powered low riders?”  Hilarious delivery by my favorite turtle, the jokes delivered in this episode for sure.  It was Leonardo who managed to track the hectic flying patterns of the neutrinos to head them off.  The attitude of Leonardo is very fitting of a leader in many aspects.  The turtles eventually bring down the hot rods and come to terms they are on the same side.

General Traag action figure
                General Traag interrupts the play date the turtles are having at the arcade by firing a couple eyeball missiles into the joint.  It’s classic to see the turtles hanging out in public without a disguise while the employees of the arcade attribute it to the craziness of the city.  The theme music triggers as the turtle van goes up against the tank like vehicle of Traag.  Raphael exits the side of the van on a seated gun while firing yelling, “Eat hot lead turkeys!”  Turkeys?  That’s always been a favorite insult of mine.  I like the blaster use from the turtle’s side of the battle though.  Leonardo exits the other side and slices up the tires as Michelangelo yells, “Rip it up Leonardo!”  I enjoyed the lines very much this episode.  The police arrive and the turtles split the scene.  Traag then deploys his weather maker.

Back to the Future? Nah..
                The turtle’s return to consult with Master Splinter, which displays their student side of their lives in gaining knowledge for a final decision, it’s very fitting.  They decide to go to the technodrome to stop Shredder from releasing armies of rock soldiers.  April has to stay with the turtle van like a baby sitter while the rest of them fly inside the technodrome.  Donatello and Leonardo head to the portal room to get the dimensional gateway working to send back the rock soldiers.  No password or security on your equipment Shredder, too bad for you dude.  Bebop and Rocksteady enter with foot soldiers as the theme music triggers again, yes a double dose of it this episode!  Leonardo protects Donatello while saying, “There are only eight of them” in response to Donatello asking if he can handle it.  Of course Leonardo can handle it, he’s the main turtle.  Although Rocksteady does grab him by the throat and fling him aside as Donatello presses a button to drop the goons into an black empty hole.

Rock solid characters
                Michelangelo and Raphael attempt to get Krang but fail as a force field is protecting them all (Shredder and the rock soldiers).  They retreat back to the others to finish off the rock soldiers.  Michelangelo breaks his weapons on the rock torso of the soldier and gets hit back nearly into dimension X!  The soldiers get pushed into the portal thanks to some nearby oil lying around.  The neutrinos follow suddenly interested in waging war back against the army of Krang in Dimension X.

Rocking the four story bunk!
                The conclusion finds Shredder finally deciding to ask Krang to defeat the turtles for him by completing his body.  Krang get supreme satisfaction in that notion.  April reads the tortoise and the hare to the turtles about five times before bed, in their awesome four high bunks.  Leonardo walks in all serious cleaning his katana like one bad turtle stating “Tomorrow we will finish the Shredder.”  Cold and deadly says the leader.  The fourth of five pilot set gets back on track with one more to come.

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