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Replicant (2001)

A serial killer is on the loose torching all his victims who happen to be mothers.  Detective Jake Riley is on the case to stop this obsessive man until his own retirement prevents him before he can finish the job.  A clone of the killer is created to aid in the catching of the killer himself.  Jake gets taunted to come back and solve the case he’s worked on for the last three years.

                I liked this movie for the story along with Jean-Claude Van Damme giving a stronger performance than usual, as he portrayed two characters.  It’s definitely my top Van Damme film as of now.  Michael Rooker (whom I’m not really a fan of) turns in a solid performance which helps the movie without a doubt.  The efficient character development and timely action sequences held the movie together from start to finish.  I’ll admit I thought it could unravel at any moment but to my surprise it didn’t.  How can a movie with Van Damme playing two roles be bad?  His favorite co-star has always been himself after all!

The shady glasses & long hair complete the bad guy look.
                Edward Garrotte (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is the serial killer who sets his victims ablaze while taking pictures of them in the act.  He already seems horrible doesn’t he?  Jake Riley (Michael Rooker) of the Seattle police has been after this guy for years.  He had a last chance to catch him but came up short as Garrotte eluded him.  I’ll state now that Garrotte is nasty bad, he is a downright evil man.  His character is incredibly consistent throughout the whole movie for being so despicable.  I love that in a movie as I hate to see such a character get flawed with charitable acts.  As he escapes from Jake, early in the movie, he uses hostages on a bus to cover his exit craftily out a window.  I was surprised at this unique simple enough escape that is quick but well executed.  He later runs down a street and kills a driver, by shooting rounds through the windshield, which stops short of hitting him with their car.  His character is bad but I truly appreciate how unflawed it is.

Witness the true birth of Jean-Claude Van Damme!
                Jake has a retirement party when Garrotte calls him up and taunts him to come out of it.  Jake gets pissed and shouts all sorts of obscenities to the listening ears of his guests.  Awkward moment Jake can you hold it together in front of everyone, think of the children!  Later on, a government agency hires Jake to help in the capturing of Garrotte deeming him a terrorist type threat.  They have cloned Garrotte and want Jake to investigate with a “replicant” to track down Garrotte.  A replicant is a clone they created from blood and hairs at a crime scene which is farfetched.  The explanation isn’t convincing enough for most viewers’ I’d imagine but for me it’s intriguing.  I like science fiction related content so this is right up my alley so to speak.  The replicant also has a telepathic bond with Garrotte, but doesn’t know many common everyday things.  His mind overall is like a small child as far as knowledge goes.  It’s like his brain needs to boot up and get simple input, from Jake in this case.

He's worse than a cat.
                The fear of this replicant turning on Jake leaves him on constant edge.  He has no idea when Garrotte’s possible tendencies could come out and attack.  It’s quite an understandable feeling Jake has, I mean this replicant is supposed to be Garrotte anyway.  From the view of the replicant though he is learning and trying to cope in a new world.  I enjoy his fascination with toilet paper.  He even learns to do the splits to keep Van Damme’s trademark in his films.  I can’t help but love that he always manages to squeeze that into all his movies.  He doesn’t quite understand this strange bond with Garrotte or why Jake treats him like dog doo.  Regardless of how badly Jake treats him I’m shocked as to how the replicant still attaches to him.  It’s possible because Jake was the first human he came in contact with.  The replicant progressively views Jake as family since the two spend so much time together even though it’s rocky at times.  What family isn’t that way though, right?  In one instance he beats the crap out of the replicant thinking he hurt a small boy in which he actually didn’t.  Jake at the beginning was trying to find a reason to inflict harm on the replicant.

Could you kill yourself face to face? It's so life changing!
                Jake closes in on Garrotte’s apartment while he’s away and stumbles upon pictures of dead women Garrotte has slain.  The replicant saves Jake and some others from a bomb Garrotte had rigged inside his computer.  You can see Jake trusting his new partner more and more from then on.  The replicant was able to know of the bomb through Garrotte.  The replicant sights Garrotte on the street and pursues him to a bar.  It’s a brutal engagement as Garrotte murders the bartender but can’t come to kill the replicant.  I’m guessing it’d be difficult to blow your own brains out even if it wasn’t you.  Not long after this first meeting they meet up again underneath a hotel.  Garrotte tries to mind play the replicant to come to his own aid by saying Jake can’t be trusted.  Jake catches up to them but Garrotte escapes with the replicant’s help.  It infuriates Jake but at least the replicant found out Garrotte’s true identity: Luc Sevard.  The replicant is clearly confused but not hostile luckily for Jake.

Does old & busted come to mind with this guy?
                Luc visits his dying mother in a hospital showing her all the women he has killed in photographs.  At first I thought how sick this man was to be doing this!  However you learn here that his mother locked him into a closet when he was a boy and set fire to their home.  His mother also abused him badly driving him to hate women later in life so much he sought out mothers he thought were mistreating their sons and killed them.  Now I’m not so sickened at just Luc but also his mommy.  It’s a good back story to explain why he is how he is, not just some wacko without a cause.  Luc didn’t die that one night since it rained and put out the fire.  Luckily the forecast was on his side but unlucky for all his victims, it’s really a tragedy either way when you think about it.  Should Luc burn alive because of an abusive mother or live to go on to kill numerous other women?  It’s interesting isn’t it?  Jake and the replicant also come to the hospital to visit the mother but discover she is dead.  They go to see the body when Luc shows up with the idea of killing them both.  It’s a great action sequence between the three as the replicant refuses to kill Jake.  The brotherhood Luc tried to create has not worked.

Can't I just burn him in peace? I always get in my way!
                Luc flees after fending the two off with superior fighting skills.  He also shoots the corpse of his mother; perhaps I should have not stated that part, it’s disturbing I know.  Jake follows him while the replicant is left a bit dazed and a decent ambulance chase occurs inside parking garage.  I’m not a fan of long drawn out finales but this one really does it in impressive, acceptable fashion.  As the ambulance eventually crashes, Luc escapes to the cremation area low in the hospital building.  He hits Jake with a shovel to the face!  I told you this guy was bad and I admire how twisted he continues to act. He prepares to set fire to Jake by placing him on the cremation roller.  Its Luc’s curse, he just loves to torch his prey!  The replicant returns to save Jake and have a final showdown with Luc.  The scene is done well in action again displaying Van Damme’s physical prowess in a much more pleasing manner.  The replicant locks Jake out, of the now on fire room, to apparently die with his “brother”.  Luc is already dead as Jake shot him previously and the room explodes leaving you to assume Luc and the replicant died.  The replicant seems torn on his entire existence and the longing for a family.  It’s possible that was Luc’s inner turmoil all along but only seen through the replicant.

                Jake is happy at home with the boy from earlier in the movie he was with when he sees the replicant leave a message in his mailbox.  He goes out to see him but the replicant is nowhere to be found.  The gift is an item that meant something special to the replicant that he now wants Jake to have.  I suppose it’s a sort of memento between the two of them.  The replicant decides to return to a hooker he previously helped earlier in the movie.  It seems he wants to have sex with her still as before he went in his pants prematurely!  Technically it’s his first time and he has much to discover in the world.  The two connected and who knows he might get a freebie!  He might also try to start a life with her, who knows?  Good luck to you man, she was alright.  It’s a neat solid film, but can’t the agency that created him still track him down?  Let’s hope not, let his man have a new life or follow in Garrotte’s footsteps and murder people.  It’s really unknown what will happen but I like it that way. 

                Rating: 7.5 of 10

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Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream

Episode 7 - Season 1

What an astonishing episode of the Real Ghostbusters we have here!  This one could possibly be my most favorite of the entire series.  I love the story and the dialogue is very well written.  The Sandman as an enemy is one of those rare treats in a series that truly lifts up other episodes that lack such a classic villain centerpiece.  It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of this one so let’s run through it to raise it on a pedestal.

The great American scene occurs at the beginning with a young man rejecting a tennis offer with his girlfriend.  He opts to emerge himself into old comic books.  Is that such a bad decision?  In this case it nets him an appointment with the supernatural so possibly not.  The Sandman shows up but you don’t quite see his true form as he dusts the young man with his sleeping powder.  A being from the comic books springs to life as the young man dreams of it.  The girlfriend screams promptly enough and you get the sense the Ghostbusters will have a call.
Hangover 3 - Starring Peter Venkman

 Peter wakes up and lethargically walks to the breakfast table.  He mumbles some stuff as Egon humorously translates, “He says, back off or eat flaming death.”  Where do you think up such a funny line?  Egon also adds, “He said he wants coffee, possibly cookie.”  I’m sure it’s just the way Peter wanted to wake up, getting burned by Egon.  Peter states he had a nightmare of sorts about a guy in a cloak with glowing eyes.  It’s possible the Sandman can appear in dreams when he’s in the vicinity.  That’s not mentioned but it’d be a neat theory.  Ray explains you can tell yourself it’s not a dream so you can take control of it.  Will that play any significance in this episode?  No, no Ray is just being Ray at this point right?  Janine rings the alarm while Peter complains he doesn’t move until he’s had his breakfast.  Slimer then eats his donut and Peter passively awards Slimer this contest.
Dreams brought to life can be dangerous!

The Ghostbusters fly out of the firehouse with the theme music sounding off!  You have to love it!  The Sandman mysteriously appears as they drive away but you only see his back, spooky.  They arrive at the call site and notice its super quiet, I wonder why?  They encounter the being and blast it after altercating their throwers, causing the being to dissolve.  Winston states as he fires, “You learn by doing” or you learn by shooting first and considering all else second.  Winston tends to be that way.  They notice the floating sleeping people and all the strange manifestations in the immediate area; naturally Egon concludes it’s the results of a Sandman.  Winston doesn’t want to believe it at first, really after all this time?  You’ve seen Gozer, a painting come to life, the Boogieman and quite a few others so now you don’t believe it?  He comes around quickly though so no worries.
Enter the Sandman, sleep tight.

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man makes a cameo as a dream representation of a small boy who apparently scarf’s down marshmallows, in private, in the alley.  It must be his secret fetish; he escapes his parents grasp and stuffs his face with them.  The Sandman makes his appearance before the Ghostbusters as he stays atop a ledge looking down on them.  He proclaims he is no ordinary Sandman but one who wishes to end violence by putting humans to sleep for 500 years with his extra potent sleep dust!  Is that such a terrible idea?  He is a visionary!  On the other hand I wouldn’t want to imagine the muscle atrophy after such a lengthy nap.  In the end the Sandman thinks the Ghostbusters are laughing at him so he sets them as his primary targets.  The Sandman then escapes so they must track him down.
1 down, 3 to go!

Upon catching up to the Sandman, Peter says, “Alright then, let’s show this guy nobody tells us to go to bed.”  Winston nearly gets dusted then almost snares the Sandman with his thrower.  However now the Sandman’s pissed at them for being so difficult and turns all the crazy dreams into terrifying nightmares instead!  The guys haul some tail away from the nightmares and decide to get to ecto-1 and possibly head back to the firehouse?  They don’t mention why their heading for ecto-1.  I’d think the more confined a space the more likely it’d be to be put asleep.  Ray must face a giant rabbit using a carrot as a club near ecto-1.  He thinks it’s the Easter bunny and doesn’t want to blast it, grow up Ray, its funny though.  They “hop” in the car but it won’t start, as Ray checks under the hood the Sandman gets him!  He dreams of pizza as it lands on ecto-1 in a heap.  I like the explanation that the dreams go poof because the thrower streams disrupt their molecular density.
2 down, 2 to go! It's all happening so fast!

The remaining Ghostbusters track down the Sandman on the PKE meter.  They come across a huge sleeping dragon.  Winston is gung-ho and is ready to fire but Egon stops saying, “Every time we take out one of those things it’s like holding up a sign saying, “here we are”.”  Hmm, so they tip-toe by it but Egon ends up blasting it anyway.  Winston, as he darts inside, says, “Quit dragon-ing your feet and let’s go!”  Egon believes Winston has been hanging around Ray again.  It’s a cheesy joke Egon lighten up.  Their cover is blown but they head inside the building to get the Sandman.  Peter is the next Ghostbuster to take a nap as the Sandman sneaks up behind and dusts him.  Egon & Winston arrive in the room to see Peter in a gold car winning numerous awards.  Just before that, outside the door, they heard a thud.  Winston questions, “Was that a thud?”  Egon’s downtrodden reply, “That was a thud.

Winston must save them.
Eventually Egon interprets Ray’s theory on dreams but gets dusted before he can share this information with Winston.  Winston gets down that he’s not a scientist and how could he figure out what to do?  This is no time for a pity party buddy; you’re the only hope for a world facing a 500 year time out!  Albert Einstein, Egon’s dream, provides a bit of insight into helping him figure it out.  He darts back to the firehouse hoping Janine is still awake.  Winston gives Janine instructions but we the viewer still don’t know this secret plan to beat the Sandman.  Janine is given the last proton pack to use as defense.  The Sandman barges into the firehouse in emphatic fashion!  I love that moment, the Sandman is incredibly wicked.
I love a woman in uniform.

There is a tussle before the action begins, you notice when Janine first fires she gets a surprising kick from the thrower.  The Sandman dusts Janine and its sleep time for her now.  The Sandman turns 100% of his attention, which is at least 1% too much, towards Winston.  Janine seemingly springs awake but in fact she sports the Ghostbuster jumpsuit as her own dream manifestation!  Is it just me or does the original Janine kick it in that outfit?  The Sandman says to Winston to say goodnight which Janine replies, “Say goodnight yourself buster.”  Ha!  Surprise attack from the back as the theme music triggers again!  The Sandman tries and pulls away from the stream but the hero Winston reels him in.  It’s a fantastic capture sequence with a fitting end to the Sandman.  It’s one of my top scenes in the Ghostbusters series.
Time for your own nap, in the containment unit.

In the end Winston sleeps with Slimer as the only two who didn’t get any rest.  I would have liked to include more photo's but I would have probably included nearly every clip in the episode had I done so.  I haven’t reviewed many of these so far but this one is going to be awfully difficult to unseat as my number one episode thus far.

Rating: 10 of 10


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The Incredible Shrinking Turtles

Episode 7

It’s time to get settled into what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have become.  The cartoonish mild nature of the show really debuts strongly with this episode.  I did find it fairly amusing as far as the humor is concerned.  Once you can accept the silliness it’s not too bad to watch.  Let’s put it this way if Bugs Bunny made an appearance it wouldn’t be a far stretch.  This is the start of a four episode long series about an alien power that has fallen to earth.  I do enjoy the connecting episodes up to this point.  It’s as if there is one long story but it gets broken down into individual portions.  Will that last though, we can only hope. 

Mutant turtles and aliens, does it get any better?
                The turtles are practicing their fighting techniques in a park, in broad daylight.  The ninja part of their name is blatantly ignored here, stealth, invisibility.  They don’t even war disguises.  Luckily this park is entirely empty on such a beautiful day, highly unlikely.  Michelangelo dresses up as Shredder and the others take him down when he attacks them.  Leonardo was totally shocked to discover it was his brother!  The green skin and orange bands didn’t give it away Leonardo?  All of a sudden an alien spaceship crashes into the park pond.  The military or media fail to respond or report on it.  I’m actually glad the military never showed, it can rally become stereotypical in a show when that occurs.  However April covering the mysterious landing would be an excellent way to include her into the episode more properly.  The turtles save this little guy from the bottom of the pond and bring him ashore.  Michelangelo thinks he looks weird so Donatello zings back with he probably thinks the same about you.  The alien is dying; perhaps oxygen is destroying his lungs?  It could be a million things for something not of this planet.  I have to admit my inner science fiction self is really liking the alien presence here.  The alien gives the turtles an alien crystal converger to track down and collect the three fragments of the eye of Zarnov.  What was this alien up to?  The alien claims the eye of Zarnov, when all together, is the most powerful force our planet would know.  To be transporting something of that magnitude is insane!    The little alien dies and vaporizes on the spot.  It’s apparent he died I suppose.

The man looks unstable Baxter.
                Shredder was being a true ninja and spy by hiding in the nearby shrubs listening to the whole conversation.  He is salivating over the idea of all that power.  If he gets that eye of Zarnov he could break free of Krang and have his own power.  Why was he there though?  I’d guess he has nothing better to do anyway considering the disposal of the turtles is all he thinks about.  He later contacts Krang with Baxter.  Baxter is eating an ice cream cone as Shredder forces him to hold the communicator while he speaks.  You can’t hold it yourself Shredder?  I suppose that’s why you have underlings to do the most frivolous tasks.  It’s really because he wouldn’t be able to use his arms to emphasize his points as well.  Krang isn’t impressed with this story of the eye of Zarnov and its supposed unlimited power.  He also probably smells some BS from Shredder to trick him into sending him his army.  Krang wants results and denies Shredder his foot soldiers.  Would those crappy robots really help much anyway?

Less pizza and more practice turtles, come on!
                The turtles get right to the chase of locating the crystal fragments.  Don’t they usually consult with Splinter about these big discoveries first though?  I remember they have previously always done that, perhaps they are breaking free of their master a bit?  The crystal converger leads them to some dock.  Shredder is following them at this time.  The fragment is on a garbage barge so the turtles hop in it.  Donatello however gets pulled into it forcibly by the crystal converger.  It seems when it gets close enough it acts like a magnet of sorts.  The turtles seemed a bit unwilling to search in the garbage, you live in a sewer come on, and the smells can’t be that different!  As they find it, Shredder swiftly swings in and steals it.  At last the turtles and Shredder fight it out as Shredder wins the contest handily.  The turtles weren’t sharp I’ll say that much.  Shredder says, “So much for the free ninja lesson.”  I love that one, a great insult on the dominance of the battle by Shredder.  He aims the fragment at the turtles and they shrink.  He is unable to finish them off as they scurry away.  He tries but just fails so I was pleased to see that.  I hate when he doesn’t when the chance is right there.

Seriously Splinter, shower much? Whew!
                The turtles make it back to the sewer den and inform Splinter of the situation, sparing no small detail ha-ha!  Splinter drags April into this although I’m not sure as to why, perhaps to be his driver?  Get your driving license Splinter!  They had to go to the docks to get the turtle van though since the turtles were forced to abandon it there.  That’s not shown however, they are just driving around in it suddenly looking for Shredder.  Meanwhile Shredder is shrinking buildings all over the city and collecting them up to impress his alien cohort Krang.  When he shows Krang his toy building collection it again fails to impress Krang.  He wants the turtles as proof not buildings.  Krang probably gets annoyed at Shredder doing everything except what he told him.  I still enjoy the lack of trust and bad spirits the two villains show to one another.  Baxter creates a cockamamie device called “Heat seeking Turtle Scope”.  It can track down the specific turtles they are looking for.  That’s insanely brilliant and to think a wacko invented it just now!

Bite sized turtle snacks!
                The turtles are shrinking faster than a cheap pair of underwear according to Raphael.  They get forced out of the sewers by rushing water.  They drift on a soap bar until they go down a storm drain that sends them into a pond area.  A fish nearly eats them but Baxter nets them.  Super impossibly efficient that he was in a boat to catch them in that situation.  Baxter you’d think would kill them for the past grievances they bestowed him but he returns them to Shredder instead.  Shredder puts them into a jar with air holes.  He wants to keep them alive to show Krang.  It’s clear his motives of just destroying the turtles have changed to simply getting his foot soldiers and other technologies back to earth.  I don’t quite agree that’s the best path to be on but at least you can see why he doesn’t want to kill them immediately anymore.

I gun smash you good!
                Splinter gets his psychic on as he senses the turtles nearby, he is quite adamant about the connection between teacher and student.  I’m glad in school I never had that going on with my teachers.  I wouldn’t want them knowing where I was 24/7, kind of weird.  They burst into the hideout Shredder is at and start the rescue.  Just before they did that Shredder was holing a crow bar, wow he resorts to that, ready to smash the turtles with a sickening Krang watching through the communicator.  I love the crow bar Shredder has; he’s like a common thug without Krang’s help.  No wonder he is so desperate to please that brain blob.  Splinter and Shredder tangle while delivering some odd dialogue.  It’s mainly Splinters counter verbal assault of “One who wears a metal mask shouldn’t use the word rusty.”  Huh?

The laws of physics say that..
                April doesn’t even have a camera but must not be worried about a story in all this, why not?!  Look at all this crazy stuff, an alien fragment, a giant rat righting a kitchen utensil, it’s all 6 o’clock news material.  She used to be so obsessed about getting her stories!  She finds the fragment on the ground, Shredder must have dropped it in the battle, aims it at the turtles and they return to their former sizes.  The breaking out of the jar was a bit awkward though, it was like rubber glass!  Baxter and Shredder take off down a passageway and Splinter stops the turtles.  Shredder also snatched the fragment off the ground, so I guess April threw it down once the turtles were their size again, why?  Imagine the power April!  Perhaps she was afraid she would shrink as well, who knows.  Splinter should have asked the turtles did they really want to shrink again if they caught up to Shredder.

                Splinter at the end surprises the turtles with bite sized pizzas.  I wonder why Michelangelo didn’t notice the weight difference when he was carrying them.  Well he isn’t the smartest turtle now is he?  It’s a good funny ending actually and this episode is decent enough not to be overlooked.  It’s rather funny and often enough to make you crack a laugh.  It’s silly but that’s expected at this point in the series.
Rating: 8 of 10
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Taken (2008)

I have watched this movie twice now and it finally hits me that it’s an action flick.  I know that’s stupid to admit right?  I remembered when I first watched it I kept thinking it’s more of a thriller.  Everyone’s brain lags from time to time so I’ll consider myself in fair shape.  Once again Liam Neeson lifts up a film that otherwise might suffer had an actor with less ability played it.

Where's my horse daddy?!  AHH!!
               A retired CIA agent (Liam Neeson), Bryan Mills, moves closer to his daughter (Kim) to make up for years of lost time.  She is 17 so that isn’t too much to cover right?  She is spoiled and lives with her mother (Famke Janseen), Lenore and rich step-father Stuart.  Bryan knows she loves to sing so he dishes out the cash to buy her a top of the line karaoke machine.  It’s her birthday gift as he brings it to the rich man Stuart’s mansion.  There is a huge party going on and she opens her dad’s gift right away.  She is happy with it as her mother disapproves of it.  Kim whispers to her dad that she still wants to be a singer.  As things are going well for Bryan, the rich jerk Stuart comes prancing onto the scene on a horse.  Kim goes spoiled kid bonkers and runs to it saying gimme, gimme practically.  It’s shameful but every rich daughter’s fantasy is to have a horse isn’t it?  Bryan holds it together even though Stuart decided to show him up.

Even pop divas are drawn to Neeson.
                Bryan after getting home gets surprised by some old co-workers.  They have a dinner while coaxing Bryan to join them for a job to protect a singer named Sheerah.  Didn’t she have her own show in the 1980’s?  No, I’m thinking of someone else.  He gives in as he is obviously bored being recently retired.  It also shows that he must be quite an agent to still be sought out.  At the concert Bryan gets close bodyguard detail on Sheerah and “Neeson” evokes that charisma of his to ask her about helping his daughter make it as a singer.  What a great father, he put himself out for instant embarrassment.  She declines him saying it’s not worth it basically.  After the concert a psycho guy with a knife tries to attack Sheerah but Bryan brutally and quickly drops him.  Sheerah is eternally grateful then decides to help him with a favor for his daughter.  Did he set that up?  Did he put a random guy there to tell to attack in hopes to get such a reward?  Is that too elaborating an idea?  I’d say no but it’s fun to think about.  Bryan also got a nice pay day for his one night of work.

You're not going to Paris!
                The following day Bryan has lunch with Kim but Lenore comes along.  He doesn’t like that as he only wanted to see his daughter, not his ex.  Lenore’s plan involves forcing Bryan to sign off on Kim going to Paris with a friend.  He doesn’t like that idea as a protective father who is more familiar with the world.  He offers to go along but that doesn’t bode well.  Kim is devastated and has a spoiled brat tantrum then storms off.  Will someone spank that girl?  She needs to learn you don’t always get what you want in life.  Lenore and Bryan argue a bit then later in the day he visits the mansion to allow Kim to go.  He explains rules to her on what she must do when she’s there like call him every night for instance.  Will she do that?  She just got her way what do you think a spoiled girl would do?  He drives her to the airport in agreement as well.  He also gets the last words with Lenore stating we could have avoided this if she told him ahead of time.

Do you like my accent?  It's all I've got going for me.
                At the airport Bryan discovers Kim is following the U2 band tour in Europe.  He really doesn’t like that and reluctantly let’s her go.  He takes a final photo of her with his camera before she leaves.  He likes to collect photos of her in an album; it’s a nice character touch for him.  In Paris at the airport Kim and her wild friend Amanda meet a smooth talking man named Peter.  He takes their picture with Kim’s phone and offers to split a taxi with them since it’s so expensive.  What a sincere nice young fellow, I’m sure he will make a strapping husband one day to a beautiful lady.  The girls fall for it primarily Amanda, she must have been on “Girls gone wild” at some point.  Peter informs them of a party later that night and invites them so they accept.  They explain how they’re alone here to make sure they’ll be easy targets.  Can you shut up Amanda?  What an idiot!  Peter leaves and calls his buddies to inform them that two girls are available for the taking.

"I will find you. I will kill you."
                Bryan is a bit unnerved Kim hasn’t called yet but should he be surprised, she doesn’t seem like she would anyway.  He finally reaches her as she notices through a window that Amanda is being abducted.  She panics and her dad tells her to go into the next room and hide.  She goes under a bed when Bryan tells her that she’s going to be TAKEN.  She is scared to death and then gets abruptly pulled out of hiding.  One of her assailants picks up the phone and Bryan tells him all about his skills and to let her go now and there will be no trouble.  If he doesn’t he is told that he will be found and killed.  The man replies with “Good luck.”  Don’t give a man that says something that serious good luck because he probably doesn’t need luck, you’re already dead dude.

"Good luck."  "Good luck."  "Good luck."
                Bryan sent the recording of the phone conversation to one of his buddies for a check on whom these men were.  He did a wise thing and recorded the call when he realized Kim was in deep doo.  Bryan learns that Albanian men sell teenage girls into sexual slavery.  That really motivates him to save her quickly as he is told he has about a 96 hour window to find her before its too late.  He flies out to Paris and investigates the scene of the abduction.  He finds clues as to who Peter is and goes directly after him.  I feel so sorry for Peter, but his worries are soon to be over.  He discovers pervert Petey luring another girl into a taxi.  He beats the living crap out of him in the taxi but gets pulled out by another random ruffian.  He takes that guy down fast then gives chase to Peter who is literally running for his life on the expressway a top a bridge.  Could this be a death scene?  I’m sure they will talk it out, Bryan is old and his running looks a bit awkward at times.  Peter panics and jumps onto a heavily padded semi-truck trailer roof.  Why was it so clearly padded?  Am I the only one who noticed?  CGI that out, ha-ha!  Peter dies as he doesn’t look both ways crossing the street.  Show this to your kids please, I guarantee they will always look after this scene.

Beat down on the perverts!
                Jean-Claude is a French desk junkie that I can’t stand.  I guess it’s just the actor playing his role right.  Apparently Bryan is friends with him from years back and points him in the right direction to find his daughter.  I just don’t like this guy!  He warns Bryan not to cause trouble though, yeah right stupid his daughter is being sold as a sex slave.  From a hooker on a corner, to a thug in a car Bryan eventually gets lead to a sickening whore house at a construction site.  He brutally, brutally kills all types of random men there while saving a single girl who has his daughter’s jacket.  She is all drugged out so at the moment she is of no immediate use.  A terrible vehicle chase follows with terrible camera angles and worse, the horrible quick cut too close-up shots.  I detested that entire scene and it starts in on the action overload this movie inevitably becomes.  How many bullets can Bryan dodge?  They’re using automatics they’re going to hit him.  I know its action, meh.

I like my Marko, extra crispy.
                Jean-Claude talks with Bryan via walkie-talkie and cell phone at a comfortable distance to discuss Bryan heading back to the states.  Bryan insists he will find his daughter and not leave.  He’s on a mission Jean-Claude you should have cuffed him when you had the chance, now he’s a hungry hound looking for dinner.  Bryan took the drugged girl to a hotel to in which he knew the front desk guy.  The girl comes to and explains where Kim was TAKEN.  He goes to the place pretending to be Jean-Claude with an I.D. and everything.  He really has a plan; everyone falls for the fake I.D. trick!  He locates the man who wished him “good luck” and captures him while brutally killing about a dozen random men for good measure.  He takes a look around the place to find many girls all drugged out.  He finds Amanda overdosed lying dead and dirty on a bed.  It’s quite gross what they do to these girls even if they aren’t great people to begin with.  He tortures this guy Marko in a ghetto rigged electric chair by stabbing him with two metal spikes in his knees, ouch, no double ouch!  Marko is a defiant SOB and resist quite a bit at first.  He gets shocked a lot.  He cracks though explaining virgins get sold for top price to the pervert with the smallest wiener and biggest bank account.  Not in those words but I like those better.  Bryan you should be proud she didn’t lose it at such a ripe age.  Bryan after getting what he needed leaves Marko and fries him anyway.  That’s what I’m talking about!  Bryan’s consistency in killing impresses me.
Jean-Claude gets tough.

                Bryan drops by old Jean-Claude’s place to find out what he knows that he feels is being hidden from him.  Jean-Claude attempts to kill Bryan but has no bullets in his gun as Bryan has them in his hands.  It’s not magic but rather Bryan getting to the bathroom “hidden” gun before Jean-Claude secretly did before dinner.  Things get testy fast as Jean-Claude tries to play tough.  Bryan shoots Jean-Claude’s wife in the shoulder demanding where to find his daughter.  Jean-Claude now cracks and reveals Saint-Clair is the man to see.  He pistol whips the shady Jean-Claude and continues his death march through Paris.

Hero shot!
                Bryan locates Kim being sold at a secret e-bay international auction in Saint-Clair’s mansion although he finally gets caught.  Saint-Clair discovers Bryan is the girl’s father but has him to be killed anyway.  He claims its just business and don’t take it personal.  Bryan kills his executioner’s in a solid action sequence, not the best but sound enough.  He catches up to Saint-Clair forcing him to crack by shooting him numerous times in his appendages.  He eventually fills Saint-Clair with the whole clip.  He is a killer man, overkill isn’t in his vocabulary.  The final rescue action sequence is fast, very fast.  Bryan battles onward onto a yacht killing man after man.  He dodges machine gun fire that in no way could be dodged in small quarters.  He has a fight with a super tough random guy before killing the rich man with the small penis.

                The end is weak acting wise and leaves no emotional outpour you might expect.  Bryan returns Kim home and refuses a car ride home with that idiot Stuart.  Yes, stick it to him!  Bryan later takes Kim to Sheerah’s house for personal singing lessons and to watch her old 1980’s show.  It’s an overall satisfying action romp.  It’s brutal and I like to see that from Bryan.  He didn’t show mercy.  All the gunfire that missed him was too unbelievable though; you can’t put him in impossible situations time after time only never to catch a barrage of flying bullets.  I liked watching him figure out how to find Kim capturer’s, as Neeson performs well in those moments.  The action scenes aren’t what he excels at for me at least.  It’s not a bad watch for the action guru’s.

                Rating: 8 of 10

I’ve used my own images for this review and hope you find them suitable.
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

What About Bob? (1991)

This brand of comedy fills my soul with laughter.  It’s hysterical while avoiding curse words as the butt of the humor.  I’ve never been a huge fan of that kind of comedy.  I don’t know if there are many movies out there that can make me bust a gut so consistently throughout an entire movie.  Bill Murray is hilarious in every way whether it’s delivering a line or through some physical action however slight it may be.  Richard Dreyfuss compliments him like nobody else could with anger and hostility as the movie progresses.   It’s a story of a man with nearly every phobia in the book.  He eventually drives his psychiatrist out of his mind while appearing good-hearted.  It’s literally a laugh riot and it should be fun going over it now.  I love this movie and am going to cover it thoroughly.  It’s engrained in my very DNA.  I’d advise to be prepared for a lengthy read.  If you haven’t seen this movie you should stop now and go watch it.  It won’t hurt you to read if you haven’t because a comedy is for laughs so spoilers aren’t as decimating.

This should be everybody's morning mantra.
                The movie begins with a man named Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) repeating, “I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful”, as he massages his temples as he is waking up.  It’s clear something is not quite right with this guy already.  He does his morning routine of getting ready for the day and says to his pet goldfish “Good morning, Gil. I said, good morning, Gil.”  I get a slight awkward feeling as he says it twice as if he expects the fish to respond in some way.  Dr. Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss) gets introduced to the movie next as he receives a phone call from a colleague who currently has Bob as his patient.  His colleague informs he is quitting the business for awhile and is referring a patient to him.  Leo agrees after minor convincing that is.  His colleague is extremely pleased after the phone call and says, “Free.”  It’s very clear Bob is a serious problem but how bad can it be?

"When I go out I get.. weird."
                Bob is set to go meet his new psychiatrist but seems to have a bit of trouble simply leaving his apartment.  He psyches up so to speak and at last opens his door to the hallway.  He side steps down the narrow path and uses a tissue to open the door to go outside.  We’re definitely seeing signs of a troubled individual here.  The tissue use cracks me up though!  Meanwhile Leo informs his secretary to schedule his new patient for an interview when he comes back from vacation he will soon depart on.  The secretary informs him he’s already called a couple times and is the next appointment.  Leo shrugs it off as he seems set for relaxation soon enough.  Bob finally manages to get to the building Leo works in and faces an elevator challenge.  He uses his tissue to press the button but when time to enter the elevator he backs off.  Now he’s troubled with small spaces it seems.  This guy is turning out to be quite the character.  He hoofs it all the way to the 44th floor!  He comes into the waiting room gasping for air and sits on a small side table.  It’s a funny little gag as he’s probably too skeptical to sit on the chairs other people use!

The true "Clash of the Titans!"
                The two meet for an interview type of session on the final afternoon Leo is in town.  Bob immediately sees Leo’s family pictures on display.  He tries to guess their names claiming he’s really good at it.  Who does that especially to someone they’ve just met?  It’s here where Leo let’s Bob call him by either Leo or Dr. Marvin.  Bob describes his problems “I get dizzy spells, nausea, cold sweats, hot sweats, fever blisters, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, blurred vision, involuntary trembling, dead hands, weak ankles, twitching, fainting spells, numb lips..”  He also pretends to have other ailments to clarify that he doesn’t actually have them.  He rattles those off as Leo asks him what he’s truly afraid of “What if my heart stops beating or I can't find a bathroom and my bladder explodes?  You ever heard of Tourette's syndrome.  You know, where you involuntarily shout profanity?”  My favorite is the Tourette’s syndrome episode.  He suddenly shouts, “Sh!t-eating son-of-a-b!tch!  Bastard, douche-bag, twat, numb-nuts, d!ckhead, B!TCH!”  Dr. Marvin takes it all well considering he is the top psychiatrist in the country at the moment, with an ego to match I might add.  It’s funny when the secretary hears Bob yelling obscenities she looks up briefly then goes back to work.  I guess that’s common in this world.  Bob finally fakes cardiac arrest claiming if he can fake it he doesn’t have it.  That’s a logical statement if I ever heard one.

Going down, 44 floors worth.
                Leo decides to ask Bob if he’s married and whether he’d like to talk about it.  Bob mentions his ex-wife loved Neil Diamond and that’s why he broke up with her.  Leo suggests that all of Bob’s problems were the cause of the failed marriage and Bob suddenly feels that Leo can help him.  Leo gives Bob his new book titled “Baby Steps” which describes setting small simple goals for you each day.  Bob clings to it and goes so far as to actually take baby sized steps everywhere he goes.  What a nut, its classic though, absolutely hysterical!  When Bob discovers his new savior, Leo, will be gone on vacation for a month he frets it very much.  After Bob is gone Leo gets informed from his secretary that Good Morning America will be interviewing him while he’s on vacation at Lake Winnipesaukee.  Bob approaches the elevator with caution and decides to baby steps his way in.  He looks calm at first then shouts; “AHHHHHH!” after the doors are closed.  I feel sorry for the other people inside!

Even he can't believe he's getting away with it.
                Bob is crying while watching the Brady bunch, showing his sadness for not having a family perhaps?  He tries to get patched through to Leo via the operator and succeeds claiming it’s an emergency which it’s clearly not.  He bumble’s words while Leo is frustrated with him for lying about needing to talk.  Leo informs him not to call again and go seek help elsewhere like he was instructed at the office.  Bob is mentally a mess at this point and very attaching.  He does learn the operators name to be Betty which comes into play soon.  Bob has a prostitute pretend to be Leo’s sister so he can get through to talk.  Leo is infuriated and tells Bob never to call back.  Bob walks stiff legged while saying, “That was not smart.  That was not smart.”  He really goes to some length to get a hold of him that I don’t think I’d think of.  Memorizing Leo’s family pictures and names came in handy after all, Bob you clever cat.  Bob gets his greatest idea yet as he goes to the operator’s office claiming to be a homicide detective, he’s in a trench coat and everything!  He says Bob Wiley committed suicide and left a note mentioning Betty.  Betty reveals herself and Bob mutters, “So you’re Betty.”  It’s great to see his reaction when he sees who he has been talking with so many times.  He calmly squeezes the address out of the ladies and quickly departs.  Betty calls and informs Leo that his patient Bob Wiley has committed suicide.  Leo shrugs it off and tells his wife in bed to not let it spoil their vacation.

Hit him, for all that is holy HIT HIM!
                Walking to and fro, back and forth Bob tries to force his way mentally to get on a bus to go see Leo while on vacation.  The bus driver, Wing, gets a tad annoyed while commenting to Bob, “We have a baby schedule to keep.”  She’s obviously been dealing with him for some time now to know about his Baby Steps book he holds onto everywhere he goes.  Bob boards the bus and does his trademark side step down the aisle.  He tries to avoid any contact then sits down and briefly talks to a man, “Hi, I’m Bob.  Will you knock me out, please?  Just hit me in the face.”  Its ridiculous how afraid of being on a bus makes him to request such a notion from a stranger.  Later on the bus ride he pulls out a barf bag and heaves into it.  He looks up to stay simply, “False alarm.”  Can you imagine being around this guy?

Whining baby needs his bottle.
                Leo and his family are shopping for groceries to feed the TV show that will be visiting shortly when Bob’s bus just so happens to pull up nearby.  He hurries out of the bus and randomly starts shouting, “Dr. Leo Marvin!”  What a plan Bob!  He has no clue where Leo is he just decides to yell.  Have you been thinking of that the whole ride here?  Leo tries to rush his family into their vehicle but gets caught by Bob.  He continues to yell Leo’s name as he approaches the family.  He says, “Oh, the fam” as he looks toward them as if they’re some sort of rare animal, it’s quite hilarious.  Leo drags him away around the building telling Bob how awful it was to follow him here, not to mention stating he thought Bob was dead.  Bob is begging for a session but Leo promptly refuses.  Bob begins to get very socially awkward by yelling, “Gimmie, gimmie, I need, I need” to rouse Leo into a talk about his problems.  Leo agrees but under the condition Bob buy a bus ticket home and wait in a nearby café for a phone call.  Leo is actually going to call him in two hours probably to make sure Bob isn’t following him again.  I’d be very uncomfortable in his position I’ll admit.  I would also be thinking what did I get myself into?  

                In the café the old couple that run the place named the Guttman’s watch Bob chanting, “Baby step to 4 o’clock” as he stares at a wall clock with his pet fish dangling from his neck in a jar.  That would have to be an odd sight for the locals.  A man briefly tries to use the pay phone Bob is semi guarding when Bob shouts for him to back off as he’s waiting for a call from Dr. Leo Marvin.  The Guttman’s suddenly jump at the idea of taking this crazy looking guy to Leo’s very house!  I take it they see it as a way to torment Leo since he bought their dream house overlooking the lake in their town.  It’s a humorous scene as you see the vivid character of the couple brought into play.  Leo has some enemies out there and they’re bringing Bob to him.

Get the fxck away from me Bob!  I'll blow your @$$ up!
                Leo and his son Siggy are on the dock near their house.  Leo is trying to teach him how to dive claiming it’s as important to see him dive as to be on Good Morning America.  Who says stuff like that to their young child?  The lesson doesn’t go well as Siggy chickens out and heads back inside.  Leo talks with his wife Fay on why Siggy won’t dive yet.  Apparently this has been going on annually.  As Leo attempts to call the café he sees Bob in the doorway staring at him.  He again chides Bob how inappropriate it is to come here.  To Bob’s defense, “Don’t be mad, the Guttman’s brought me.”  Mrs. Guttman yells from the truck, “Burn in Hell Dr. Marvin!”  Things aren’t shaping up too well for Leo, ouch.  Bob kindly intrudes into the home to meet Fay and Anna, Leo’s daughter.  They seem to generally like him at first impression but Bob’s a likable guy honestly.  Leo invites Bob to take a walk outside with him asking him what everything around him means.  Bob has no clue and is told its vacation.  Leo tries to get rid of Bob by writing a unique prescription for him to take.  It’s simply to take a vacation from his problems.  Bob is amazed and skips off in bewilderment.  “A vacation from my problems” Bob exclaims!

World's worst shirt?
                The next morning I believe, Leo and the family are in the main room discussing how to set up the place for the interview.  Leo is being particularly anal about it.  He really needs to take a chill pill but then if he did would this movie be as good as it is?  Bob starts ringing a bell outside and Leo surprisingly finds him at their front door.  Bob was kind as he brought weeds he thought to be flowers perhaps to Fay as a gesture of thanks for the hospitality previously.  When you see the grass and weeds in his hand it cracks you up as to how genuine he’s being.  He bursts out with, “This isn’t an appointment!  I’m stopping by, I haven’t figured out how to get food yet but I’m staying with the Guttman’s, let’s get the friendship thing going.”  Bob is of course misunderstanding Leo’s plan to take a vacation from his problems by actually taking a vacation with him.  I also love, absolutely love, the part about how he’s not sure how he’s going to get food yet!  As Bob leaves Leo brings the family in for a close chat telling them all to not talk to Bob although they seem to not take him seriously.  They feel Bob’s a nice guy and harmless. 
                Anna sets off in the only vehicle the family has at the vacation house to go sailing with some friends.  She drives down the road a ways to see Bob running frantically all over the road.  He apparently freaked out about being alone.  She asks him to get in for a ride and he eventually agrees.  He busts out his tissue to use for the door when asking Anna how many people use this door.  When discovered just the family does he puts the tissue in his pocket and gets in.  Bob is on the road to recovery, possibly?  A vacation from his problems indeed!  Anna talks with Bob about stresses in life and they relate in some ways.  They mainly discuss how Leo impacts their lives in different ways.  She asks him to go sailing with her and he obliges.

Set fire and sink the boat while you have a chance!
                As they’re sailing Bob is screaming, “I’m sailing!” over and over.  It’s also shown that he’s tied to the mast with a life preserver on.  What a nut!  It’s incredibly funny though as Bob feels he’s conquering his problems, perhaps he is?  Meanwhile Leo is teaching Siggy to dive again and mistakenly drops him into the water as he sees Bob sailing by shouting.  Siggy gets pissed and calls his father a murderer?  I’m not sure on that one but oh well.  Leo marches right over to the sailboat as it docks dragging Anna away from Bob.  Bob has some more nonsense to shout to Leo, “Isn’t this a breakthrough, that I’m a sailor?  I sail.  I sail now.  Ahoy!”  Leo and Anna continue to walk into the woodland area.  It’s another hilarious moment to see Bob tied up yelling that nonsense.  Leo breaks out a hand puppet of his own likeness to talk with Anna; he gives her one as well of her own likeness to talk back.  It seems it’s a way they can communicate on a therapeutic level.  Anna claims Bob is more fun than her dad.  Leo is crushed.  They head home leaving the vehicle at the pier.  Will that come into play later?  Probably not what am I yammering on about?

Bob's not a bad diver.  Good form.
                Leo goes to his wife Fay for comfort back at the house as he realizes he has just had mishaps with both his children.  He believes Bob is turning them against him somehow as he mutters along.  Fay consoles him a bit to get him calmed down.  The real fun is Bob strolling on by and helping Siggy with his diving.  “I sailed on my first try.  The boat did most of the work, that’s my secret” Bob’s confession to Siggy in a silly manner in which Siggy uses to get Bob to try diving.  Bob is utterly terrified to even remotely get to the edge of the dock, so Siggy eventually dives for the first time with Bob’s help.  Leo sees it from the window and gets infuriated!  He runs out screaming, “I’ll take it from here” and pushes Bob right into the lake.  The Guttman’s from their boat, which they spend a lot of time in watching the house, shake their heads in dismay at Leo.  Leo replies with, “I had every right to buy this house!”  The family turns against Leo a bit as Leo is forced to admit he made a mistake by pushing Bob into the lake.  They want Leo to apologize to Bob however.  Leo doesn’t like that idea.  He explains Bob is a patient time and time again but his family basically view Bob as a fun guy.  Leo just wants to have a good time with his family on vacation without patients lingering around, Bob.  The family makes Leo invite Bob to dinner which he is not pleased about in the least considering Good Morning America will be here in the morning.  Bob however couldn’t be happier.

Let me die! Let me die!  -Dr. Leo Marvin
                Later that night at dinner Bob is rather enjoying the meal while making “Mmm Hhm Mmm” sounds as he takes bites of this and that.  Leo become severely agitated bursting out, “Will you please stop that?”  It would seem a quiet dinner outside on the patio is all Leo wanted except Bob has added annoying sounds to the mix.  He really likes Fay’s cooking shouldn’t Leo be happy about that?  Bob pesters for a salt substitute so Leo reluctantly goes inside to get it.  Bob goes on saying referring to Leo’s book, “This book is going to do a lot of good to a lot of people, I’m walking proof of that.”  Leo in the kitchen hears it and coughs while suppressing a laugh but ends up choking on a piece of chicken he had in his mouth.  Its obvious Leo doesn’t agree that his book is helping Bob but isn’t it?  Plus I don’t think Bob has read beyond the title cover if you ask me.  He just baby steps everything!  I never actually see him read it but that’s probably what makes it even funnier.  Bob tries giving the Heimlich maneuver to Leo but does a terrible job.  The process ends up with Bob kneeing Leo in the back until he spits out the chicken.  “Get him off me!  Get him off me!”  Leo shouts in frustration as Bob keeps pounding on his back.  A crack of thunder roars through the house and Bob shudders in fear.  He’s also afraid of thunder, add that to the list.
Bob can stay with me, my blankets are so warm. -Anna
                Everyone is cleaning up the dishes, save for Leo who is staring at the downpour of rain at the patio.  They’re tossing around dishes and singing the song “We’re singing in the rain.”  They appear to be too light-hearted for their own good at this moment.  “I’m strolling through the kitchen with a bowl full of chicken and I’ll put in Leo.. I mean Dr. Marvin’s refrigerator.”  Bob says as he swoops through the room.  He know must call Leo, Dr. Marvin since at dinner Leo said that’s what he likes to be called in his home as opposed to just Leo in his office.  Can we sense a bit of anxiety from the good doctor at this point?  I do believe its building up.  “I don’t mean to be a party pooper but I think it’s time for Bob to sing his way home!”  Leo exclaims as he’s clearly feed up with this nonsense of Bob still lingering about.  His family mentions it’s raining and Bob couldn’t possibly walk home so Leo offers to drive him.  Uh oh Leo you wanted to leave the vehicle at the pier now you’re stuck with Bob.  Leo loses it again and shouts, “He can borrow my slicker!”  Bob ends up staying over as the family refuses to turn him away in the rain.

                Bob bunks with Siggy for the night while teaching the poor kid about Tourette’s syndrome.  That’s of course after Siggy scared Bob about death.  Siggy has some sort of weird fixation about it.  Meanwhile Leo and Fay are discussing the problem of having Bob stay over on the eve of Good Morning America arriving the next day.  “Can’t you see this man is crazy?  He faked suicide!”  Leo tries to convince his wife but she seems too naïve for her own good.  Leo can’t find his toothbrush and is using his finger as a substitute.  It’s funny I’ve done that as a kid.  Leo hears the cursing from his room and barges into Siggy’s room.  He scolds them that he needs sleep for the next day and wants, “Peace and quiet.”  Bob in a childlike manner says he’ll be quiet while Siggy laughs he’ll be peace.  Also Leo wants Bob gone before the camera crew shows up in the morning.  What a testy man he truly is but at this point in the movie it’s become masterful to watch the two men play off each other.
Fay looks like a freaking train wreck!

                Early the next morning Leo attempts to wake up Bob.  He shakes him in the bed and even screams, “Cocka-doodle-doo!”  He finally gives up exasperated when the alarm clock goes off and Bob perks right up.  He gives a tired smile as he sees everyone around at that point looking at him.  It’s quite ridiculous but it somehow fits in perfectly with his character.  Leo rushes Bob out of the house but Good Morning America is a bit early and discovers Bob is a patient of Leo’s.  Leo drags Bob aside and tells him to make up an excuse that he must leave.  Leo you’re cold-heartedness is astonishing!  Bob fails to inform the show in a proper manner that he can’t be on by simply stating Leo didn’t want him on.  Smooth Bob, you’re not as unaware as people think you are.

Bob 1 - Leo 0
                The show goes on with Bob joining Leo on the air.  Leo was already extremely nervous beforehand but with Bob there too he is a wreck.  He bombs terribly while Bob shines to the questions asked by the host.  He even calls Bob, “Boob”, mistakenly even though Bob doesn’t mind the mix up.  Bob goes on to add, “Do you know that he had me sleep here last night?  In his jamies, using his toothbrush!”  Leo looks at Bob at that last part in complete shock.  He now knows why he couldn’t find his new toothbrush.  Bob does nothing but praise Leo for his instant progress from the book baby steps.  Leo really takes a turn for the worse after the show is over and everyone leaves.  The interview scene is possibly the funniest moment in the movie but it’s terribly difficult to pinpoint due to the high level of consistency the humor in this movie has.

                Leo is applauded by his family and Bob for being such a great psychiatrist.  Leo is very visibly frustrated and says calmly, “Get out.”  Bob ignores it and says, “No, you get out.”  He obviously doesn’t take what Leo says literally.  Leo yells, “GET OUT!  You’ve ruined my life!”  He slams the door shut in Bob’s face.  Fay thinks Leo is overreacting and questions his motives.  She is so calming is almost disgusting sometimes.  Does anything enrage this woman?  Leo’s family then questions why he threw Bob out.  He retorts with, “You think he’s gone?  He’s not gone.  That’s the whole point!  He’s never gone!”  He then whips open the front door to see a standing Bob mutter, “Is this some radical new therapy?”  An enraged Dr. Marvin exclaims, “YOU SEE!”  I take it back perhaps this is the funniest moment?  It’s all quite too much to choose!

I can read your mind!  I am not on drugs!
                Bob is in for a car ride with Leo and he’s extremely excited.  Leo states he wants to pay back Bob for all the time he’s spent with him.  They drive off alone.  Bob is curious to know where they’re going and Leo doesn’t hesitate to say, “Intensive psychotherapy.”  Bob gets even more excited, I’m not sure why but he’s with Leo so I guess that makes him so delighted.  When they arrive Dr. Tomsky is waiting to meet Bob.  It appears Leo and Dr. Tomsky are old friends.  She, Dr. Tomsky, has Bob admitted but tells Leo without staff corroboration she can only hold him 24 hours.  Leo is so erratic at this point that he doesn’t think that’ll be a problem at all.  A bit later Bob is talking with the entire staff.   “It reminds me of my favorite poem, which is, roses are red, violets are blue, I'm a schizophrenic and so am I!"  He goes on to tell another joke.  “The doctor draws two circles and says "What do you see?" the guy says "Sex."  So the doctor draws trees, "What do you see?" the guy says "sex". The doctor draws a car, owl, "Sex, sex, sex". The doctor says to him "You are obsessed with sex", he replies "Well you're the one drawing all the dirty pictures!"  I don’t want to overdo it with the quotes but it’s so hilarious!  Leo gets called back to pick up Bob since the staff doesn’t think he’s crazy.
Classic moment

                Leo gets very unnerved and argues with Dr. Tomsky about being on vacation.  She tries to tell him to get a handle on things and to not let his patient be so near him.  He describes Bob as human crazy glue!  It’s a perfect description of Bob too.  If I were an office supply I’d probably be something lame like a ruler.  Leo is forced to take Bob back which pushes him a bit closer to the edge.  That’s right Leo is unraveling faster than a falling ball of yarn.  On the drive back to the house Bob doesn’t stop talking.  He tries to get a time table set up throughout the week that he and Leo can have one on one session’s.  Leo having enough slams on the breaks and walks around to Bob’s side.  He opens the door and shouts a muffled, “GET OUTTA THE CAR!”  This is definitely my favorite one liner in the movie; it’s delivered perfectly as Leo is absolutely lost it!  Bob gets out and as Leo burns rubber and takes off Bob asks, “Is this isolation therapy?”  Get a clue Bob, he doesn’t like you!  He always thinks in such a positive way it’s almost unbelievable but yet it’s so hilarious in that moment.
Did a diaper explode?

                As Leo drives faster down the road he gets pulled over by a state trooper.  Leo is even more annoyed as he gets a ticket.  Bob passes by in a pickup truck holding up 7 fingers asking the policeman to have Leo home by then.  Leo is clearly pissed to see Bob yet again driving him crazy!  He snatches the ticket from the policeman, which is a wonder he didn’t get reprimanded further, and drives in reverse over a sign puncturing his tire.  Luckily the policeman had driven away already.  Leo get’s out and says in a mutter, “Way to go Bob, I wrecked my car.”  He’s blaming Bob for this?  Uh oh the Dr. is worsening by the scene.  A car drive’s by splashing mud all over Leo.  Leo stiffens up disgusted and says, “Son-of-a-b!tch and Bob!”  As the ending draws nearer it seems the scenes just pick up in hilarity.  I somehow feel a bit sorry for Leo though.  At least in this moment, getting a flat tire always sucks no matter where you are but to get sprayed with mud is icing on the cake you just don’t need.
Leo are you on the crack? -Lily

                Kicking the doors open to a darkened house Leo shouts, “I’m home!”  He meanders to the backyard to be surprised with a gathering of all his friends for his birthday.  He suddenly calms and is happy to see everyone.  Lily, his sister, even made the trip all the way from Chicago and he says in a shocked excitement, “Lily!”  Everything seems to be really turning around for our Dr. until Bob emerges and says, “We’re all here for you Dr. M.”  Leo erupts and exclaims, “Get away from my sister!”  He jumps onto Bob and they wrestle around.  It appears Bob may have bested Leo in the brawl as Leo is resting in bed later.  A doctor explains Leo has been under a lot of pressure lately including that interview on TV which didn’t go well.  He tries to write a prescription until Bob intercedes with his own recommendation.  Lily seems impressed with Bob and obviously shows a liking toward him.  Bob has so much medicine experience I’m not totally surprised he’d know what would be best in this situation anyway.  It’s a short scene but swiftly intertwines Leo escaping out a window with Bob and Lily making a connection.  It’s really all you need for a comedy though.

                Leo breaks into the general store they bought groceries from way back at the beginning of this never-ending review.  He contemplates which mode of weapon will be most suitable for killing Bob.  Yes, you guessed right, he has crossed the line and thinks the only way to be free of Bob is to kill him.  It’s simple, tasteless and over the edge, I like it.  He snatches a rifle and explosives.  Meanwhile Leo’s family asks Bob to go.  He is shocked and in awe.  They explain that Leo is very unhappy with him for some reason and it would be if he were gone when Leo woke up.  They still think Leo is in bed?  Who is supposed to be checking on him?  Where is the organization?  Bob says, “You want me go?”  He is saddened a bit but reluctantly goes after a brief delay.  Go away Bob, take a hint for once!

I love these teasing games!
                The family eventually notices Leo is gone and all head out in the truck looking for him.  Leo runs into Bob walking in the dark on the road.  Leo at gun point forces Bob deeper into the forest away from the calling cries of his family driving by.  Leo ties Bob to an old tree and puts 20lbs. of gun powder around his neck set with a timer.  Isn’t 20lbs. a tad overdoing it?  I mean that much could blow up a house right?  Leo calls it death therapy, a guaranteed cure!  Bob believes it and thinks the rope knots reflect emotionally being tied up inside.  Bob asks if Leo will take care of Gil for him.  “I’ll feed him until he’s big and fat then I’ll eat him Bob!”  Leo exclaims as he runs off.

                In a short time Leo is celebrating back home by the lake outside in the dark that he will be rid of Bob.  However Bob gets free and runs back to the house without anyone noticing.  He carries the explosives with him unknowingly that there actually a real bomb!  He sets them inside without a scene to show it but you’ll know he did soon enough.  Leo’s family shows up to comfort him and explain they sent Bob away to be together.  They’re all outside near the dock when Bob comes walking toward them with the birthday cake singing, “You’re death therapy cured me you genius.”  Leo is on the brink of a breakdown when he asks Bob what he did with the bags around his neck.  “There in, the house.”  Bob slowly replies.               
Glorious finale!

                What you get for the better part of the movie is Bob drawing close to Dr. Marvin’s family in a good spirited way while Dr. Marvin grows angrier by the scene as Bob will not go away.  One of my favorite moments is when Bob is yelled at to leave by Dr. Marvin and gets the doors of the house slammed in his face!  KABOOM!  The house goes up in flames while the Guttman’s cheer from their boat on the lake.  Do the Guttman’s always stalk Leo when he’s on vacation in their town?  Their old and have no other cares but to torment Leo so why not?  Leo cracks and become silent for some time.  The ending shows Bob and Lily getting married.  Leo is there but his mind is broken, he makes one last effort and stands up screaming, “NO!” to object the marriage.  Bob goes on to write a bestseller, “Death Therapy” wherein Leo sues him for the rights. 

                The movie is one long laugh train; I’d have to type the entire script out for you to give it the justice it truly deserves.  I really hope this lengthy review can help you appreciate how amazing this movie truly is.  I have one last bit of intrigue to leave you with though.  I have some friends who were fortunate enough to view a screening of this movie with Richard Dreyfuss on hand a few years back.  Mr. Dreyfuss was seemingly drunk and showed much hatred toward Bill Murray.  If this is the case then that may be what made the acting performances of the two so incredible!

                Rating: 10 of 10

I’ve used my own images for this review and hope you find them suitable.
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