Thursday, April 12, 2012

Troll Bridge

Episode 5 – Season 1

A troll living under a bridge in New York City seems like a decent start until early on when Egon states that trolls hate humans.  Why would they live in such a highly populated city then Egon?  Wouldn’t they prefer to live in a country side?  It’s possible the trolls existed deep down in the earth then humans built on top of them causing them to grow to hate humans over the ages.  I suppose you can look at it a couple ways.

This troll obviously like to “par-tee” as he states so often you want to shove a gag in his mouth.  He goes topside perhaps for a brief visit on the town.  His troll brethren seek him out though by occupying the Queensboro Bridge.  I’d say this escaped troll might of slept with the troll princess with an army like that after him, way to go guy.  Janine rings the bell as she is watching the news live on her PC screen in 1986!  Egon must have rigged it up for her!  The guys decide to investigate the trolls without much complaining from Peter.  Usually if it’s not an official call Peter would rather ignore it.

Peter is possibly relieving himself right now

 As they proceed to the bridge Egon explains if they blast a troll it could turn to stone or get bigger and most likely meaner.  I wish one of them would blast a troll to see what really happens.  Sometimes you need to do some experimenting you know?  The leader of the Trolls, in which they all have a distinct 80’s aura, communicates with Egon who speaks their language.  Egon you are so dedicated to your craft it makes me sick!  They negotiate they’ll find the missing troll for them but get warned that fireflies will be unleashed in 12 hours if they do not.  Fireflies are bad; they torched a freaking garbage barge with one blast of fire.

What's wrong Winston?  You look like you've seen a..

There are a couple scenes in which Egon and Peter split away from Ray and Winston to find this troll.  They don’t even attempt to use the PKE meter the whole time.  It would be neat if they mentioned it’d at least be useless to try.  It’d be impossible for them to find this troll but the two separate parties both happen to at different locations.  It’s just like, “Oh, there he is!  Let’s get him!” in New York City?  I thought some other means would be more interesting to be honest.  They catch up to the troll in a disco club and feel sorry for the guy, well Peter does.  He relates to the party animal inside of himself to the troll and bonds with him.  Just send him back to his troll buddies, he’s their problem.

I'd go to a disco if I could see this

The fireflies are released and really do some damage.  The Troll leader leaves the bridge in a monster truck, OK who was driving that on their way to work Monday morning?  A good way to fight traffic I’d say, just run over any car blocking your path.  As you arrive on time to work your boss is finally impressed with you and gives you that raise you’ve been asking for!  So, the Ghostbusters blast the fireflies to no avail or they just missed I couldn’t tell.  They eventually dose them with lots of water and defeat them.  Peter refuses to turn the troll over to the other trolls and has a shop owner nearby sculpt up a statue portraying their little party animal.  That is some fast, fast work though; I wonder how long it took to sculpt it?  The guys dish out some serious money so they end up losing money for the business.

Moltres cameo on Ghostbusters?

What I wonder is why did the troll leader accept it so sadly that his troll buddy was turned to stone by the Ghostbusters?  Get revenge and rip them apart!  They turned your pal to stone!  Hmm, but was he their pal after all?  Perhaps it as an act to pretend to be sad as they wanted him destroyed after all.  They now will put the statue somewhere as an example to what happens if you steal from the troll princess what is not yours.  I got it all figured out, trust me.

Blah, blah and blah at the end the troll takes a train to Chicago from New York, whatever.  Peter was pretty funny this episode so it’s worth watching for that alone.  It’s a shaky episode but overall its one of the better ones.

Rating: 7 of 10


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