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The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

The extremely serious and always straight forward often cruel if necessary editor in chief Miranda Priestly has a new assistant.  When Andrea, the new assistant, realizes her life has completely changed she questions if this is the path she wants in life.  I have no idea about the fashion world or what it’s like.  I scoff or laugh at the fashion I think is too much to spend time on.  It’s for women or sensitive men in my regard.  Is a handbag really worth $2,000?  How about a $500 dress?  It all seemed truly frivolous to me.  I was surprised this movie wasn’t anything I thought it was, which is a surprise at how diluted I am, ha-ha.

Intimidating glares
                Meryl Streep dominates the movie with her outstanding performance.  It’s not often that the lead actress/actor can strengthen any scene in the movie no matter what it’s about.  I can’t describe how much she terrified me.  I would crack and cry if I had to be her assistant.  The insulting remarks were articulate and so mean spirited I appreciated the intelligence of them without the constant F-bomb to bring down the quality of the insults.  I’ve seen the film a couple times now and I’d watch it again with no doubt.

Nigel's hilarious intro scene
                Andrea (Anne Hathaway) is an inspiring journalist who can’t catch a break in her field until the devil gives her a chance.  In the interview with Andrea given by Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) she decides to give the smart fat girl a shot.  It’s silly how the size 6 Andrea is considered that in the fashion business.  It’s hilarious to see Andrea (or Emily as Miranda refers to her at first) struggle and fail at first in handling the daily demanding requests of Miranda.  Andrea gets mocked for her own fashion sense, lack of desire in fashion and so forth until a moment when Miranda brings her to tears.  Andrea seeks sympathy from Nigel (Stanley Tucci) but gets none, which is truly a harsh reality that is done perfectly.  Nigel does help her into the right direction and then Andrea begins her transformation into Miranda on her own without fully realizing it.  Mr. Tucci gives quite a supporting role I might add, well done.

The jealous not so bright
                Andrea puts aside her family and friends time and time again to do Miranda’s ridiculous tasks.  She even got the pre-published version of the latest Harry Potter book for her stuck up naughty twins.  That really impressed Miranda so much that she began to favor Andrea over Emily (Emily Blunt), the other assistant.  A new aspiring love in Andrea’s life, Christian Thompson (Simon Baker), helped her get that coveted book for her.  I wasn’t a big Baker fan in this one; he just seems like a suave playboy.  Perhaps it’s the character more so over the actual person. 

You're just too short don't you get it?
                Andrea’s actual boyfriend, Nate (Adrian Grenier) was feed up with not spending time with him.  He was a needy guy with a conflicted feeling of what his girl wanted to do in life.  It’s funny at times but their relationship is a weaker area of the movie, thankfully it’s a minor part of the story.  I wasn’t too fond of Nate either.  The boyfriend and playboy didn’t step up enough talent wise with the rest of the cast.

I want to be just like you.
                The scene I admired most was Miranda briefly showing a sign of vulnerability that she masked over with a brilliant performance.  Her husband divorcing her over the same reasons practically that Andrea was losing her boyfriend.  All work and no play turn Andrea into Miranda so to speak.  Her work consumed her; Miranda was the best at what she does.  She never would relinquish her position at Runway.  The ending proved it as she out smarted fellow associates Nigel, Christian and James Holt to keep her position at the company.  Andrea found she was in many ways molding herself to Miranda.  The ending came as Andrea turned her back on a life so dedicated to fashion.  Miranda was surprised a little but kept a bold character and let it not faze her.  I’d be tempted to follow Miranda just because I’d be afraid to leave in fear of death.  It may be a sacrificing life at some ends but can you imagine the run of excitement you could have?

"That's all."
                It’s really a movie I thought would be a girl’s only outing but it manages to speak to the whole audience of sexes.  Perhaps it’s the way Meryl Streep can induce any male to watch her films?  I’m a fan of hers as I’d think an Oscar would be a nice gift for best leading actress in this movie.  It’s a story where the bad guy, I mean woman wins.  Miranda keeps her throne at the end and goes onto be the devil in Prada still.  It’s classic, I love it.  How often does the villain type character stay on top at the end?  Also that feeling of sorrow you get for her as she nearly tears in the hotel room makes you understand who she is.  A strong willed person that isn’t afraid to step on a few toes.  I just enjoyed the character and performance!  Any doubters out there should view this film and turn over to the devil in Prada.

                Rating: 9 of 10

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