Monday, April 9, 2012

3 Dreams

This is a blog posting not in any way related to the normal movie reviewing.  I'm a dreamer, I have them frequently and possibly it’s because my mind refuses to ever quite thinking or imagining things.  One day I'll have to research dreams to find out what kind of sleeper I am.  You know when you have nights where you have multiple dreams and you manage to remember fragment size pieces of them?  I had one of those last night and sometimes I believe that your dreams may be telling you something.  I'll briefly review them here.

My first of three was about my best friend (Jonathan) and I walking in a familiar area nearby Hammond I want to say.  It's hard to recall exactly the locale of a dream and it seems to bend and shape differently.  It wasn't snowing but there was a lot of snow on the ground we walked through.  It was cold and we had some ice colds drinks in our bare hands.  Jonathan had a Pepsi Max which he seemed to be holding as his new favorite drink, in a way he was proud of this for some reason without actually saying it.  In a dream sometimes you just know certain things you'd otherwise be unaware of.  I had a Mountain Dew drink of some sort and left it by a house on a concrete banister unknowingly while we walked.  Parts of dreams fall apart quickly but I remember looking back at it and pondering about going back to get it now that we were farther away from it.  Jonathan said something about do you really need that?  He said it in a way that I knew he was trying to get me away from drinking Mountain Dew but instead maybe try some Pepsi Max.  It ends on that note.  

%#$@! Trains!!
My second of three is involving my older sister Julie.  She lives in California and I hardly think about her to be honest.  We are driving toward Gary, IN down 169th but of course it looks quite different than usual.  There are four different railroad crossings on the course of the dream which in reality there is but one.  I believe my experience in driving in this neighborhood has rubbed off this way.  We see my friend Spanky walking outside in the dark in the opposite direction we are driving.  It's a warmer temperature in this second dream but I still recall thinking of picking him up and giving him a ride.  I wasn't driving though my sister was.  We eventually get caught by a train and I say to my sister something along the lines of you knew we'd get stuck sooner or later.  I said this due to all the railroad crossings in the neighborhood that always annoy me.  There was a feeling she had moved back to the neighborhood and had forgotten about all the trains.  It ends on that note.

My hair is fine..
My final dream is a bit funnier and involves my boss.  I'm at work when he tells me I need a haircut.  He's not joking and it's out of his character to be so serious about it as well.  I have this feeling that I do have long enough hair to warrant a haircut but upon going to a bathroom, not exactly the same as what it looks like at work, I notice it's as short as it is now.  I laugh a bit thinking it’s a joke and even ask my boss that but he insists I need a haircut.  It's quite ridiculous as he actually has hair-cutting equipment in his hands ready to cut it himself!  I look in the mirror one last time to be sure and I definitely don't need one and am left curious as to why he’s being insistent on it.  It ends on that note.

Why do we dream?  A vague question that I can’t answer but it’s interesting to remember bits and pieces of them from time to time.  I like the tease of thinking the dream was something special or memorable and not being able to recall all it leaves me bewildered about it.  I don’t know if you’ll understand or care enough about my dreams but hopefully it was enjoyable enough to glance over.  If you wish to read more dream posts you can easily get back to the master list below.  

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