Monday, April 16, 2012

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I love to find vehicles that are not properly parked.  I don’t know why but it’s usually fairly funny to me.  The people out there that know me know this to be absolutely true and I’d like now to share with you some images to back it up.  I have taken all of these photos and none are pulled from the internet.  This first one up is a classic.  You have a handicap driver proving how much they shouldn’t be driving with a park job like this.  When you can’t focus enough to park correctly in between the lines with any outside pressure forcing you against your will to turn your wheel far too soon then it’s probably best to call a cab.

Here I’m at the Canton House in Munster, IN, very tasty chicken fried rice with a side of dreadful parking.  When the lines look really far away on both sides of your vehicle it’s probably best to try again.  This is a sign of “I just don’t give a blank” I would be embarrassed to walk away from a park job like this but then again I can see, whereas a blind person may be driving this vehicle.  Don’t forget your soy sauce pal.

Illinois drivers always seem involved in the worst driving displays I’ve ever seen which includes parking in this case.  It looks as if the operator clearly gave up in the middle of the parking procedure.  The driver soon realized it turned too soon then decided to shift to park and go inside to Old Navy.  There is a sale by the way and parking is the least of your worries right?

Once again Illinois scores a point for their state.  I realize this vehicle is huge and probably can’t fit into a normal sized space but couldn’t you just back it up a tad?  The thoughtlessness of some people is annoying or perhaps this is the best park job they ever did in which they were actually proud.

Now what we have here is despicable.  I work at this nifty Dominos store as a driver, the secrets out now huh, and I have to battle against the incompetent parking of many each and every day.  My number one nemesis is the neighboring tax service store that park like this with regularity.  The operator of this ride waddles out and waddles up the handicap ramp with a look of evil smeared across her face every time she does it.  She’s not handicap by the way.  She knows what she’s doing and it sickens the entire crew at Dominos.  I’m being polite here as opposed to what may be said behind closed doors.  As a driver parking nearer the door is far more convenient than using the lot which is tiny and should be used for customers.  This space can clearly fit two vehicles but the true difficulty of complaining about this spot is that it’s for handicap parking.  You’d hate to cause trouble and end up with a ticket you know? 

This isn’t a terrible out of the lines parking incident (you can still see it’s over the lines) but you can clearly see why it’s here.  I love coming to work and seeing abandoned vehicles with two flat tires sloping to the side.  This vehicle has seen some rough times and is left for dead here.  What could you have possibly been doing to leave your vehicle in such a state?

Walmart is the sight to see many wondrous things.  This vehicle/house is properly parked but there is something about it I just can’t put my finger on as to why I find it interesting.  The paint job looks good, the tires are inflated I guess I just made a mistake with this one.

Obviously nothing to do with parking here but what exactly is this space reserved for?  How do you determine if you’re qualified to use this space?  I suppose you just have to take a chance and hope for the best.

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