Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cemetery World – Book Review

Author – Clifford D. Simak

A review of Cemetery World

I first read this back when I was twelve or so and since then barely remembered any of it.  I had to do a book report on it so I was in essence being forced to read it.  Let’s face it book reports were always the worst and before the internet it was difficult to fake one that looked like you actually read it.  That’s probably why I remember so little of it however it’s not all bad.  For old time’s sake I decided to snatch this book from its safe confines on the shelf and bend open a half deteriorated bundle of pages.  When paperbacks sit for awhile they go to the grave so to speak for sake of this title.  Pages tore easily, the front cover wanted to fall away like an autumn leaf, it was awful.  I did manage to prove too much for this tiny book and read it no matter how much it’d rather just die.

                The idea for the book was better than the story.  What I mean is that Earth is no longer what we know it as today but simply a gigantic graveyard.  The universe uses our planet as a burial ground which is creepy and sad for us but it’s interesting enough for me.  The groundskeepers (corporate raiders) of Earth run the planet while keeping their image as a sort of ‘preservation of mother Earth’ mentality.  It’s a neat setup.  The main character finds his way to Earth trying to make some sort of a record of what the real Earth is like but along the way it gets a tad confusing.  It’s the kind of adventure where the main character gets paranoid of everyone he meets and assumes the corporation is out to get him.  It’s not so bad but his main goal sidetracks so much that you get led around with other somewhat less interesting ordeals most of the time.  By the end you’re basically glad it’s only 159 pages.

                The one aspect I didn’t really go for was when the time travel entered into the story.  It was a solid mini science fiction plot up until then but then I found myself not caring as much how the time travel worked because it was made to be confusing for the sake of being confusing.  That’s annoying to me because if an author can’t nail it then try something else.  It’s possible that I wanted the story to go another direction that caused me to be disappointed in the ending.  Anyway it doesn’t get to that point until the final ten or so pages so it’s easy to plow through.

                This is all I’ve read of the late Mr. Simak and I don’t plan on any further reading of his.  If you’re into science fiction you’ll probably enjoy this short read, I did after all and it wasn’t the greatest.  If not then skipping it wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Oh, if you’re someone into the notion that people are like a disease and should be destroyed for ruining the planet you might like it too.  Cemetery, oh yeah.   

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Making of Jurassic Park – Book Review

Author – Don Shay & Jody Duncan

A review of The Making of Jurassic Park

I’ve never wanted to know more about a movie than Jurassic Park but that’s because it’s my favorite film.  Yes, I’ve seen the movie countless times, read the novel it’s based on time after time but I never came around to reading this book.  I’ve owned it for years dating back to my teenage years which feel as ancient as CRT monitors.  True I scanned through the book several times, mostly fixing my eyes upon the pictures over that time, but now that I’ve actually read it I wonder what took me so long.  It has plenty of behind the scenes detail that shows how much was put into this movie.  It’s broken down into four parts so I’ll skim over those now.

In a stage like this we learn how the author of the novel, Michael Crichton, eventually grew tired of writing anything more to do with Jurassic Park.  It shifted hands to others a few times to get down a plausible screenplay idea.  It also introduces the magnificent Stan Winston and his astounding team as he builds the robotic dinosaurs step by step.  The process is long and some of his work goes to the wayside.  There is plenty to learn and if you’re a fan of Jurassic Park than you’ll enjoy it very much.  I’ll leave you with these few trickles of knowledge so you have no choice but to read the book for further information.

The cast enters now and I liked the point of view Sam Neill offered when he was quoted in the book.  I became a fan of his because of this movie so that’s a cool bonus for me.  It also has the likes of Richard Attenborough, who played John Hammond; discuss how he felt about being in the movie.  If you like hearing the actor’s thoughts then this section will satisfy in that regard.  The genius of Spielberg is shown in more depth as he cuts costs, shortens shootings and makes the movie saving decision to go CG with some of the best dinosaur scenes ever seen on the big screen to date.  Again if you like Spielberg this book showcases what makes him such an extraordinary director, he’s not perfect but the job he does is almost unbelievable.  I would have liked to get some insight from Bob Peck, he played Muldoon, but sadly there is none.  This section also covers photography and the rigorous efforts of making sets but instead of getting into that I’ll let you read for yourself.  It’s rather interesting how they went about some of those challenges and the results are yet again mind boggling.

This would be the area when CG gets put on the spot to finish up those memorable dinosaur scenes including the epic finale when the T-Rex saves the day.  This was groundbreaking territory and brand new to ILM, the company who did the CG.  It was the same company that worked on T2 making the liquid metal Robert Patrick.  Spielberg really took a big chance that ILM would come through since there was basically no history of this type of work to draw from.  It ended up being possibly one of the best decisions he’s ever made.  John Williams also came aboard to do the score which is again probably one of the best ever in a movie.  Every team from sound, concept artists, music, writing, cast, crew, creature effects and anything else I can’t name was pretty much the best Hollywood had to offer.  In the end it would have been a shame if this movie was anything less than what it turned out to be.  What excuse would they have to come up short?  Spielberg was aware of this and thus knew he couldn’t be lacking in anyway.  It’s an amazing experience where everyone involved might possibly have had their career year.  Anyway if you would like to know more about the unsung heroes in the movie industry you’ll find them all here in this section.

Describing pictures isn’t easy so I don’t have much to add here except it’s really neat to see the early ideas behind some of the scenes in the movie.  Some of the characters were removed or switched from scene to scene which I found interesting but other than gazing over the sketches there isn’t much here to see.  It’s neat to visualize what could have been but never was.

It’s an easy read with plenty of pictures to support the writing.  I recommend all Jurassic Park fans to spend an afternoon reading this as you won’t be disappointed.  It’s probably even fun for a movie fan in general to read it since it breaks down the creation of the film extremely well.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

High Hunt – Book Review

Author – David Eddings

A review of High Hunt

This here book is amazing.  It’s easily my favorite David Eddings novel, although I’ve only read the ‘Tamuli’ set and ‘Redemption of Althalus’.  Out of the five total books ‘High Hunt’ is perched on the top comfortably grinning down toward the others.  I expected a different read because this one is fiction but I got more than I bargained for.  It’s a side of Eddings I didn’t see coming in comparison to what I’ve already read if you want to know then pick up this book.  It took me two days to open then close this one and that’s 340 pages worth of smaller font size.  I swear the book seeped glue onto my hands as I progressed in the story.  The word usage is remarkable but maybe that’s the 1970s feel of it either way this book has a powerful vacuum effect.

                The characters are diverse enough to complement each other masterfully.  Is that too strong a word?  Nah, I liked the book so yes masterful is appropriate.  They range from very likable to very despicable in quite an equal balance.  Some are rather flawless, and then some fall into that category of mostly OK but a few personality detractors, to plain awful.  I’d hate to ruin any aspect of the characters but the majority of them would probably die from cirrhosis of the liver.  They take boozing to a whole new level, getting tipsy before noon is commonplace.  I do apologize if that takes away from any enjoyment you would have gotten from the book but I was constantly shocked with the drinking escapades.  It made for great character support though considering all their personalities. 

                A drawback that may alienate some readers is that the story is centered on liquor (as mentioned), guns, a choice selection of language and trailer trash (to be blunt).  Why I enjoyed it is still a bit of an enigma but if these things aren’t your thing you could find yourself tossing this one aside.  I guess it’s the characters that powered me through.  I really had to know what they would do next and try to learn why they were the way they are which gets explained but the trick is you must read to know, kudos Eddings, got me.

                If you’re interested in Eddings and haven’t read his stuff yet then this is as good as any to start.  It’s not fantasy so don’t expect a knight to show up although that would have been hilarious at a few points in the story.  If you have read his fantasy books but not this one then be prepared for a bit of a change up because if you’re not careful only a sailor will know what the *%$# you’re talking about after you finish reading this one.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Great Train Robbery – Book Review

Author – Michael Crichton

A review of The Great Train Robbery

I didn’t know what to expect when I learned that Crichton wrote a book that appeared to be a western.  If you read the title, see the old style train cover art and his name dominating the rest of the front what else could it be?  I’m accustomed to his science driven stories, mostly, and was curious about a setting such as 1854 for him.  I found out later it was based on true events which finally pushed me to read it.  It’s a great book. 

                I’ll point a few things out; if you like learning about the 1800’s in any fashion then this book will give you enough taste to satisfy.  If you’re interested in London during that time even better.  I’ve come to enjoy reading books from that time as well as learning how life was back then.  There is something about no cellular phones, internet, automobiles or any other technological marvel in this day and age that is fun to read about.  I grew up in the era when computers reached up and grabbed us all then drew us close to its bosom so now I’m curious as to how it was prior.  Going back to the 1800’s will quench that desire.  I’m no fanatic of years long ago but Crichton sets the stage for that era well.

                A slick man with a plan and a few accomplices go to unimaginable lengths to rob a train.  I can say I wasn’t interest in the few beginning pages when I discovered it was in London.  I’m American why should I want to read how these great Englishman pulled a heist.  I want a shootout old west adventure right?  It didn’t take long for Crichton to knock that notion aside and get me hooked anyway.  The story of the robbery is mixed in beautifully with the history of times back then.  Following the main character around, who is always so smooth, is a joy to read.  The fact that London was young in its law enforcement at the time makes the chance of success even greater for the alleged criminals.  This really is one train ride you better not miss. 

                This is a simple read and can be enjoyed by any who enjoy a clever heist.  Remember its 1854 so quirky gadgets and computer passwords to a vault don’t exist so put our current era on the shelf when you grab this book from it.  If you set your mind to a time in the distant past you’ll have a pleasant memory to recall upon later in life.  All aboard for thievery at its finest!  These train puns are so addicting.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Disclosure – Book Review

Author – Michael Crichton

A review of Disclosure

Sexual harassment, two words that lead most people to think of a similar scenario.  A man has advanced on a woman in the workplace against her will.  This man is of high ranking and is getting what he wants through his position.  The woman is clearly innocent and is but another victim of a corrupt business world where man rules.  I believe that sums up the general idea here.  What Crichton has done is put a role reversal on it which stirs the pot in ways I never thought about.  It’s not mind blowing but for a book not revolving around science as he often does it will still make your fingertips bleed.

                As a man I can understand how men behave in the workplace, they can get wild eyed and close to women.  They try to hold reserve but I’ve seen it come close to boiling over into something too hot for the woman to handle.  My experiences don’t come from men of power though, more along the lines of men of similar standing position as the woman in question.  ‘Disclosure’ pits an individual’s power of position against either sex.  That’s what interested me when reading; I never put much thought into how sexual harassment occurred.  That being said, seeing the woman in a position a man is usually in makes you think.  Can a man be raped?  Is he as ‘helpless’ as a woman?  Does he have the same rights as a woman in the exact same situation, simply reversed?  Questions mount throughout as you get pulled into whether or not this man can make a case for himself.

                The science side blends well into the story which involves CD-ROM drives and state of the art VR!  Those sound funny to hold as top tier technology now so when reading you’re better off pretending it is 1993.  Internet, what’s that some nerd convention?  The main character is in a conundrum in dealing with sexual harassment and problems with the drives simultaneously.  If you like reading about an individual or a small group of them battling through extreme hardships then I’d say this is a story for you.  The situation goes from bad to worse, then a bit better, then back down the toilet.  It’s an easy read and you can learn something if you’re open to it.  The main character isn’t pushed so far down that everybody wants to cheer him on but rather you see flaws within him to question who really is being wronged. 

                This is one of the better Crichton books I’ve read and I recommend it for any who may be considering one of his.  If old computer type technology, real world characters and a nasty dose of sexual tension interest you then look no further.  If you’re more of a close minded person who believes a man of power will always be the evil whereas a woman in the same position would be an angel then put the box back on your head.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Redemption of Althalus – Book Review

Author – David & Leigh Eddings

A review of The Redemption of Althalus

I’ve become a reader of David Eddings recently, dating back to last spring 2012.  I read ‘The Tamuli’ which was a splendid welcoming into the fantasy realm.  I’m not an avid fantasy reader but I do pick and choose the times I’ll skip over to that world, in this case ‘The Redemption of Althalus’.  My expectation was high for this book and I don’t make a habit of doing that when I start a read.  As I read and read I began to realize that this stand alone felt like a series crammed into one book.  It’s not a terrible story but there was enough I didn’t like to keep it on the shelf for years to come.  Well I may take it off every now and then considering the cover art is actually pretty cool to look at.

Technically you can interpret the title of the book as being correct but I have my own thoughts on it.  Althalus did live a thief’s life to the letter before he was corralled into service by a higher being.  However his character to me was likable at the beginning and didn’t really seem evil or of a rotten nature.  Yes it did state he’d murder if the price was right but I doubt he did it often enough to be that dastardly.  My point is, to be redeemed; it would be deeper for his character if he really had done some very awful things in his past or present.  It didn’t strike me as a true redemption, now if Ghend, the antagonist, had changed his ways that would be of much more grand significance.  Again the title does work but a horrible history on Althalus might merit more emotion for him.  He ended up lying, cheating and stealing all the way to the end anyway so did he really redeem himself?

Evil stood no chance, none
Ghend is the rival to Althalus but never comes close to challenging him.  The house where Dweia, the most annoying character in the book, lives uses the ability to cheat at every turn, whether it’s screwing with the enemies mind to make them forgetful, traveling around the world in mere seconds with the use of doors or using a book to gain leverage 100% of the time evil can’t even compete.  To make a classic struggle revolving around good and evil you’d think evil would win a few battles at the very least.  It doesn’t happen, it almost did once but it didn’t.  The character Eliar from Althalus’ squad gets whacked in the head with an axe at a critical juncture in the story but survives somehow with the aid of magical surgery.  His death would have been staggering at that point since he was the operator of the doors that good used.  I wanted him to die.

                Evil was also cursed with morons, I believe every member of evil had some sort of mental setback in their brain.  Ghend had been around a very long time and could have been much more powerful than Althalus ever could have been but the evil master Daeva apparently didn’t like to train his minions.  Dweia said as much in the actual story.  I mean what is the point of evil to start an uprising if you’re not even going to really try?  In the end Dweia may not have been evil but she controlled good to do her bidding no matter what.  She was basically a puppeteer.  Also, how many times did she call Althalus pet?  That drove me crazy, hated it. 

The Good
I’ve hit the book hard so far but I did enjoy the beginning of the book (pre-Dweia) and the parts when Althalus was recruiting his fellowship.  I also will put Bheid, a holy man, as one of the better spots in the story.  He at one point killed a member of evil to avenge the loss of a young man he was grooming to become a priest of some sort.  Emotion actually filled the pages as he failed his vow and lost will to go on.  It’s not a moment set on a peak that oversees the rest of the story but it was interesting.  Bheid was a somewhat unstable character so it shook things up a little.

Wrap up  
The characters didn’t have enough to them to make you want them to succeed or continue living.  The side of evil barely had their point of view shown and when it did you’d swear Daeva was just Dweia with a mask on controlling them as well.  If you like female characters controlling males by way of verbal commands then you’d probably find this book delightful.  The high headed Dweia and her ‘I’m perfect and will always be right’ attitude is too much for me.  I could express more folly but if you’re making a decision to read this I hoped I helped.  It’s not a place I’d recommend for new Eddings readers while Eddings purists might say I’m just full of it which is fine.  Read in good health. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Martian Chronicles – The Illustrated Man – The Golden Apples of the Sun – Book Review

Author – Ray Bradbury

A review of The Martian Chronicles – The Illustrated Man – The Golden Apples of the Sun

The three titles packed together in this thick book are the first I’ve read of Mr. Bradbury.  The cover art caught my eye and the top title ‘The Martian Chronicles’ to be interesting for a soul such as mine that has a tendency to devour science fiction.  I read ‘The Martian Chronicles’ in a moderate time and was at first struggling to adjust to a series of short stories that it actually was.  As I read it wasn’t long before I enjoyed reading what a 1950s author thought of space travel and its Martian implications.  I moved onto ‘The Illustrated Man’ but within four of those short stories I promptly tossed in back onto the shelf to accumulate a mini mountain of dust.  I had grown tired of short stories in my early time being a full time reader; I had and still do much to learn about reading.  It takes time and brain pain sometimes to read but later I’d learn that completing any book is an experience you can grab a hold of in times where you may otherwise feel regretful of how life is going.

                The book stared at me for months as I distanced myself from books until I finally obstructed it’s vision of me by leaving my closet door open against the bookshelf, quite an evil deed.  This new year of 2013 emerged from the future as I had already been dragged back into the world of my mind.  Books have a way of bringing you back if you leave the door open but a crack.  It took about nine months since I last read this collection of Mr. Bradbury’s but I had a whole new appreciation for the stories.  It felt to me as I read each story, as fast as my fingers could turn the pages that each story was like viewing a photo album.  A photo album shows you a certain time, place and experience within it much the way I accepted each short story having its own tale.  If you don’t prefer short stories then it’ll be a chore to read any of this. 

Short Stories
When I first began reading these stories in ‘The Martian Chronicles’ I had never read short stories much and was very accustomed to reading novels, my lack of reading prowess failed me.  In my early era of reading I’ve grown fond of single story novels not that I limit myself to said books now but when I began Bradbury’s short stories I hated being sucked into a ten page group of intrigue only to have it come to an end.  In reading a book such as this I recommend coming to terms that it’s meant to be short.  That probably seems obvious but I overlooked it and it tormented me.  The stories can end quickly and sometimes leaving you scratching your head but the upside is a new one can begin right after.  The majority of the stories are fantastic for a science fiction mind however anybody could find a story or two to admire.  I came back to this behemoth of a book due in large part that I found myself writing short stories and rather enjoying it, figure that one.  My perception has changed about this book and for the greater good of my soul.

The Martian Chronicles
There are some interesting views on what Mars could be used for in mankind’s future and Bradbury brings to light many of them.  I would rather avoid opening the book for you and telling you what this brilliant author concocted oh so many years ago so I won’t.  I will say it’s well written which is what readers want to know.  The idea of space travel, particularly to other planets, is unknown to us.  We know we can go to space but what is Mars like or Venus?  How many other galaxies are there, truly?  The stories in this book whip up some notions of what it is by planting that seed.  Whenever I hear the word Mars now my mind twists and turns to recall a story from this book as my base understanding of the planet, how many other books claim that?  One story I’d recommend is ‘The Earth Men’. 

The Illustrated Man
The stories within this book differ on topic and aren’t limited to space travel or Mars.  A witch tattoos a man with some questionable ink thus showing whoever casts eyes upon him to see a most unsettling story.  I like the idea of this main story that starts and concludes this book.  ‘The Long Rain’ is one of my favorites but there are many that succeed.  The stories jump around a bit topic wise so you’re not set on any one area.

The Golden Apples of the Sun
In my mind I thought this would be a slow struggling read.  It happens to us all from time to time right?  Before we begin a book we have that intuition that it’s going to be lackluster or a failure.  My brain chose this one but it was wrong again, surprise.  It does start off uninteresting with some of the stories ending before you really understand what was going on.  It does pick up and before you know it your fingers are working then begging for a massage.  Some that I liked, ‘The Murderer’, ‘Sun and Shadow’, ‘R is for Rocket’, ‘Frost and Ice’ and ‘Chrysalis’.  There are plenty more that really entertain and if I had to pick one of these it would be ‘Frost and Ice’.  Out of the three books here I’d save this one for last so you’re guaranteed a satisfactory conclusion to your read.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Understanding China – Book Review

Author – John Bryan Starr

A review of Understanding China

I haven’t read much outside of novels but wanted to in choosing Understand China.  In picking something to read you must let whatever topic of interest floats and stays within you to direct your course.  I purchased this book in May of 2011 and was a bit slow on reading it all the way through.  I desired to learn about a country I knew little about, other than what you hear word of mouth which can be as reliable as Wikipedia.  As the final page turned I was left with knowledge that put a few more wrinkles in my brain.

What’s it about?
The book consists of the Chinese economy, its geography, history and politics.  I’m not into politics and although it states on the front cover that the book contains information on it I have no one to blame but myself.  I found those sections a bit more grinding to go through but it wasn’t as awful as I assumed it would be.  The geography doesn’t have as much content as the other three main topics.

Chapters I enjoyed
The first two chapters focused on geography and history which kept my interest easily.  Discovering China’s population growth wasn’t always so far up in numbers as I assumed it was throughout history.  It occurred in later dynasties and the country’s population until then was moderate and more in tune with the rest of the world.  The severe lack of arable land also was fascinating to learn about as I again assumed since the country had size it had plenty of farmland.  The effect Taiwan has on China was also more of what I didn’t know.  It goes to lengths describing how Taiwan seeks to break away from China but that’s never going to happen.

Wrap Up
If you want to simply learn about something, in this case China, decide what it will be and go for it.  Nobody is holding you back and if China is that thing then this is a great book to start off with.  The politics slow it down unless that’s your thing then you’ll discover much to delight you.  I’d recommend chapters 1,2,13 and 16 as high points.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Wizard and Glass – Book Review

Author – Stephen King

A review of Wizard and Glass

I’ve read the first four of the dark tower series now with three to go and must say this one rivals as my favorite.  This series is all I’ve read of King’s work, except for On Writing, and I admire his style.  All I knew of King before I read these books was the less-than-stellar movies that spawned from his writing.  It’s probably attributed to my non interest in horror type material.  Movies aside I’ll get to the book Wizard and Glass.

Blaine the train
The ending to the previous book left me interested as to what riddle Roland and company would come up with to stump this pious train.  I was left disappointed when Eddie and his uncreative riddles drove Blaine into a cliché overload.  Until that point I thought it started well.

The story of Roland
By far and away my favorite section of the book.  Back story is my weakness and it’s done amazingly.  The characters of Cuthbert, Alain, Susan, Jonas and Cordelia to name a few are far more interesting to read about than what we’ve been mainly exposed to thus far in the series.  I wasn’t sold on the series yet and still may not be since I’m guessing there won’t be a sizable chunk of Roland’s past to feast on.  His quest for the dark tower leading to the death of his love Susan while the deception of that witch Rhea, he failed to finish off, led to his mother’s death gets a hold of you.  It’s satisfactory to know what has made Roland who he is at long last.  I hope there is more to come as I’d rather read about Cuthbert and Alain over Eddie and Susannah any day.

The shoes and Wizard of Oz segments to wrap the book up are silly.  I was hoping for something unique or different but get a telling of a movie I never liked growing up incorporated into a book I was very much into.  My favorite version of the Wizard of Oz is done in Futurama.

Wrap up
Despite an intro and ending that I didn’t care much for this book delivers thanks in large part to Roland’s history revealed.  I’m not as interested in what the dark tower is as to how fascinated by the character Roland I am.  Fortunately that should be enough for me to move along in the series just to see what happens to Roland.  King really has created an awesome character in him that powers this series.  With characters like Eddie and Susannah I suppose he would need to or I’m not confident I’d want to continue.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dog Bite

I had a dream that feels like solid representations of what I do in daily life and those that may be dormant in my subconscious.  It occurred not far from my home on a street with houses lined up on both sides.  The houses were small, one level economy types that most of America has.  It was a first person perspective as nearly all of mine are which I assume to be common.

I’m standing at a doorway during late evening hours, when the sun is out of sight but it’s not quite dark yet.  The weather felt like late summer.  I was standing outside the doorway looking in but I don’t know who was there or why I was, it wasn’t an area I really go to.  I had on a long sleeved solid orange shirt that was from Abercrombie, much like one I already have but not orange in color.  That really stuck out to me but I don’t know why. 

A small dog that looked like a pug was suddenly behind me barking and looking rather mean.  Now I’m no dog expert but I never recalled a pug being so vicious.  I thought they were friendlier and rather lazy but this one was not the case.  At this moment I had the slight feeling I was working, my job is as a delivery person so being out and about in the neighborhood is common for me.  I wasn’t in uniform but that didn’t seem to matter.  As a delivery person I don’t like to mess with dogs, I’d rather them be locked away and out of yards so this situation forming itself could derive from those feelings.

I saw a man straight across the street standing in his open doorway.  He was balding, chubby and older and he said, “He won’t bite don’t worry.”

I grew a bit on edge because this dog kept going crazy and circling me while barking and showing aggression.  I had the thought that if this dog attacks I’m going to kick it or something.  I didn’t think I would though.  All of a sudden the little pug jumps and clamps down on my right wrist.  I felt no pain whatsoever and I couldn’t shake the little beast off me.  It was very determined.  I looked at the apparent owner across the street and shouted something like ‘get it off of me’.  Here a time skip occurred as does in dreams on occasion.

I was now at his door and the pug was scurrying under his feet.  I pulled up my sleeve but the dog didn’t puncture my skin.  However, there were holes in my shirt which I was rather upset with.  I had just been given this shirt so it was new and I was angry.  I told the owner he better pay for this.  The owner obliged and said he would give me twenty dollars.  I agreed knowing that wasn’t enough but decided to take it.  This is a part of the dream I know took pieces of my daily delivery life and incorporated them into it.  He handed me a twenty and a ten dollar bill then gave me $8.67 cents in change.  That was a total of $38.67.  He then added, “Just give me ten back and we should be good.”

In the dream something felt wrong but I couldn’t figure it out.  By giving him a different ten dollars back out of my pocket I felt I had only been given ten dollars total.  I was confused and then woke up.  After being awake awhile I realized I made more in my dream not that it mattered but it was neat to see a few things dragged from my mind and put into a bizarre moment.  I don’t know if this makes much sense to anyone but this is all I can remember and I hope you enjoy.

Treasure Island – Book Review

Author – Robert Louis Stevenson

A review of Treasure Island

I was excited to read this book as soon as I got it.  It was another of those stories I’ve always wanted to read but again put it in the back of my mind so far it was as lost as the loot on Treasure Island.  That wasn’t too bad was it?  OK it sort of was but my backspace button is broken so it stays.  I do like an adventurous pirate tale and this is my favorite one although I haven’t read many.  It has so many classic pirate traits it really will make you smile.

Long John Silver
This is, dare I say, a household name given the chain of crappy restaurants it’s attached to.  I really liked his character in the book; he was the reason I wanted to keep reading.  He’s a smart pirate and the way he acts and speaks to the other characters in the book always has you wondering how he’ll stay alive in his pursuit of the treasure.  Although Silver is the bad pirate I couldn’t help but cheer for him throughout, he has that persona you have to respect.  From his peg leg to the parrot on his shoulder he’s everything a classic pirate should be.

The Dip in the Story
I loved this book so don’t get me wrong but even it had a brief part in it that made me give a little push to get through.  It was when the doctor took over the narration of the story.  I was very comfortable following Jim Hawkins narration of the tale that when it changed to another perspective not only did it come from a different character but it was a tad lacking.  It only lasted three chapters so it’s not a story killer by any means just thought I’d put it out there.

Wrap Up
The only thing I’d want more, not from this particular book, would be previous adventures of Long John Silver or what became of him after this story.  I’ve never read Robert Louis Stevenson and besides his name and this story I didn’t even know he wrote this in the late 1800’s.  That’s a bold thing to admit I know but I can’t possibly be the only one who didn’t know that right?  I’ll probably read more of his books and I highly recommend this to any reader who loves a fun adventure.    

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Moby-Dick – Book Review

Author – Herman Melville

A review of Moby-Dick

I’ve wanted to read this book for years but that was in the days I’d rather do anything else beside read a book.  I had the mentality of “Oh that seems like a good story to read about it would be fun” and of course I never did until now that is.  As I read this book I was told by a few people that noticed that they read the book back in school, most times pre-high school.  I was a bit surprised, I never even knew of anyone, personally, that read it until I was.  I’m glad I did read this book even though it was a struggle at time over the three weeks it took me.

Facts! – This book has many of those regarding whales.
I’m going after this aspect first because it read like a textbook a bit too much for my liking.  There are plenty of chapters that are worthy of being in an encyclopedia about whales but the ‘cetology’ section takes the cake.  Now the factual information given in this chapter is educational no doubt and I know more about whales after reading it than I ever did but did it have to drone on page after page.  My eyes fought to stay open as hard as the harpooners did against the whales on the open sea through those sections.  I would have rather had those parts of the book cut out and placed in an appendix in the rear compartment instead of being thrown promptly about wherever they landed throughout the book.  This story begged to have a flow to it but constantly got sidetracked by facts.

It’s about Moby-Dick right?
Now the story was solid and I enjoyed it most times but what I didn’t expect was Ahab and Moby-Dick being in so little of it.  After reading the book I’ve come to terms that it was written well and my initial doubts were rendered moot.  If you read this for the first time you might be someone like me and all you know about this book is Moby-Dick and Ahab.  I thought it was about a man who would stop at nothing to get his whale and it was but not as I first thought.  The first half of the book hardly has anything to do with either of them and gets so cluttered with facts you wonder if it’s worth grinding through to the end, I’ll set the record straight and urge you to finish if you’re already half way. 

The Story
The finale of the book is why it has gained so much popularity since the 1920s.  I know it was written in the 1850s but only 3,000 copies sold in roughly the first 70 years.  I’m guessing folk’s post 1920 had more patience to finish this book because before that nobody liked it much.  I’m not making this up it’s actually on the back dust jacket of the book!  The last 100 pages or so reads the best aside the first 100 pages or so.  I don’t know if its coincidence or not but those couple hundred pages are practically all story as opposed to the 500 or so pages in between that spilled whale facts all over the place clouding the story with precious ambergris.

Wrap Up
If you like whales I’ve no doubt you’d rather find this book amazing.  I, myself have always liked aquatic life and sea adventures so stomaching the bland portions was easier for me.  I won’t say it’s my cup of tea in general but there’s enough in this book that tickles my interest to help me through it.  If you’re someone who hates textbook reading then do yourself a favor and avoid this book, you’ll just kill yourself trying to get through it.  All books are meant to be read, but some by a select audience and I’d put this book in that category.  You’ve probably read reviews of how boring and stupid this book is or what a perfect masterpiece it is already if you’re reading my review anyway.  I’ll clear it all up for you by saying it’s neither, it’s a solid read, it takes time and patience and if you have those you’ll be fine if not read something else. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Ain’t NASA-Sarily So

Episode 24

The Real Ghostbusters head into space to battle an unknown entity.  Isn’t that all that really needs to be said for an introduction?  It’s the first time in the series they head into outer space and that combination itself leaves me on the edge of my seat!  As a kid this was one of the episodes I grew an extra big smile for upon seeing the title appear after the theme song ended.  It’s the first taste of Craig Miller and Mark Nelson’s writing as well so we’ll see what they came up with.  Without further ado let’s get to it.

Ordering some take-out
Appropriately we begin in space as the captain (or ‘kiptan’) is making sure the spacecraft is functioning properly.  The crew tends to make you think of other specific space type characters from another show but I’ll refrain from detail as I was never a fan of that series anyway.  Star Trek, we’re talking about freaking Star Trek, nerds!  I don’t like Star Trek, there I said it so shoot me but this is about the Real Ghostbusters.  The crew gets a good thump and the alarms go off while some of them claim to have seen a ghost in the spacecraft.  A ghost you say?  The captain picks up a phone as one of his crew asks what we’ve all wanted to ask in our lives, “Who ya gonna call?

Peters money talk not impressing Egon
Ecto-1 promptly bursts from the firehouse and the excitement is on.  Who knows how long training took for the guys to get approved to be flown to space but that’s boring and it’s skipped anyway.  The shuttle blasts off immediately and they’re on their way to bust some space ghosts.  “Hot-diggidy a government contract big bucks here we come.”  I like to see Peter always thinking about the money aspect of being a Ghostbuster, stays so true to character.  Meanwhile Egon and Ray ponder over whether the equipment will work in space or not.  “Don’t sweat it no company with a government contract ever knows what it’s doing.”  Peter adds the humor no matter what the guys with the brains say, at the expense of the American government this time, zing!  Winston, in common sense, as he usual sees things wonders what’ll happen if the gear doesn’t work.  “If it doesn’t work then you just charge more and do it again.”  One last Peter line before they board the haunted spacecraft.  Of course what if the gear failing costs you your life Peter?  It’s all about the Benjamin’s with this guy!

Her hair needs to make a comeback
The meeting of Ghostbusters and crew is of mixed quality.  The guys overplay the whole ‘don’t these guys look familiar’ gag, in reference to Star Trek, which we already know I don’t like while adding to the previously proven fact I’m not a fan of referencing too much.  Peter does comment that neither rain, sleet, snow nor depth of space can keep them from their expensive rounds, which is riding his characters money thought process but it’s still acceptable.  Then we find out it’s only the second day of the crew’s mission.  I’m guessing the ghost arrived on the first day and the Ghostbusters on the second day?  That seems preposterous so I’ll throw a spin to it.  Perhaps they’ve finished up a previous mission and just received a second one that the Ghostbusters have arrived at the beginning of?  I don’t know the time frame still seems off and it bothers me.  I know it’s a cartoon but it gets me.

Tracking down the 'space ghost'
Egon pops on the PKE meter and it goes off immediately.  He says he is getting ectoplasmic readings from the apparent engineering room, where the ghost was seen.  However he goes on to say its empty ectoplasm with no psychokinetic energy with it, meaning technically it’s not a ghost.  That’s the stuff that tickles my science fiction nerve; it makes for an interesting life form or ghost.  The ghost taps into the power supply causing most systems to go offline while draining the overall power faster than can be converted from the solar rays which means bad news for any actual life forms aboard the spacecraft.  Winston questions that this ghost is power hungry while Peter chimes in, “Maybe he used to be a politician.”  Funny but time is running out!  McTavish leads them off to the engineering room.

Uh guys you forgot someone
You guys ever consider paying your electric bill?”  Peter says as they are running through the flashing corridor.  Is it necessary to have such an awful joke at a time like this or at any time?  Upon arriving to see the monstrosity of a ghost lamer Star Trek jokes surface while Egon does manage to at least classify the ghost.  Meanwhile the ghost is feeding on the power supply which is similar behavior to Killerwatt from episode two.  The Ghostbusters all fire upon it but the ghost absorbs all the proton streams, again similar to Killerwatt.  The ghost grows in size as a result.  The good news is the throwers work in space and the bad news is the throwers work in space.  After the ghosts temporarily taps the gravity supply then releases it causing temporary loss of gravity on the spacecraft, Egon concludes that the ghost is after the proton packs since they seem to taste better.  The ghost begins to chase them down a corridor and grabs Winston by his pack.  He slips out of it since they now know what it craves.  It’s a good thing they got this big government contract now because that proton pack can’t be cheap.

Don't mess with the kiptan!
As they report back to the captain in safety it’s apparent the ghost has given up chase to devour the proton pack in solitude.  The captain isn’t pleased with the turn of events considering the ghost is still on the loose with the clock ticking on their power supply.  “Calm down little Ivan Kiptan we’ve just gotten started hey we’re government contractors man you gotta allow us a couple of muff chances it’s in the fine print.”  Peter milking the government gag to appease the captain for now, not sure it worked all too well.  The ghost taps the life support systems but the crew manages to get four hours of power through rerouting I’m guessing.  The guys head back to the ghost as the captain is none pleased; he demands a quick result that’s for sure.  He also mumbles another language there at the end of the scene I think.

Save us with supernatural negotiations Winston!
While heading back to the engineering room, the base of operations for this ghost, they discuss the ghost being too big to trap now then Winston gets the fool hardy idea to talk with it.  Do you think that’s going to work man?  It does have about six mouths but still.  He removes his pack and heads out alone on the walkway to initiate operation useless communications.  Peter gives him a hard time on what to be asking since its obvious this plan is stupid.  After some banter Peter offers Winston to buy his next of kin since Winston revealed he has none, it’s a nice jab at Peter’s father from a couple episodes back.  The ghost doesn’t do anything to Winston since he isn’t wearing his pack.  Ray then comes up with a plan after the captain pressures them into thinking fast.  He wants the energy converter shut off, probably to lure the ghost out of the engineering room.

Ray carry out your own plans! Winston's already failed!
McTavish goes outside the spacecraft to deactivate the energy converter.  Ray huddles the guys to explain the plan.  Winston asks what they will do when it’s turned off as Peter adds, “We run.”  Where to man?  Sometimes he needs to be turned off, every joke isn’t hitting this time around.  Ray continues that to lure the orange slug out they’ll use their ion rifles, which they call them a couple of times this episode.  He wants Winston to be the bait to drag the ghost to the central walkway for the capture but they all shoot down anyone doing it except for Ray.  Ray argues that Peter never has to share or perform his own plans but that can’t be entirely accurate.  How would Peter make someone else do his plan if he doesn’t share it first?  It’s a bit muffled but funny enough overall, it’s nice to see the team interacting with one another in conversation.

Ghost point of view is fantastic!
Ray heads to the engineering room while floating, the gravity must have deactivated as well when the shut off occurred.  It’s a fantastic scene as Ray blasts the ghost then gets propelled backward on the kick to lure the ghost through the darkened corridor.  As a kid I shuttered at this as it seemed Ray was going to be caught alone.  He holds his cool as the ghost gains on him just before he reaches the central walkway.  The theme music switches on and takes the scene to maximum excitement!  As Ray comes zooming by Egon and Winston hold hands to form a catch for Ray, Peter says, “This is no time for dancing men.”  I swear Peter says that mocking homosexuals with his tone.  As the guys recover and the ghost nearly enters Ray barks out orders for them to spread out and toss a trap each.  The ghost storms in and the guy’s all fire at once to keep it satisfied with the proton streams.  Ray then shouts for all the traps to be opened to capture the ghost.  It won’t fit into a single trap so they spread it into four different ones, clever.  The music shifts during the trapping sequence to complete a well done finale.

There's only one way to bust a ghost, trap it.
They inform the captain that the ghost has been caught and the mission saved.  Peter asks him to tell Houston to have a check ready for them when they return.  The captain is not without a sense of humor though by telling his crew to deduct travelling expenses out of it.  I’m sure Peter will understand that completely.  The guys then do a space jig in midair not realizing when the power returns so does the gravity, they all topple downward after being excited they successfully tapped a high income client.  After one final Star Trek joke the real Ghostbusters head home in a transport.

It’s an off and on episode for my liking in the end.  I didn’t enjoy the Star Trek references in the least and the part when Winston wanted to talk to the ghost wasn’t good either.  Peter’s jokes hit and missed.  I did fancy the capture sequence though and that really saved this episode for me.  I can see how others would love this episode for its Star Trek jabs so I may be in the lower echelon as far as how much I liked this one overall.

Rating: 5.5 of 10
Next Up: Who’re You Calling Two-Dimensional? – Coming Soon!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Return of Book


Have you ever experienced the feeling of wanting to do something again that you once did?  Activities such as sewing, painting art, writing a daily blog, building models for show or even reading a book are some of the hobbies that at one time brought a certain joy to your life but what happened?  Your job requires more hours, you’re in a more demanding relationship, a new hobby has dominated your time or you decided to take a brief break but never returned to it.  There may come a moment in the future when an opportunity presents itself to take back that activity, what would you do?

Return of Book

A tall slender man in his late twenties walked around in yet another mall in Hong Kong.  He was still amazed at how many different ones he had been to in this city, the land of many malls he liked to think of it as.  He didn’t have much interest in most stores but he wasn’t a man of many interests anyway.  He had his certain likes and stuck to them.  His girlfriend was with him, she was about his age but Chinese instead of white like him.  He received all sorts of looks from the people around but mostly since he was so tall compared to the average bystander.  He didn’t pay much attention to the stares and didn’t let it bother him either.  He was curious as to where his girlfriend was leading him though and became rather intrigued when he did find out.

She entered a bookstore which was a less common sight in this city.  There were plenty of them but compared to the mass amount of all stores it felt like a small number.  He followed her as he often did in this foreign part of the world.  She was at home though and moved freely about.  He let her know he was fine and she could go browsing about.  He looked around near the entrance and noticed the store was actually bigger than most, meaning he didn’t have to walk sideways through the aisles or duck his head.  The rows of shelves with books weren’t as tightly packed either which made him feel more comfortable.  He wasn’t claustrophobic by any means but he did enjoy the spacious confines of American stores better.  What didn’t change though was the amount of people packed inside this store; it seemed every store in this city had at least twenty people in it.  He had gotten used to that over time and worked his way around to the English section.

A little boy walked by with his eyes fixed upon him, his head turning round still watching as he walked away.  The tall man smiled briefly as he knew he must be quite a sight.  Most people in the store didn’t pay him much mind and probably thought him to be a university student at the nearby school.  He looked off to his right and saw his girlfriend crouched down by a rack; he returned his gaze forward and spotted something of interest.  He saw various books by Jules Verne in paperback and continued to stare at them.  He had always wanted to read Verne, in particular A Journey to the Center of the Earth because he thought dinosaurs of some kind may be in it.  He fancied stories of dinosaurs since he was a kid and a skeleton head of one of them was near the top of the front cover.  He stared on for awhile longer and almost drooled.  It was a rekindled emotion for him that he had not felt for years.

He was fascinated to see books that he suddenly wanted to pick up and read.  What had caused such an interest though?  He picked one of them up to get a closer look.  The summary on the back cover really sparked his desire to read it more.  He had an idea of what the book was about but what really spoke to him was did the people really make it to the center of the earth?  He loved adventure and fiction stories very much but remembered it had been years since he even picked up a book.  He thought of the many still sitting on his shelves back home collecting dust.  He thought back to the time when he did read more often and those stories began to sprout up in his memory.  Jurassic Park took precedence since it was the first novel he had ever read and he loved every word of it, it took him only a few days to read it and he was barely a teenager if that.  He felt an urge begin to overcome him.

He put the book back down and walked around the store in search of his girlfriend.  He couldn’t find her right away and began to look at more books.  He paced side to side while staring at book after book with the Verne novels flashing in his mind.  He lost focus on his browsing while thinking about them.  He stopped looking and found his girlfriend nearby.  He liked to consult with her as she supported his decisions much of the time.  He knew he could simply pick up the books and purchase them but discussing it with her was always fun to him.  He liked to see her happy smile while he shared interests he had that she may not yet know he even had.  She urged him to get the books which he knew she would say anyway.  She often thought of him as an excited kid at a toy store when he saw something he wanted but was debating whether or not to get it.  She grabbed a few Chinese books and watched him walk to get his.

There were several Verne stories but he grabbed the one he had previously read the summary of first.  It was his now he thought as a rush of fresh joy filled his eyes.  He felt compelled to not just stop at one though, he had never read Verne before and had no way of knowing he would even like it but picked up another one anyway.  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, now that’s an adventure with Captain Nemo!  He knew of this one as well but not much other than that submarine on the front cover.  He felt an even greater feeling of happiness as he held two books now.  He continued to look at the rest of the books and saw The Mysterious Island.  He had never heard of this one but a moment took him and he seized it.  He grabbed the final book without knowing anything of it and felt a satisfaction with the three he selected.  He always wanted to read Verne and now he had a chance, fate had put him in a position to not stand idly by while opportunity was there.  He had to retake control of the old habits he once knew that had been replaced by various other occurrences he didn’t even care for anymore.

He walked up to the cashier and set down the books.  After everything was paid for and his girlfriend and he left the bookstore he looked back and saw a moment that he dominated.  He had become someone who dreamed but never pursued, someone who thought of acting but rarely did, someone who thought he could do it later and ignore it for now, someone who began to let laziness grow over him like a vine and squeeze.  He now woke from that dream, bought those books, set before him what he could do now and ripped the vine from his once weakened spirit.  A change had happened to him as he decided to set out in life and do those things his heart longed for.  He would no longer take things as they come but instead go out and take what he always wanted.  That’s not to say giving into all desires set before him but rather he would now face life as he always actually wanted to, not how he imagined it should be.  As far as books were concerned he read those three shortly upon returning home to America and has been reading daily ever since. 

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Episode Listing

Welcome to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode listing!  Blogger doesn't make it easy to keep sets of posts together in a neat package, aside using labels which I think aren't constructed well enough.  I've decided to make it easier to find any particular episode you may wish to look at here while including a link back to this post on each episode page.  The pilot season kicked some serious shell and I'll begin there.  I hope you find it easy to navigate and enjoy the posts!

Turtle Tracks - Episode 1
Enter the Shredder - Episode 2
A Thing About Rats - Episode 3
Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X - Episode 4
Shredder & Splintered - Episode 5
Return of the Shredder - Episode 6
The Incredible Shrinking Turtles - Episode 7

Here is my review of the animated movie Turtles Forever
If you like cartoons and of course you do then hop over to The Real Ghostbusters

Men In Black 3 (2012)

Before I saw this movie which wasn't until this month I was split between the first two movies.  The first being a fun fresh take on aliens and the second being not very good.  I heard good things about three though so after finally seeing it I’ll let you know what I thought.

Tommie Lee Jones looks old and the joke about him being so in the movie is quite accurate.  His sunken eyes make me think he may be an alien, couple that with his lack of emotion and it’s possible.  Will Smith returns and settles into his character well.  The series so far has usually been about K (Jones) whether it’s wiping his memory clean, getting it back or saving earth from letting his emotions get out of control, is he a jedi?  It gives that hint again as a new alien emerges and K really tries to distance himself from J (Smith).  We are left thinking for yet another movie K has messed up again and our heroes must save earth.  It’s mostly true but the ending finally provides emotion that has been lacking from this series overall.  What is that ending?  I’ll let you find out because it reveals a pain K has lived with most of his life and you wonder how he could do it. 

Time travel is used as part of the plot.  I spoiled that for you but most people already had to know that since Josh Brolin (young K) was in the trailers anyway.  I don’t like Brolin much but he did great this time.  If you find yourself in that same boat then perhaps you two will want to watch this movie.  The time travel element is actually fun and feels like Terminator and Back to the Future rolled into one at times.  There isn’t a machine killing everything or a young kid escaping terrorists in a DeLorean but copies of time travelers and a certain alien trying to kill a certain agent in the past does exist.  Did I give too much away on that? 

One aspect I liked is the cast is smaller.  What I mean by that is there aren’t as many characters being stuffed onto the screen.  You get to enjoy the ones you like and get more of them which for me is awesome since Smith does well as this character.  There is also the time travel alien who does a fantastic job along with our lead villain.  I tend to enjoy smaller casts so if you do to then it can’t be a bad thing.  Another amazing cast acknowledgement is that Rip Torn is absent from the film, thank God.  He was decent in the first one but I was never a fan of his.

If you’re looking for a fun ride I’d say look no further as far as recent movies go.  It’s not blowing away critics but its a couple steps up from the last one and pretty close to the first one.  I’d say watch it to see Smith and Jones back in action, see the biggest emotional moment in MiB history and a tough bad dude alien looking to keep his species from going the way of the dinosaur.

Rating: 9 of 10

Lost Time

This dream begins in my own home, in first person as usual.  I don’t remember the very beginning much other than my friends (Jonathan and Natalie) being there along with my wife, I think.  Jonathan had brought over two female students for some reason but I’d guess it had to do with his real life job.  My mind must have generated to that conclusion since he works with students.  From what I gather they were top tier students so perhaps they were hanging out, I don’t really know.  He said something but it’s a garbled bunch of nonsense to me now.  The real peculiar part happens now.

A Skip in Time

I wake up on my sofa looking straight forward to the wall clock, 1:25pm.  I can’t believe I’ve slept until this time and look out my window which is just behind the sofa I lay upon.  It’s daytime alright but what has happened?  I look around the slightly dark room since its winter, even in my dream, and see in a recliner, which I don’t have in actuality, someone I know.  It’s Rita, a friend of Natalie’s, and I come to the realization she managed to get into the dream due to Natalie mentioning her in a text to me a few days ago.  She was sleeping in the recliner when from the kitchen I heard a voice, it was Jonathan.  He seemed distraught and I asked him how I slept so late.  I didn’t know where to begin so I brought that up.  He informed me that there was a party here in my house last night.  I looked around and saw evidence of that as I woke up more.  He told me he threw the party and I was a bit shocked, he wasn’t the type.  He went on asking me if I really didn’t remember anything.  I did have a feeling of missed time from the previous evening until this very afternoon so I had an eerie feeling something went on.

Jonathan informed me that I was at the party but I had gravely assumed that since I woke up here.  He told me I had a drink but I protested that I don’t drink, which is true.  He claimed it was only a shot.  He didn’t go much into detail because he clearly had something else on his mind.  I walked toward the window and saw a small boy walking bare footed outside on the sidewalk inside my yard.  I knew his feet had to be freezing cold but the boy just happily walked to and fro as if it were summer time.  In my mind I wondered where the mother of this child was. 

I talked with Jonathan some more and finally I got out of him that a crazy party occurred last night and something dire happened to the two female students.  I didn’t know what to think and was still in surprise at this event.  He seemed somewhat in a panic, nervously pacing at least.  The news was on TV which was interesting since I had no cable in real life.  It was informing us that two brilliant girls were being hospitalized.  Of course it was the girls we had met the day before, the dream told me so, it was one of those things in a dream you know are true without much detail into it, you just know.  A news report on it seemed so quick but the media was this way nowadays, it didn’t take long to break a story.  Jonathan decided to go to the hospital and check on them, I went along.

As we arrived at the hospital we entered in through a back entrance of some type up a ramp.  We were sneaking in apparently, although I couldn’t imagine why, I felt as innocent as I’ve ever have.  I also couldn’t remember a thing from the previous night so who really knows what is going on.  Jonathan did lead me to believe I had nothing to do with it and it was some blunder of his that landed these unfortunate students here.  A news crew was crowding the back and we forced our way through, they didn’t seem to bother or notice us.  We came to the room with the two students and saw them in a terrible state.  They were side by side in beds and looked fine except their hands appeared to be severely crumbled, like an extreme case of arthritis.  They both had laptops and were trying to type but failing horribly.  The twisted bent fingers slammed the keyboard and they looked very angry.  Their faces also looked different than before.  They had a look of being twisted slightly, not much so that they didn’t appear so smart anymore.  They had the look of a mental patient in ways.  I felt sad for them and Jonathan appeared crushed. 

I don’t know what in the world happened that night in dreamland and it’s apparently a secret dream Jonathan will have to bear until a further time perhaps.  I have recalled dreams before as I have also remembered dreams within dreams as well.  I never close the book on dreams but for now we’ll just stick a bookmark in this one.  For more dreams check out the list below.

Dreams Master List

I’m a dreamer, in fact I spend most of my time daydreaming.  Whether it’s at work (mostly am I right?), relaxing at home and of course while sleeping I create many imaginative realities.  This list will provide a way to easily navigate those times I've tried my best to recall what goes on inside my mind during those hours I lay asleep.  Enjoy them and hopefully you’ll better be able to enjoy the adventures of your own dreams.