Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dog Bite

I had a dream that feels like solid representations of what I do in daily life and those that may be dormant in my subconscious.  It occurred not far from my home on a street with houses lined up on both sides.  The houses were small, one level economy types that most of America has.  It was a first person perspective as nearly all of mine are which I assume to be common.

I’m standing at a doorway during late evening hours, when the sun is out of sight but it’s not quite dark yet.  The weather felt like late summer.  I was standing outside the doorway looking in but I don’t know who was there or why I was, it wasn’t an area I really go to.  I had on a long sleeved solid orange shirt that was from Abercrombie, much like one I already have but not orange in color.  That really stuck out to me but I don’t know why. 

A small dog that looked like a pug was suddenly behind me barking and looking rather mean.  Now I’m no dog expert but I never recalled a pug being so vicious.  I thought they were friendlier and rather lazy but this one was not the case.  At this moment I had the slight feeling I was working, my job is as a delivery person so being out and about in the neighborhood is common for me.  I wasn’t in uniform but that didn’t seem to matter.  As a delivery person I don’t like to mess with dogs, I’d rather them be locked away and out of yards so this situation forming itself could derive from those feelings.

I saw a man straight across the street standing in his open doorway.  He was balding, chubby and older and he said, “He won’t bite don’t worry.”

I grew a bit on edge because this dog kept going crazy and circling me while barking and showing aggression.  I had the thought that if this dog attacks I’m going to kick it or something.  I didn’t think I would though.  All of a sudden the little pug jumps and clamps down on my right wrist.  I felt no pain whatsoever and I couldn’t shake the little beast off me.  It was very determined.  I looked at the apparent owner across the street and shouted something like ‘get it off of me’.  Here a time skip occurred as does in dreams on occasion.

I was now at his door and the pug was scurrying under his feet.  I pulled up my sleeve but the dog didn’t puncture my skin.  However, there were holes in my shirt which I was rather upset with.  I had just been given this shirt so it was new and I was angry.  I told the owner he better pay for this.  The owner obliged and said he would give me twenty dollars.  I agreed knowing that wasn’t enough but decided to take it.  This is a part of the dream I know took pieces of my daily delivery life and incorporated them into it.  He handed me a twenty and a ten dollar bill then gave me $8.67 cents in change.  That was a total of $38.67.  He then added, “Just give me ten back and we should be good.”

In the dream something felt wrong but I couldn’t figure it out.  By giving him a different ten dollars back out of my pocket I felt I had only been given ten dollars total.  I was confused and then woke up.  After being awake awhile I realized I made more in my dream not that it mattered but it was neat to see a few things dragged from my mind and put into a bizarre moment.  I don’t know if this makes much sense to anyone but this is all I can remember and I hope you enjoy.

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