Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Treasure Island – Book Review

Author – Robert Louis Stevenson

A review of Treasure Island

I was excited to read this book as soon as I got it.  It was another of those stories I’ve always wanted to read but again put it in the back of my mind so far it was as lost as the loot on Treasure Island.  That wasn’t too bad was it?  OK it sort of was but my backspace button is broken so it stays.  I do like an adventurous pirate tale and this is my favorite one although I haven’t read many.  It has so many classic pirate traits it really will make you smile.

Long John Silver
This is, dare I say, a household name given the chain of crappy restaurants it’s attached to.  I really liked his character in the book; he was the reason I wanted to keep reading.  He’s a smart pirate and the way he acts and speaks to the other characters in the book always has you wondering how he’ll stay alive in his pursuit of the treasure.  Although Silver is the bad pirate I couldn’t help but cheer for him throughout, he has that persona you have to respect.  From his peg leg to the parrot on his shoulder he’s everything a classic pirate should be.

The Dip in the Story
I loved this book so don’t get me wrong but even it had a brief part in it that made me give a little push to get through.  It was when the doctor took over the narration of the story.  I was very comfortable following Jim Hawkins narration of the tale that when it changed to another perspective not only did it come from a different character but it was a tad lacking.  It only lasted three chapters so it’s not a story killer by any means just thought I’d put it out there.

Wrap Up
The only thing I’d want more, not from this particular book, would be previous adventures of Long John Silver or what became of him after this story.  I’ve never read Robert Louis Stevenson and besides his name and this story I didn’t even know he wrote this in the late 1800’s.  That’s a bold thing to admit I know but I can’t possibly be the only one who didn’t know that right?  I’ll probably read more of his books and I highly recommend this to any reader who loves a fun adventure.    

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