Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jurassic Park (1993)

I'm tempting the Rex

Welcome to my Jurassic Park movie review.  Dr. Alan Grant gets a personal invitation from John Hammond to check out a theme park that he insists will capture the world’s eye.  A small group of visitors visit a distant island and are in absolute awe at first but then something goes disastrously wrong.  The survivors must do anything in their power to out maneuver the parks attractions in order to get off this island.  It’s one adventure you’ll have to see to believe and I’m going to give you a monster of a review for it’s my all time favorite movie.  I’ve broken it down in every way I possibly could with quoted dialogue along with my own added commentary.  I truly hope you can enjoy it as I have.
                                                                                        Beware the Velociraptor
The opening scene gives you a glimpse and tease of what’s in store for you later in the movie.  Robert Muldoon (Bob Peck) is the game warden who is in charge of moving a deadly velociraptor into its holding pen from a transporting crate.  That should be a piece of cake, right?  The raptors are intelligent dinosaurs as Muldoon will have you know, he thinks they should all be destroyed.  He has a logical point but isn’t there quite a bit of money in them alive?  John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) thinks so and he would never do anything of the sort.  These extinct species are his stamp he very much desires to put on the world.  Richard was the perfect actor to portray Hammond.  If you read the book you’ll discover it to be true.  The raptor waits in the cage while the hapless gatekeeper raises the gate to the raptors new residence so to speak.  The dinosaur then charges the opposite side of the cage knocking said gatekeeper on the ground.  He gets grabbed by the raptor as the sparks of ten or so electric prods zap the dinosaur in the cage.  It’s of no avail; no matter how many times Muldoon shouts “Shoot her!” as the first causality is seen.  It could be an over exaggeration but the raptor took a lot of electricity to stop or the other workers were missing horribly at point blank range.  Perhaps the scene was to demonstrate the power of the dinosaurs and give you a chilling feeling of how inferior we are to them.  At any rate the success of being terrified of the extinct creatures is confirmed!

                        Amber’s Usefulness
Prehistoric amber is the new gold
Now it’s off to a mining cave elsewhere in the world to discover a piece of the puzzle as to how dinosaurs get brought back to life.  Donald Gennaro (Martin Ferrero) is a lawyer paying a visit to Rostagno (Miguel Sandoval) in hopes of nabbing him for a weekend visit to Jurassic Park.  This guy ends up making the best decision of his life!  They briefly meet as Rostagno gets called into the cave for a new unearthing.  A mosquito frozen in amber is handed to him as he gazes upon it knowing a huge payday is coming from Mr. Hammond.  Rostagno refuses the invitation obviously as he is only in this scene but they don’t acknowledge it at all.  Instead they opt to talk about how much Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) won’t leave his site in Montana either.  Gennaro asks why Grant won’t consider it as Rostagno replies, “Because Grant’s like me, he’s a digger.”  I like that line as you already get character development from someone you haven’t even seen yet while gazing wondrously at the amber.

                                                                                                          Grant meets Hammond
You'll, umm, fully fund my dig?
John Hammond in the flesh decides to venture all the way to the Badlands to coax Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) to visit his island as a sort of weekend vacation.  However moments before that Grant scares the pants off some cocky kid ragging on the raptor skeleton Grants team just dug up.  You know I hated that kids attitude when I was a boy and always am so pleased to see how frightened he looks after discovering what the ‘six foot turkey’ could do to him.  After Grant explains how the raptor will kill you he closes with, “The point is you’re alive when they start to eat you.”  I’m a Sam Neill fan and this scene is a classic for me.  In the trailer Grant is surprised to see Hammond popping the cork off a wine bottle.  I’d probably be a bit upset too if some old man was drifting into my site and drinking all of my aged wine.  Hammond wastes no time in luring the two to come with him to visit his theme park.  He simply offers to fund his dig site and thus money is power, even more so than dinosaurs though?  Grant doesn’t know that yet and what you don’t know can’t hurt you right?  Nice trick you old little man, kudos Hammond!  I love the sly comment Hammond delivers, “Its right up your alley.”  I’ll bet it is if you like dinosaurs looking at you like you’re a mc Nugget!

                         Shady Dealings
Nedry the shout it out sellout
Lewis Dodgson pays a visit to our fat friend Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) in Costa Rica.  You couldn’t possibly cast Nedry more perfectly than with Mr. Knight.  He was popular at the time and he could have jumped out of the book and you’d believe it to be true.  From one who read the book trust me you get a treat from it with this casting choice.  Dodgson is from a rival genetics company bribing Nedry to steal some samples.  They discuss the drop off location and time while Nedry feasts on a ridiculous platter of food.  Nedry complains about not getting paid enough for what he does for Hammond and is solely in it for the money.  He could care less who has dinosaurs and who doesn’t as long as his payday arrives which it does as Dodgson hands him his upfront cash.  Once again money plays a dominate role is luring something to the island of dinosaurs or off of it in this case.  Dodgson gives Nedry the classic shaving cream transportation device for the embryos.  How cool is that contraption?  To this day I still want one for the reason being, I just want one.  Dodgson pays for Nedry’s meal reluctantly as Nedry says, “Don’t get cheap on me Dodgson that was Hammond’s mistake.

                                                                                                                  Isla Nublar
Chaos theory, Chaos, CHAOSSSS!
Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) makes his presence felt with jokes and questionings of what Hammond is up to on his island on the helicopter ride to the island.  Chaos theory is the driving point in his life that deals with the predictability in complex systems.  Naturally he is convinced Hammond’s little “science project” is doomed for failure.  Goldblum does a terrific job bringing the comedy element into the movie which I admire.  You get the sense that Hammond doesn’t like Malcolm at all and blames the lawyer Gennaro for bringing him along.  Grant shows visible signs he doesn’t care for Malcolm either.  The scenery is amazing as they land on the island with the music score dominating all else.  It gets me right in the heart every time as Hammond looks out the window and says, “There it is.”  That sense of excitement creeps into you as you stare upon this beautiful island that truly looks like it would be inhabited by dinosaurs.  In the jeep ride to the park area itself Gennaro is questioning the crap out of Hammond as he insists to enjoy himself.  Gennaro refuses that this is a review of the islands stability from the investors.  Don’t you love it when the money men send a meekly lawyer to do your dirty work for you?  Something just makes me hope the lawyer gets eaten.  Forgive me I jest I don’t know what came over me.
                         The Brachiosaur
Beautiful & Majestic at the beginning
 The first dinosaur sighting for the audience to gasp upon has arrived.  It’s the long necked brachiosaur towering so far up you’d need binoculars to see the top.  Everyone is amazed and astonished at this viewing which in turn makes Hammond very pleased.  He goes on to tell Grant that they clocked the T-Rex at 32 mph.  Grant nearly passes out from sheer bewilderment as Hammond says his classic line, “Welcome to Jurassic Park.”  Nobody could deliver that better than him!  I studied this scene in my younger age at the moment the jeeps pulled up to the lumbering dinosaur.  Ellie says something that I couldn’t make out and I rewound the tape, yes on VHS, over and over until I could understand it.  She was holding that plant leaf in her hands while muttering, “This shouldn’t be here.”  She was referring to the plant life that also has been brought back from extinction although that’s never mentioned much.  Did mosquitoes ingest plant cells too?  Grant looks out to a somewhat distant watering hole to discover the dinosaurs moving in herds.  He is marveled to be learning more than he could have ever imagined about the creatures he loves from the ancient past.

D.. da.. Daaa.. Daddy!
 They arrive at the visitor’s center to check out how a dinosaur is made not exactly a sex education course mind you.  They get a comical presentation from a video of Hammond being cloned.  That’s all interesting stuff and does explain how the amber played a role in this whole process but the audience is now begging to see more dinosaurs.  As our visitors ride along this journey through the making of Jurassic Park they come to a hatchery.  Upon seeing the eggs Grant, Malcolm and Ellie barge into a hatching area to see the birth of a velociraptor.  Grant is ultimately horrified to learn they were breed.  “You bred raptors?”  I can’t help it; Neill can deliver these lines effortlessly.  Overall it’s another awing moment for the group and a step in the right direction for Hammond to please his investors.  Of course we all know a newborn baby raptor can’t eat anyone, we save that for the grown up ones!  They also explain the dinosaurs are all female which Malcolm refuses to believe due to his chaos theory that any complex system has to be flawed in some way to bring a collapse to itself.  Henry Wu (B.D. Wong) insists genetically altered DNA will always result in a female dinosaur.  “What did someone do, go out into the park and lift all the dinosaur’s skirts?”  Malcolm’s inquiring comment.  It’s accepted for now as Grant wishes to see more raptors.  It’s a shame we don’t get more from Wu as this is his only scene in the movie.  It’s still cool how he was fit in from the book at all though.

Getting the low down on the raptors from Muldoon
The raptor pen is probably the most dangerous place on the island.  Muldoon explains their intelligence compared to modern day animals as well as their speed and agility.  He is not approving of their existence.  He goes on to explain how they try to figure things out, like problem solving situations.  I love the aspect the raptors play here; you’re terrified of them even more without even seeing them yet.  The idea of a long ago extinct animal with such intelligence snaps at my science fiction brain!  I’d believe it in a second, well I actually already do.  Grant is eager to learn all he can of them as he asks a million questions to Muldoon.  It must be a dream come true for him to see in the flesh the dinosaurs he has loved and admired his entire life.  I’d have to come to conclude as of now this is the highlight moment of his life.  They feed the raptors a live animal and the bushes shake wildly with screaming raptors heard below.  You don’t see the raptors so yet again you are left teased.  After the feeding Hammond invites them all to have lunch, I guess seeing an animal get ripped to shreds would make anybody salivate.

                                                                                                            Hammond’s Disgust
I really have to go to the restroom. - Lawyer
  At lunch Hammond is out to seek approval from all his guests but only the “bloodsucking lawyer” is on his side, go figure.  To be honest I’d be shocked as well as it did look like everyone was rather impressed with what they saw altogether.  Grant, Ellie and Malcolm all spat out less than interesting theories or ideas of why they disapprove of the park.  We know Malcolm isn’t on board but the other two seem to be excited enough about it.  In all honesty this isn’t the better part of the movie, but it’s short and leaves Hammond quite dumbfounded.  Hammond’s grandchildren Tim and Lex have arrived to the dismay of Grant.  They all head outside to the explorer trucks that run on electricity from a track in the middle of the road.  Ellie annoys Grant by sending the kids to talk with him as he tries to avoid them.  “She says I should ride with you because it would be good for you.”  Lex states to Grant as he gives Ellie the look of ‘I can’t believe you sometimes.’  The kids ride with the lawyer in the first truck and the others ride in a second truck as they are off to see what Jurassic Park is really like.  Do you get the feeling something bad is going to happen soon?  What a tropical storm is being tracked near the island?  I’m sure it will miss them.  What could possibly go wrong?

                             The Tour
I chain smoke to your health Mr. Hammond
The tour begins as they pass through the towering gates of Jurassic Park.  They are supposed to see a dilophosaurus but it’s nowhere to be seen.  That’s a good thing though right?  As the voice in the trucks claim it spits poisonous venom at its prey.  There didn’t seem to be much protection against it with gaping space in the electric fence.  Everyone is sorely displeased with the no show dinosaur.  What do you expect Hammond; the dinosaurs are going to pose for the humans in the truck?  You must find a way to lure the dinosaurs into view better.  Then you get Arnold (Samuel L. Jackson) spotting all the glitches in the system while Nedry is complaining as usual about how everything is his problem.  Hammond and he have a go around about money which seems to be ongoing.  Muldoon interrupts them all, “Quiet!  All of you, they’re approaching the Tyrannosaur paddock.”  Muldoon shows often very strong leadership character with sound logical decision making.  I also like the performance Mr. Jackson does as Arnold; it’s one of his better roles.

The tripped out Tric
                The explorers arrive to yet again see no dinosaur.  Malcolm looks into the camera in the truck to ask, “There will be dinosaur’s on the dinosaur tour yes?  Hello.”  Hammond with disgust stares at the feed, “I really do hate that man.”  I love the back and forth those two perform during the movie, it brings a spirit of humor that really keeps the movie from becoming stagnant.  The dinosaurs can bring a huge impact to the movie but you still need a human element to smooth out the overall experience of the adventure here.   A goat is brought out to lure the Rex but it doesn’t bite.  Grant explains that it wants to hunt not be feed.  Disappointment abounds in the vehicles as they drive off once again.  Lex is thankful as she is a vegetarian and the thought of a goat being eaten was disturbing to her anyway.  Tim was rather excited about it though.  Malcolm flirts with Ellie as he explains chaos theory to her while Grant spots something outside and takes off.  Eventually all the occupants rush out to follow him as Malcolm spats out some humor about chaos theory.  Muldoon gets pissed and rants about having locks on the doors, a topic he apparently has notified Hammond of before.  “How many times did I say we need locking mechanisms on the vehicle doors?!

                          Dino Turds
Fertilizer exporting is another of Hammond's enterprises
 A triceratops lay sedated in an open field as the group comes out to take a look at it.  Why not right?  If the only way to see a dinosaur is to go out and find it for yourself then live dangerously I say, thanks Hammond.  Jurassic Park where you find our lost dinosaurs!  Grant expresses it’s the dinosaur he loved as his favorite when he was a kid.  Ellie gets gross as she touches the tongue and even dives her arms into piles of dino droppings.  Malcolm of course reminds her to wash her hands before she eats anything.  I personally love the delivery by Malcolm as he stares at a huge pile of crap, “That is one big pile of sh!t.”  Ellie at this juncture separates with the group and stays with Dr. Harding who has a gas powered jeep to take her back.  The rest of them head back to the explorers as lightning and thunder start to make their presence known to the humans below.  I like to see the frightened look of the lawyer as the storm arrives.  Don’t worry my friend all your fears will swell up soon enough then disappear just as swiftly.  Now why on earth would I say such a thing?  Nedry meanwhile is talking with his contact about not leaving so soon because of the storm; he hasn’t completed his dastardly deed yet after all.

                                                                                                              Power Outage
My financial problem will soon be yours Hammond!
Arnold tries to calm Hammond a bit by stating although it’s been an unfortunate series of events it’s not all that bad.  “Two no shows and one sick triceratops” Hammond states in dismay, he needs to see the positive here, at least nobody got eaten!  Nedry meanwhile fumbles with some words about getting some snacks in the vending machine.  The others in the room basically ignore his banter.  His actual goal is to go steal the embryos and dump them off with the contact at the ship.  Nedry can see the dollar signs before his very eyes.  The question is can he successfully do this?  He runs his computer virus program to disable a variety of security systems which shouldn’t backfire in the slightest.  I’m sure everything is going to be just fine for our good buddy Nedry.  An honest man such as him deserves to be treacherous at least once in his life, right?  The scenes toggle back and forth with Nedry stealing and the explorer trucks coming to a halt.  The control room with Hammond, Arnold and Muldoon begins to become aware of some security outages.  They overlook it for now believing Nedry’s previous gibberish about the systems going on and off.  
                Grant and Malcolm try to figure out why the explorer has stopped while Nedry is high tailing it toward the dock for his drop-off.  The control room notices that the fences are now failing all over the park and a subtle panic begins to show itself.  Who wouldn’t be fearful of that?  Imagine Hammond’s reaction if someone got injured while trying to ensure everything was going smoothly at his park.  Bottom line is the failing fences are freaking him out!  Muldoon alertly asks, “The raptor fences aren’t out, are they?”  You see Muldoon knows what the true menace on this island is and he’s totally cool as long as the raptors are still in check.  They frantically check the raptor pen but notice it’s still active.  What is Nedry up to they wonder.  They try to hack into Nedry’s console to stop whatever it is he has done but to no avail.  Arnold doesn’t have the skill to combat Nedry’s tech savvy.

                           Enter the Rex
Does it get any better than this?
The Tyrannosaurus Rex scene is the terror the audience has been waiting for and it’s finally arrived.  The tropical storm is in full effect, the power is out and the Rex has the munchies.  The Rex tests the fence and learns that the power is out as you see its tiny forearm grab a line.  It devours the goat and becomes visible to the people at last.  The lawyer totally freaks and vacates the explorer then makes a mad dash for the toilet.  Malcolm delivers possibly his best line of the film with the, “When you gotta go, you gotta go.”  The Rex easily breaks through the fence and roars to let his dominance be known.  It checks out the explorers to see what they are when that stupid idiot Lex turns on a strong flash light and spins it all around easily attracting attention to their vehicle.  Why on earth would you think this is a good idea?  My only plan would be to curl up and try to keep a watchful eye on the Rex if I was sure he couldn’t see me.  It’s funny I say he for the Rex although it’s a female, it’s noted in the book that it seems only natural to assume the masculine form when addressing such beasts.

I suppose it does get better!
Tim tries to shut the driver’s side door the lawyer so carelessly left open but even that’s a bad idea at this point.  The Rex is checking out their vehicle and Tim slams shut the door!  Why slam it?  Couldn’t you at least try to ease it shut?  It’s clear they are terrified but if you’re going to try something so foolish at least attempt to use your brain still.  The Rex proceeds to destroy the explorer as Grant and Malcolm helplessly watch on.  As the explorer flips over Grant decides to use a flare to gain the eye of the Rex and draw him away from the kids.   It’s a noble deed by Grant and a daring move as he successfully lures the Rex away.  “Ian freeze!” That’s Grant’s professional advice that is promptly ignored.  Malcolm foolishly attempts the same but ends up getting chased to the restroom area.  You can’t help but say things like, ‘Idiot and dummy’ as he gets knocked out as the Rex destroys the restroom leaving the helpless lawyer sitting alone on the toilet exposed.  One big bite and a couple good shakes take care of the lawyer which deserved it for abandoning children.  Grant rescues the kids from the rolled over explorer with a close up of the Rex inches away from eating them as well.  I’m sure the Rex could smell them even if his eyesight was poor.  I’d imagine they should have been eaten as well but they manage to escape the wrath of the Rex as they climb down into the wild park itself.  There wouldn’t be much left of the story if everyone was eaten too soon right?

                    Nedry’s his own Undoing
Lethal 'loogie'
Our pal Nedry has now crashed his jeep after nearly making it to the dock.  The dilophosaurus we were robbed of seeing earlier now makes its appearance much to the dismay of Nedry.  He is trying to tie a cable from the front end of the jeep around a tree to drag it free of the mess he crashed himself into.  The dilophosaurus is small and playing with Nedry at first.  Nedry does get in a last comical line as he tosses a stick away and wants the dinosaur to chase it.  The dumb looking dino doesn’t go for it and Nedry says, “Eh, no wonder you’re extinct.  I’m going to run you over when I come back down.”  He slips up and falls when the dinosaur seizes his opportunity for dinner.  It spits its venom on Nedry forcing him into a panic to get back to the car.  He opens the door and takes that safety look back toward the dinosaur which proves to be his downfall.

You were there Nedry, all you had to do was climb your fat butt into that jeep and run the dinosaur over but you had to look didn’t you?  The spit hits him right in the face, amazing accuracy for the dinosaur!  He screams and turns to get into the jeep but conks his head on the top of the door and falls over.  His secret shaving cream can of embryos jars lose and flow down the stream he is laying in.  He’s lost everything he risked his life over now.  How long he lays there is unknown, but it couldn’t have been for too lengthy a time.  The dinosaur in that time climbed into the jeep and waited for Nedry to wake up and get in.  Why though?  I’d imagine the dinosaur ripping Nedry to bits while he lay on the ground.  It doesn’t seem plausible except for the fact to hide the death inside the confines of the jeep.  It’s not rated R you know, pity.

Close call for Grant
Grant now is forced to get Tim from the explorer dangling in the tree.  He hides Lex in a wide drain pipe at the bottom safely.  “He left us, he left us!”  Lex says slightly hysterical but Grant assures her he won’t do that.  As Grant reaches the truck Tim looks mortified as he should be.  Grant must talk Tim into getting out of the truck and back to the visitor center.  When they get out the truck it loses its grip and begins to fall slowly.  How they managed to swiftly move down that tree so quickly is incredible considering according to their conversation neither of them liked trees anyway you’d think they were expert climbers.  Somehow the huge trunks break branch after branch as the music carries the people downward.  I do rather like the score being played during this scene and that’s probably the most enjoyable aspect of it for me.  The size of some of those branches couldn’t possibly break straight down as the scene depicted.  I’d imagine the truck would slightly dip outward if it were to fall out of the tree as it fell. They miraculously make it down as the truck falls on them without causing any injury whatsoever.  It’s a faulty scene but it’s an adventure movie so you need excitement.  Tim also gets to add a touch of humor to the situation, “Well, we’re back, in the car again.

                                                                                                        The Rescue of Malcolm
How terrified would this make you?
Muldoon and Ellie arrive in a jeep to retrieve the people in the explorers.  When they notice a truck missing and the fence mangled they fear the worst.  I’m sure it was only the wind, the tropical storms can get – who am I kidding it was only the best cinematic experience to date that happened only moments ago!  They come across Malcolm’s tattered body and question whether to move him or not.  Malcolm insists they chance it as a distant roar from the Rex is heard.  They also find assorted parts of the lawyer, yuck.  Ellie discovers the other truck off the edge and she goes with Muldoon down to check it out.  Its unclear how much time has passed since Grant and the kids left but it had to be enough as they didn’t hear all the screams from Muldoon and Sattler.  They return topside to find Malcolm rushing them forward from the truck as the Rex pursues them.  “Get off the stick, bloody move!”  Muldoon demands of a frightened Malcolm.  It’s a close call as the Rex nearly catches them but Muldoon is able to get them to safety no thanks to Malcolm jamming the stick in a panic.  “Do you think they’ll have that on the tour?”  Malcolm asked sarcastically.  I mean for thrill seekers in this day in age anything’s possible! 

                    Parting with the Claw
Grant and the kids climb up a tree for the night to rest.  I believe they need it after such a terrifying ordeal they barely escaped.  The kids cuddle up with Grant as he lets them realizing how scared they must be.  You can see a weakness in him as he is accepting them more and more.  It could be his last hours alive so why not give kids a chance, ha-ha!  He pulls out his fossilized raptor claw and talks about how the world might change in his line of work now.  As the kids fall asleep Tim makes some funny dinosaur jokes that are still entertaining to hear.  “What do you call a blind dinosaur?  Do-you-think-he-saurus.  What do you call a blind dinosaur’s dog?  Do-you-think-he-saurus rex.”  It even gets a chuckle out of Grant.  He at the end of the scene throws away his claw as what he always sought to see has made him uneasy enough to carry it with him anymore.  You haven’t seen anything yet Grant old boy!  I’d keep that claw though no matter what though.  Imagine how many more memories you can tie to it aside the fact you found it in the first place.  It’d be a treasure I’d never part with; I’d probably have it buried with me.  That is a disturbing thought.

                                                                                                           Ice Cream Mongers
Ellie I told you to bring some cookies with this feast!
Hammond and Ellie are devouring ice cream at the visitor center while other people are being eaten alive.  Have you no shame?  Do you have hopes that the ultimate brain freeze will conjure up the solution to this horrible mess?  They were all melting you say?  Then let’s dig in, it could be our last meal anyway right?  Hammond gets delusional as Ellie reminds him you can’t pretend to not see this happening.  He shares a story about a flea circus he ran when he first came to America which gives a nice little background to how long he’s been up to this kind of enterprise.  He insists all they need is control again and it will all get resolved.  Ellie reminds him he never had total control but didn’t he?  Everything seemed in order until that fat turd Nedry shut off the power everywhere.  From Ellie’s viewpoint I don’t see how “All of this is just an illusion!”  The dinosaurs sure seem really enough to me, ask Malcolm or even the lawyer!  Had power stayed on I do believe everything would be satisfactory.

                The Dinosaurs are Breeding
Grant and the kids wake up to the sight of a friendly brachiosaur eating leaves from the tree.  They all get to touch it without fear while having fun for once at this accursed park. The dinosaur eventually sneezes all over Lex as Tim smiles and blesses the dinosaur to get well soon.  Lex is infuriated in the meantime.  On their journey back to the visitor center Grant makes a startling discovery of hatched eggs!  He explains that “Some West African frogs have been known to change sex from male to female in a single sex environment.”  Life finds a way as Malcolm phrased earlier when nobody really believed his nonsense.  He didn’t know it would be the result of the sequence gaps provided by frog DNA but technical it was nature that provided the breakthrough against the controlled genetic experiment Hammond was attempting.  They don’t reveal the eggs species but does it matter?  Hammond doesn’t have the control he thought he had after all.  This must be the illusion Ellie refers to but she has no clue the dinosaurs are breeding and furthermore I don’t believe she even suspects it!  It’s rather a subtle hole in the story and I highly doubt most viewers even notice.

Decisions, decisions
                We jump back over to the control room where Hammond is opting to shut down the entire system to erase Nedry’s treachery.  Arnold is skeptical of this as they have never shut it all down before so it’s an unknown that it will restore itself, it’s only in theory that it would.  Hammond goes a bit mad and screams that people are dying to make his point dominant.  He is the head honcho so he gets to decide the ultimate course of action anyway.  The power goes off then back on.  “Hold onto your butts.”  Arnold mutters in a weary voice.  Over the years I’ve grown fonder of that line even though it’s nothing special.  It’s a success but the buildings need a reboot from a shed outside the compound near the raptor pen.  Nedry knew better than to shut off those fences but a total shutdown wouldn’t know that.  Muldoon could have mentioned that before shut off but I think he secretly wanted a shot at hunting the raptors.  He did express interest in destroying them all in the beginning.  Muldoon, Hammond, Ellie and Malcolm all head to safety in the emergency bunker.  Arnold goes alone to the shed?  I’d refuse that; I’d want a gun and Muldoon since he’s the game warden after all.  Of course I’m sure Arnold will be just fine though, the power is back now.

                                                                                                               Running Wild
Tim they're not in the sky
They’re flocking this way.”  The gallimimus stampede scene is always edgy as Grant and the kids narrowly escape it.  It’d be awful but perhaps having one of the kids trampled would have enhanced the scene.  A tragic death could have brought high emotional levels to the movie and audience.  I can imagine Hammond’s deep sorrow as not only did he lose his park but his own blood.  Alas I forget we’re trying to appeal to the kids for merchandise sales so killing one might hurt that cause along with all the screaming mothers crying how damaged their kid was upon seeing that scene.  Does anybody have a backbone anymore?  Why is everyone so paper thin?  It’s only a movie and tempting to cross a line is often what brings some of the best moments.  Grant comments “I bet you’ll never look at birds the same way again.”  I understand that the study now is that dinosaurs may have ‘evolved’ into birds but even I can’t help but chuckle at how that’s possible.  The Rex nabs one of the gallimimus and has another meal as Tim is rather engrossed in that moment.  Was he hungry as well or was he the kid that liked to torture small animals?  Tim’s revealing secrets are withheld though.  I’ll bet he was hungry though, a dino-burger might be an invigorating meal!

              Mr. Arnold, where are You?
Cocked, locked and ready to die, eh Muldoon?
Let’s go back to the bunker where Hammond claims all major theme parks have delays.  Malcolm adds that “When the pirates of the Caribbean break down the pirates don’t eat the tourists.”  It’s one of his better lines in the movie and at this stage the comedy is welcomed as the tension mounts.  Muldoon finally decides to go after Arnold; you’d think he would have gone earlier since he’s very cautious of the raptors anyway.  I get it now, he didn’t really like Arnold from a previous gambling debt he had with him over some poorly played late night poker games.  The debt is wiped clean now that Arnold is in pieces.  Muldoon you’re sick you know that?  Ellie accompanies him and off they go to restore power with some walkie talkies.  Take a gun with you woman please, who cares if you never fired one in your life the raptors don’t know that!  Muldoon said “You can’t just stroll down the road you know.”  He basically is stating he knew Arnold was on a suicide mission the first time but phrases it in a way that makes him sound unknowing about it.  Smooth Muldoon but what comes around goes around!

We're officially doomed, the raptors are loose
Its toggle scene time as we have Grant and the kids climbing over a tall fence to get back to the road as Muldoon and Ellie discover that the raptors have indeed busted out of their electric prison.  “Even Nedry knew better than to mess with the raptor fences.”  Muldoon mutters as the odds suddenly turn against them.  He tracks one down and tells Ellie to make a run for it to the shed.  He claims “I’ve got her.” but do you Muldoon, do you?  Grant and the kids make it over the top as Ellie bungles her way through the darkened shed.  Hammond and Malcolm guide her to the control panel to reboot the power.  Should I rephrase that?  Hammond leads her to dead end after dead end as Malcolm reads a schematic correctly leading her to the reboot console.  She activates the sequence which triggers an alarm that scares the living crap out of Tim!  He koala styles the fence in a panic.  “Are you crazy?  I’m not going to jump!”  You may want to reconsider my soon to be toasted little friend.  Ellie restores complete power while zapping the frightened little Tim clean off the fence.  He had to get down and Grant warned him about it so I can’t feel sorry for the lad.  Grant resuscitates Tim while Dr. Sattler gets attacked by a raptor as she thought she was perfectly safe.

                         Why Muldoon?
Pee in pants, poop in pants, then scream in agony
It’s clear that the raptor is still hungry as it has no blood on its teeth.  Maybe it wasn’t the one who killed Arnold.  How do I know he’s dead?  Well I don’t exactly but his cold dead arm falls onto Ellie as she thinks it’s actually him.  Wouldn’t it be crazy if Arnold didn’t die but only lost his arm?  He is hiding in the shed waiting for a rescue but they just leave him to die.  He should have taken a walkie talkie with him and maybe he could have survived.  Ellie should confirm he’s actually dead!  The raptor is secondary right?  Wait, no you better run for life.  Meanwhile let’s watch Muldoon think he’s successfully hunted down a raptor.  The “Clever girl” sidles him up and mangles him.  It’s swift but horrifying as nobody wanted Muldoon to perish in this film.  I didn’t at least; his character in the movie was much more likeable than the book.  It’s also true since he was supposed to be the expert on raptors he should have known about their attack tendencies.  Grant knew and he only knew them as fossils, sorry Muldoon.  Bob Peck really played the role well, RIP I’ll always remember this classic role of yours.

                                                                                                               Kitchen Nightmare
Deal with this Chef Ramsey!
Grant, along with the kids, arrives back to the visitor center and the kids go to work on the food laid out before them.  Grant leaves them and goes to search for the others.  I can imagine him thinking at last I can dump them off!  Lex sees a raptor shadow moving against the wall and grabs Tim.  It’s a classic moment as she is so happily eating her jello then the nervous shaking jiggles that jello.  They run to the kitchen, shut the door and hide behind a counter.  Can you feel death approaching children?  The raptor figures out how to open the door and after feeble attempts finally head butts it open.  I was so impressed and amazed when it opened the door as a kid I would go on and on about it.  I probably annoyed so many people talking about how awesome that scene was.  I still feel that way too!  The raptor calls for its companion to join and now two raptors begin to stalk the kids.  “It’s inside.”  A terrified Lex whispers.  Grant cocks a gun and asks if the children are contained.  They should be unless they can open doors Ellie says sure of herself.  They’re smarter than you think guys and hungrier too I might add.  The kids crawl around making plenty of noise to make known their position and I’m sure there sweaty smell by now should easily alert the raptors but that’s overlooked.  The situation the kids were put in would certainly spell ‘dino-side’.  I got it; the raptors like to play with their food!

                Lex crawls into an oven with the reflection appearing on a very clean stove metal door.  She coaxes the raptor at her and it smashes into the stove head first.  That raptor really wanted to taste her flesh to lunge so wildly.  Still, it’s an inventive tactic by Lex.  The second raptor is tricked into a freezer that Tim limps toward.  How did the raptor not pounce on Tim?  The tile floor provided traction problems for that clicking claw?  It pursues him and they both fall inside, Tim scurries up first and Lex helps him lock the door.  The music score is the best in this scene aside the visuals on the raptors.   John Williams turns in one of his all time best performances that carry this movie above and beyond what it should be.  I can’t express how much I, to this day, will hum any given musical part of this movie.  The kids run out of the kitchen and dodge death yet again.  The ending scene shows a pissed off looking raptor glaring deadly in their direction.  Humans aren’t as easy to catch as they appear at least in the movies!

                        Control Room
At least one of the kids is useful
 Everyone is together now except Hammond and Malcolm who are hiding away in the bunker still, lucky for them.  The system control needs to be booted up by computer and Ellie takes a seat.  The raptor opens the door to Grant’s astonishment and Ellie joins him to help keep the door shut.  Tim, Lex it would have been useful information to mention to Grant or Ellie that the raptors can open doors!  Grant drops the gun on the floor just out of reach at the same time.  Lex takes the seat in the chair as she is a computer nerd that is mentioned earlier in the movie but I decided to withhold it until now in crunch time for added effect.  Tim is jumping up and down like the little turd he is while he manages to do nothing to help either Lex or the grownups.

Nowhere left to run
I mean he was recently barbequed but he’s walking around so he should be able to contribute something.  I have always wondered why Tim never gave the gun to Grant or why Grant never yelled for the gun from Tim.  The gun gets completely left out in a moment they need it most.  Perhaps Grant felt that gun violence may push Tim over the edge and cause his death later when he returned to his hometown.  It also may be that seeing Tim handling a gun even if to hand it to Grant would make mothers around the world unite against this movie and what it’s encouraging kids to do.  Of course I’m not stupid enough to think such non sense but that doesn’t stop those people from thinking it.  Jurassic Park tells our kids to use guns!  Did I stray?  Sorry let’s return to the action as Lex saves the day for the moment and gets security and phones back up online.  There is a brief moment of happiness as Grant phones Hammond “Call the mainland; tell them to send the damn helicopter.”  The raptor bust through the glass in aggressive style dodges bullets from the gun and forces the people up into the ceiling.  Not too shabby for an extinct dinosaur if you ask me.

King of Hammond's Castle
                They scramble across the ceiling as Lex nearly falls to be another victim of her grandfather’s death trap.  Grant kicks the raptor in the head and pulls Lex up to safety.  That’s what I’m talking about Grant, ninja kick these dinos!  They crawl through the vent shaft and out into the main lobby with the hanging dinosaur skeletons.  The raptors are ready and jump onto the skeletons with them as they try in a last ditch attempt to flee the menacing dinosaurs, as you watch though escape seems highly unlikely.  Grant foolishly dropped his gun in the control room so any thought of blasting them away is gone.  He missed earlier at point blank range so it’s probably of no consequence.  I’m a paleontologist not a pre-historic hunter!  Eventually everything tumbles down raptors, skeletons and humans alike, gravity has no prejudices after all.  The last stand is here and the raptors would have their prey if the Rex didn’t make a triumphant return and snatch the very raptor that would pounce on Grant keeping him out of any sequels.  How did the Rex get in?  It looked like there was an opening from outside but the moment is so dramatic that it’s easily overlooked.  The group rushes outside into the waiting jeep with Hammond and Malcolm already.  Grant comes to a decision.  “Mr. Hammond I’ve decided not to endorse your park.”  “So have I.”  Hammond replies!  When dinosaurs ruled the earth is on a banner that drifts downward across the Rex as he gets the closing scene of chaos.

                The ending happens quietly as Hammond waits on the helipad for a gaze upon a past recreated.  You feel sorry for the guy as his meek oldness plays you.  Grant brings him to the helicopter and they fly away from the island.  The music takes you away as the scene fills you with a satisfying close.  Grant has the kids nestled up around him as he gives a look of ‘well I guess they’re not all bad’ referring to kids.  My most memorable movie of all time that I can never imagine being supplanted ends and every time I watch it a feeling of immense joy crosses my entire being.

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                Rating: 100,000,000 years of all time greatness!

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