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Slimer, Come Home

Episode 4 – Season 1

A powerful group of poltergeist is haunting New York City and the Ghostbusters have been tracking them for three days.  Slimer gets in trouble with Peter so he leaves the firehouse and unknowingly joins the poltergeist.  Can the guys save Slimer before it’s too late?

How bad do you think that breath is?
The Ghostbusters are out trying to figure out why the poltergeist can be so roaming.  I wonder who hired them for this job.  Apparently poltergeists are bound to a specific locale and can’t even hurt humans.  The spirits they’re chasing seem to have a bigger ghost feeding off of smaller ones to stay charged up so to speak.  It’s not the best formula we’ve seen so far ghosts and honestly I’m not impressed much.  They encounter the ghost along with the big one and get defeated as the ghosts escape.  Egon can’t believe it.  As they searched for the ghosts they didn’t use the PKE meter in the alley.  I’d keep it out to pinpoint exactly where they were in order to capture them.

Jaws like a snake!
On the way back to the firehouse its Winston’s birthday and a party is planned to surprise him.  The scene cuts to Winston entering the firehouse alone in the dark without ecto-1 parked inside.  The guys and Janine shout surprise as Winston becomes overjoyed.  Timeout, so I’m guessing they pushed Winston out of the car before they reached the firehouse then parked the car outside while setting up for a surprise birthday shout?  Did I miss something?  The moment comes as a cake big enough to have a stripper inside, I’m sure Winston would enjoy that, comes rolling out and Slimer devours it in one gigantic gulp, awesome.  What if a stripper really was in there and Slimer ate her?  Explain that to the police, ha-ha!  Peter erupts with a funny line, “Are you kidding, he helps himself to everything that’s not nailed down or on fire.”  Ray prior to that commented how Slimer can’t help himself, well put!  Peter scolds the slime off Slimer forcing Slimer to leave.  I like the hatred of Peter towards that gooey green gunk.

Slimer writes a goodbye note then heads off, the music is rather fitting for the scene I’m shocked.  He joins the poltergeist and everybody is happy right?  Not exactly, Janine discovers the note and they blame Peter for the aftermath of it.  They go in search of Slimer while Peter stays home.  They split up and have minor scenes that don’t mean much to the episode.

The animation was sacrificed in this one
The big ghost takes Slimer out to frighten people, why?  Aren’t the ghosts going to be absorbed into the big one anyway?  What’s the point in going out to scare some dumb humans?  Do they need one or two more scares to achieve full power?  It’s really just a poor attempt to get Peter slimed so he knows where Slimer is.  I don’t like it.  By the way Peter eventually joined in on the searching of Slimer.  The guys see that Slimer is inside the other ghost as they locate the big one.  Egon informs the guys to set your proton frequency to Slimer to rip him out, its’ a believable enough idea to do.  They pull him out and the big one takes away their packs.  They scramble everywhere to flee except back to where the proton packs lay on the floor.  They headed for the doors even, be brave its embarrassing.  They panic and don’t even try to get the throwers back, how stupid.  Slimer again saves them; this is getting annoying, I’m sick of him always rescuing them.  He picks up a thrower and blasts the wood flooring suspending them all in the air about to be absorbed into the big ghost.  They fall, and then capture the ghost, easy as that.  They fall from a high height, nobody injures themselves?  They rush the trap back to the containment unit and redo Winston’s birthday.  They roll out a garbage cake that Slimer eats right away then blah blah, let’s call this one ended.

It’s not well written and fails on the ghost factor and history at least.  You need either a big time ghost with a name at least or some back history.  I wasn’t all too impressed and wouldn’t recommend seeing this one until you’ve watched the better episodes.  I usually can overlook the animation in an episode if the story is solid but this time I can’t.  The proton beams were a greenish hue and the animation in general was cheap looking.  It just makes for an unfortunate poor episode, sorry fellow Ghostbuster fans but it’s the truth and you know it.

Rating: 4 of 10


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