Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Disclosure – Book Review

Author – Michael Crichton

A review of Disclosure

Sexual harassment, two words that lead most people to think of a similar scenario.  A man has advanced on a woman in the workplace against her will.  This man is of high ranking and is getting what he wants through his position.  The woman is clearly innocent and is but another victim of a corrupt business world where man rules.  I believe that sums up the general idea here.  What Crichton has done is put a role reversal on it which stirs the pot in ways I never thought about.  It’s not mind blowing but for a book not revolving around science as he often does it will still make your fingertips bleed.

                As a man I can understand how men behave in the workplace, they can get wild eyed and close to women.  They try to hold reserve but I’ve seen it come close to boiling over into something too hot for the woman to handle.  My experiences don’t come from men of power though, more along the lines of men of similar standing position as the woman in question.  ‘Disclosure’ pits an individual’s power of position against either sex.  That’s what interested me when reading; I never put much thought into how sexual harassment occurred.  That being said, seeing the woman in a position a man is usually in makes you think.  Can a man be raped?  Is he as ‘helpless’ as a woman?  Does he have the same rights as a woman in the exact same situation, simply reversed?  Questions mount throughout as you get pulled into whether or not this man can make a case for himself.

                The science side blends well into the story which involves CD-ROM drives and state of the art VR!  Those sound funny to hold as top tier technology now so when reading you’re better off pretending it is 1993.  Internet, what’s that some nerd convention?  The main character is in a conundrum in dealing with sexual harassment and problems with the drives simultaneously.  If you like reading about an individual or a small group of them battling through extreme hardships then I’d say this is a story for you.  The situation goes from bad to worse, then a bit better, then back down the toilet.  It’s an easy read and you can learn something if you’re open to it.  The main character isn’t pushed so far down that everybody wants to cheer him on but rather you see flaws within him to question who really is being wronged. 

                This is one of the better Crichton books I’ve read and I recommend it for any who may be considering one of his.  If old computer type technology, real world characters and a nasty dose of sexual tension interest you then look no further.  If you’re more of a close minded person who believes a man of power will always be the evil whereas a woman in the same position would be an angel then put the box back on your head.

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