Wednesday, April 10, 2013

High Hunt – Book Review

Author – David Eddings

A review of High Hunt

This here book is amazing.  It’s easily my favorite David Eddings novel, although I’ve only read the ‘Tamuli’ set and ‘Redemption of Althalus’.  Out of the five total books ‘High Hunt’ is perched on the top comfortably grinning down toward the others.  I expected a different read because this one is fiction but I got more than I bargained for.  It’s a side of Eddings I didn’t see coming in comparison to what I’ve already read if you want to know then pick up this book.  It took me two days to open then close this one and that’s 340 pages worth of smaller font size.  I swear the book seeped glue onto my hands as I progressed in the story.  The word usage is remarkable but maybe that’s the 1970s feel of it either way this book has a powerful vacuum effect.

                The characters are diverse enough to complement each other masterfully.  Is that too strong a word?  Nah, I liked the book so yes masterful is appropriate.  They range from very likable to very despicable in quite an equal balance.  Some are rather flawless, and then some fall into that category of mostly OK but a few personality detractors, to plain awful.  I’d hate to ruin any aspect of the characters but the majority of them would probably die from cirrhosis of the liver.  They take boozing to a whole new level, getting tipsy before noon is commonplace.  I do apologize if that takes away from any enjoyment you would have gotten from the book but I was constantly shocked with the drinking escapades.  It made for great character support though considering all their personalities. 

                A drawback that may alienate some readers is that the story is centered on liquor (as mentioned), guns, a choice selection of language and trailer trash (to be blunt).  Why I enjoyed it is still a bit of an enigma but if these things aren’t your thing you could find yourself tossing this one aside.  I guess it’s the characters that powered me through.  I really had to know what they would do next and try to learn why they were the way they are which gets explained but the trick is you must read to know, kudos Eddings, got me.

                If you’re interested in Eddings and haven’t read his stuff yet then this is as good as any to start.  It’s not fantasy so don’t expect a knight to show up although that would have been hilarious at a few points in the story.  If you have read his fantasy books but not this one then be prepared for a bit of a change up because if you’re not careful only a sailor will know what the *%$# you’re talking about after you finish reading this one.

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