Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Men In Black 3 (2012)

Before I saw this movie which wasn't until this month I was split between the first two movies.  The first being a fun fresh take on aliens and the second being not very good.  I heard good things about three though so after finally seeing it I’ll let you know what I thought.

Tommie Lee Jones looks old and the joke about him being so in the movie is quite accurate.  His sunken eyes make me think he may be an alien, couple that with his lack of emotion and it’s possible.  Will Smith returns and settles into his character well.  The series so far has usually been about K (Jones) whether it’s wiping his memory clean, getting it back or saving earth from letting his emotions get out of control, is he a jedi?  It gives that hint again as a new alien emerges and K really tries to distance himself from J (Smith).  We are left thinking for yet another movie K has messed up again and our heroes must save earth.  It’s mostly true but the ending finally provides emotion that has been lacking from this series overall.  What is that ending?  I’ll let you find out because it reveals a pain K has lived with most of his life and you wonder how he could do it. 

Time travel is used as part of the plot.  I spoiled that for you but most people already had to know that since Josh Brolin (young K) was in the trailers anyway.  I don’t like Brolin much but he did great this time.  If you find yourself in that same boat then perhaps you two will want to watch this movie.  The time travel element is actually fun and feels like Terminator and Back to the Future rolled into one at times.  There isn’t a machine killing everything or a young kid escaping terrorists in a DeLorean but copies of time travelers and a certain alien trying to kill a certain agent in the past does exist.  Did I give too much away on that? 

One aspect I liked is the cast is smaller.  What I mean by that is there aren’t as many characters being stuffed onto the screen.  You get to enjoy the ones you like and get more of them which for me is awesome since Smith does well as this character.  There is also the time travel alien who does a fantastic job along with our lead villain.  I tend to enjoy smaller casts so if you do to then it can’t be a bad thing.  Another amazing cast acknowledgement is that Rip Torn is absent from the film, thank God.  He was decent in the first one but I was never a fan of his.

If you’re looking for a fun ride I’d say look no further as far as recent movies go.  It’s not blowing away critics but its a couple steps up from the last one and pretty close to the first one.  I’d say watch it to see Smith and Jones back in action, see the biggest emotional moment in MiB history and a tough bad dude alien looking to keep his species from going the way of the dinosaur.

Rating: 9 of 10

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