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Adventures in Slime and Space

Episode 20

On the Time Life DVD’s of this series you get to watch a commentary with David Gerrold.  I love commentaries especially on the shows or movies I really enjoy.  This is the first episode written by David Gerrold that I got to watch in this series so far.  I never liked this one much, even as a kid and after hearing what the writer thought about it now I still don’t.  It does have its funny dialogue from time to time but the entire concept of referencing anything you can think of is lame.  The writer seemed proud to claim that.  I’m for some references but to do an entire episode on it just takes away from what you could be getting from the characters in the meantime.  From Star Trek, King Kong, The Three Stooges and gobs more it feels like I’m half watching a show about what other show we can put into the viewers brain instead of The Real Ghostbusters.  It has lots of Slimer in it but thankfully it’s not as bad as you might think it would be because of it.  It’s time to go through this episode.

Egon is up to some mad scientist like work at Ghostbuster headquarters.  He is attempting to create a machine that will disintegrate ghosts instead of containing them which is rather neat.  Before we get to the storyline of that let’s point out that an old couple walking on the street below would rather a dynamite factory be in place of the Ghostbusters firehouse.  Why do you ask?  Well an explosion did blast out through the roof of the firehouse but it didn’t seem too bad.  Their reason is they claim to have felt safer when it was a dynamite factory, apparently in past years.  I know it’s supposed to be a joke but it’s lame and really spearheads what this episode is full of, below standard material.

In the firehouse Peter is fully geared up, proton pack and all.  Does he normally do that?  I’d tend to think not and suggest he be loafing off someplace else.  I could see Ray doing it though.  It’s not a big concern but it stood out to me.  In the wake of the explosion as Peter is hanging from the ceiling he mentions they might be able to get a deal working slum clearance.  That’s something I never picked up as a kid and it’s rather funny now.  Egon goes on and on in ridiculous terminology of how he created this new machine.  I know I’ve stated before that I like the “techno-babble” but this is simply too much.  It’s really plain silly and over the top.  Ray also has a blue electric field around him for some reason.  Peter manages be funny enough to get you through this scene but he usually does up to this point in the series.  “Ray I think you’ve been sniffing your capacitors again.”  I don’t know if Peter is referring to the electric field around Ray or the excitement he is portraying but it’s another great line.  He goes on mocking Egon and Ray when Slimer enviably shows up and mumbles incomprehensible words.  “Him I expect to talk like that, not you two.”  Another joke right on target as he is basically blasting that “techno-babble” talk that already went too far.  The lack of a serious attitude Peter portrays is what keeps the overall environment of what’s going on interesting.

The Scientific Approach
Ray has developed a machine to communicate with Slimer which is stupid.  Slimer types what he wants to say into the machine and a voice speaks it.  Why not read what Slimer typed?  I have an even better idea, teach Slimer to write on paper, give me a break.  Peter does rag on it by wondering why they would want to communicate with the green goo in the first place.  It does have some kind of advantage I could imagine but it’s still nice to see Peter’s dislike of Slimer.  Peter slightly threatens to blast Slimer which causes the spook to bounce off the walls and right into Egon’s new machine.  As Slimer exits the machine the green goo multiplies into a bunch of small Slimer’s, great.  One of the dumbest ideas in this show up until now occurs.  The guys try to catch all of these Slimer’s with nets, yes nets.  Why?  Who knows let’s just push on.  Egon explains Slimer has become molecular unstable which is why Slimer is multiplying upon hitting anything.  Obviously they have to clean up this terribly slimy mess which is already spreading faster than diarrhea but Winston has the best idea.  He recommends going out and rounding all the Slimer’s up with the ecto Slimer nets.  Do you see this episode spiraling downward?  That leads to talk about Howard the Duck which anybody born after the 1980’s will never know about and those that do will possibly turn this particular episode off.  The off base references make this one the episode you skip over on the DVD.

After a series of unsuccessful standing without moving their feet the guys, along with Janine, decide to go see the mayor.  The scene in the mayor’s office is full of bad dialogue I’d rather spare you from and me from writing.  It does conclude with the entire gang sliding out the door on slime though, they really push that gag beyond the limits.  Egon comes up with an idea to reverse the effect of the multiplying Slimer’s so they all become magnets to each other.  It’s a good enough solution so they head back to the firehouse to begin.  Once again they slip and slide, yawn, all over the place with their stupid nets.  I did enjoy the part when Egon crashes into the door with his behind sticking out!  He’d have to be knocked out or loopy after that.  One of the little Slimer’s floats right into the machine by itself, way to go guys, I was sure the nets would eventually catch one though.  It comes out blue though, a blue Slimer.  Why is it blue though?  It’s not explained in the show but the writer said just to separate from the other Slimer’s so as to see the change.  If one is absorbing all the little Slimer’s, I’m sick of typing “Slimer”; I think the viewer could tell because that one get’s larger and larger. 

They let Slimer out the window to collect the other ones and wish him good luck.  It’s silly dialogue again except when Peter tells him not to come back.  Eventually the blue Slimer comes back about fifty times bigger than when it left.  It’s also meaner due to the shock therapy from Egon’s machine Ray claims.  Why is it so big though?  There must be a scientific explanation for that too.  Egon states it’s because all the little slimeball’s were feeding on anything they could find so when they merged it all added up basically.  No footage of any of the Slimer’s eating though, pity.  While evil blue Slimer watches Egon says they need helicopters to fire at Slimer in small bursts to reduce its size.  They head to the mayor’s office, again, to ask for said helicopters.  Janine gets snatched up by evil Slimer straight out of the office window.  The mayor whines and complains about the entire situation like a baby, grow up and face the problem man.
The guys get their helicopters and can fly them, somehow.  I didn’t much like how they could just fly a helicopter all of a sudden, is this the matrix and they downloaded that information?  There wasn't even a line stating, “Well I’m glad we took all those flying lessons, I hope it pays off.”  That would at least explain it somewhat.  The theme music doesn’t even kick in for the finale, come on their flying four helicopters straight at the empire state building with mounted proton guns!  In the end they reduce Slimer back down to size and color along with plenty of King Kong references for the situation, boo.

I don’t like this episode much which is why it took me so long to get around to finishing this review on it.  Aside from the jokes Peter makes in it it’s not very watchable and I don’t recommend it for anybody new to watching the show.
Rating: 3 of 10

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