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The Old College Spirit

Episode 23

Fraternity ghosts are haunting Peter’s old college and it’s up to the Real Ghostbusters to take them to school.  Pranks, jokes and typical college behavior abound in a ghostly sort of way that is.  At the end of the school day do the Real Ghostbusters wish they had cut class or do they send the spirits away on permanent detention?  It’s a first for John Shirley so let’s see what he’s got.

Who do you hate most?
It all starts at the college when three guys, a jock, prep and nerd get framed by a ghost for kicking the dean down a few steps of stairs outside a building.  The guys try to blame it on a ghost but the dean isn’t buying it and has had nearly enough of their apparent foolishness.  I can understand the dean here and wondering if the ghost excuse is the best they can come up with for their behavior.  The nerd student kills the scene a bit with his line, “We need the Ghostbusters.”  It’s obvious you do but the delivery is so cheesy, I didn’t care much for it.  We can assume you call them without it.

Can't deny his memories.
At the firehouse a woman’s club of some sort, it’s rather irrelevant, is trying to give an award to the Ghostbusters.  Slimer shows up and scares them off with some rather weak dialogue from Peter.  The college boys show up at the same time and get trampled by the women running away.  It’s not a very good start and unfortunately the animation is lacking too.  The frat boys explain to Peter they have ghosts haunting them but Peter turns them away thinking it’s an initiation gag.  The prep kid sings a brief motto of the fraternity gaining Peter’s immediate interest.  He goes on to add that Peter is a legend for the time he ran his underwear up a flagpole while still wearing them.  Needless to say Peter accepts the case.  Peter what if it was still a gag, how would you know?

Ghostbuster burrito anyone?
As they arrive at the college Winston says, “10 to 1 we find a bunch of college kids in sheets.”  It doesn’t seem like he’s very interested in this case but I’d be skeptical of it too, frat boys.  They go ahead and go inside as Egon claims there is nothing here.  Do you have the PKE meter on Egon?  He has it out but the ghosts wrap them up in a rug, perhaps the PKE meter needs a tune-up?  As they get spun around by several frat ghosts, which have some cool designs, Ray asks if it was Peter who said this job would be easy.  Peter says, “Hearsay Ray, it’ll never stand up in a court of law.”  Do you think your comment will go that far?  It’s not even a funny remark, boo!  They decide to split up to find all the frat ghosts, which should work out well, things always do whenever a team of any sort splits up.

They ain't afraid of no Winston!
Winston is walking around without a PKE meter but they don’t seem to be working right now anyway so it doesn’t matter.  He finds them and the ghosts claim they’ll surrender so he walks slowly talking into his walkie talkie informing his team.  Why not pull out your thrower and zap them into a trap?  That’s a good way to surrender to but Winston falls down a trap door instead.  Odd place for one of those I’d say.  He lands in a tomb of haunting bed sheets and is later found outside being tossed about in them.  How long did it take to find him I can’t say, but its still daylight.  After nearly blasting poor Winston to bits the guys must chase after the ghosts heading for the main campus.  Hopefully things will pick up because so far it’s been a rough day at school.

Finish them!
The lead frat ghost has a neat power as he shoots a ray from his finger to a goldfish swimming in a fountain outside a common area.  The goldfish grows to enormous size and looks quite terrifying!  The prep kid runs to the scene and shouts, “What’s going on?”  The lead frat ghost grabs him up and says, “Why not get a really close look?”  I like it, I hate the living frat boys but rather admire the twisted nature of the dead ones, this could be a turning point.  “How about a good old fashioned goldfish swallowing contest?”  Then the lead frat ghost drops the prep to be eaten alive!  The other two, the jock and nerd also get eaten as the lead frat ghost adds, “Three students not bad, how about some more.”  He doesn’t know when to quit but I’m not complaining so far.  As the Ghostbusters finally catch up Peter says, “Look at that thing, its big enough to give Jonah a bad case of déjà vu.”  At least a joke gets through this time.  The guys blast the crap out of the goldfish and it vaporizes but somehow the three college guys survive, boo again!  Kill them off I say, they don’t return to the series after this episode and it would provide the Ghostbusters with more incentive to capture the ghosts.  They can always claim the ghosts killed the student’s right?

Nearly outsmarted by frat ghosts.
Later in the cafeteria Ray uses the PKE meter to success as they again catch up to the ghosts.  Instead of blasting the ghosts though they get disarmed.  I mean the guys seem to be gun shy at all the wrong times so far.  The lead frat ghost then transforms into a more gruesome ghost than before and says, “We’re going to initiate you into the fraternity of the dead!”  This guy doesn’t waste much time and the Ghostbusters are in quite a bit of trouble, they are really off their game in this one.  As a kid this scene spooked me a bit, it’s rather well done.  Peter has one lame trick left up his still alive sleeve as he shouts that there are girls somewhere nearby.  The guys make a mad dash and run off all the while giving the lead frat ghost a fun new idea.  He decides to raid the girl’s dorm, nice one Peter.  That ghost may be dead but he could still go for some well mischief we’ll say.  As the guys reach safety Peter suggests brushing up on some history to find out who these ghosts were in life.  He also states that the dorm used to be a fraternity mentioned by the prep kid but didn’t Peter know that at the beginning of the episode?  I thought he went to this college, it seemed that way.

50 years ago.
They discover the lead frat ghost to be Edwin Spalding.  He and his old pals were a rowdy bunch of guys back in their old fraternity but got caught stealing the final exams test answers thus getting the boot.  They vowed to get even and chose now.  Peter claimed it happened when the new fraternity took over their old building.  I suppose we can let that slide as reason enough for this one.  The guys still don’t have their packs and I have no clue what happened to them.  I guess the frat ghosts destroyed or hid them.  Ray uses the PKE meter to track them at the girls dorm as one of the frat ghosts asks the girls if he can try on their cloths.  Peter eventually engineers a scheme to allow the ghosts to graduate and it catches their interests.  It seems they want to; perhaps it’s their weakness in death since they were deprived of it in life.

Be careful what you study Egon, it may eat you!
Peter gets cold feet about teaching some crash courses when Winston reminds him, “Anyway the whole thing was your idea.”  “Right and that’s where you failed me Winston you should have told me it was stupid.”  I love Peter’s character so honest about his own faults.  He stumbles upon a brief lecture and sends the ghosts onto the next course.  I like the effect of the ghosts fading downward to the next floor.  Egon is teaching biology and has a mushroom for study.  He drones on and on about them when Edwin gets bored and uses another neat supernatural trick.  His eyes glow red as the mushroom comes to life and startles Egon.  They quickly pass the class by way of Ray to avoid things from getting out of hand.  Peter then gets another shot at teaching when Edwin demands a senior obstacle course before graduation.  It’s not very entertaining until Edwin travels around inside the sprinkler system.  He pops his ugly little head out of a sprinkler to see the women from the beginning of the episode trying to hand out another award, she claims to be a chairwoman.  “You look more like a sofa woman to me.”  It’s crude but it fits his character perfectly.
Containment diploma.
In the end the guys lure the frat ghosts to the auditorium for a class photo.  Ray has rigged up a device to the camera that functions like a thrower or it is one.  It’s not explained at all so I’m assuming he built one.  They had one trap left and caught all the ghosts in it but shouldn’t they have to get that trap into the containment unit post haste?  They had to back in Episode 4 when they caught all those ghosts absorbed into that big one.  Anyway we get deprived of the theme music which this episode sorely needed to boost it a bit; at least for the scene it would have been used.  Peter pulls a prank on the dean to conclude the episode.  I suppose it would be possible for Peter’s ghost to be of the frat variety in the afterlife.  I’d say this episode had its ups and downs but it manages to stay middle of the road for me.

Rating: 4.5 of 10

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