Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Next - Book Review

Author – Michael Crichton

A review of Next

I’m a reader of Michael Crichton’s books and so far he’s still my favorite author.  I enjoy many things related to science fiction which includes reading material so that should make it clearer as to why I enjoy his work.  For now I’m going to give a review of what I thought of Next.

Genetics can be broken down into two forms of interests, fascinating or boring.  I’m in the former category while I’d take a guess as to most people being in the ladder until one day when their health deteriorates enough to turn to genetics as a last ditch escape from possible death.

The idea of who we are and what we will be has always been of interest to anybody that has self reflected.  Genes can provide us what we may become before we would know it for sure.  They can lay dormant for years waiting for that one trigger effect in our life to awaken and cause an inherent disease.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could stop the inevitability of such an occurrence?  What if you could reverse the effect of an addiction dominating your life?  How many people smoke cigarettes while almost all of them desiring to quit at some point in their life?  An addiction gene has been discovered that causes such behavior in people.  Its general findings such as this that comprise the main focus of this book and if genetics is something you’re curious about it will hold your attention.

Let’s put it this way if you enjoy Crichton’s style and genetics then this book would right up your alley.  Now there is a difference in this book that isn’t commonplace in his other novels.  He has many ongoing stories from different people and situations throughout the majority of the book before it focuses more on one particular story that is the culmination of the others.  The slight drawback and only one I have for this book is how it ends.  Crichton, however, usually doesn’t have great wrap ups to his novels so if you’ve read his material than you won’t be too surprised.  I have yet to read all of his books but so far off the top of my head I’d say about a handful of them have that icing on the cake to provide closure for the book. 

How is he my favorite author if he doesn’t end books well?  It’s possible some of you are thinking that and to answer, I really enjoy the ride throughout the book.  He mostly writes page turning books that make me wonder what is going to happen next and by the time you reach the end it tends to whither off.  If you combine that with many science fiction type topics then it’s enough for me.

I recommend Next to any who are into science, particularly genetics.  I wouldn’t say its Crichton’s best work but it still gets the job done.  I trust I didn’t spoil anything and provided you a decent overview of what to expect.

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