Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lost Time

This dream begins in my own home, in first person as usual.  I don’t remember the very beginning much other than my friends (Jonathan and Natalie) being there along with my wife, I think.  Jonathan had brought over two female students for some reason but I’d guess it had to do with his real life job.  My mind must have generated to that conclusion since he works with students.  From what I gather they were top tier students so perhaps they were hanging out, I don’t really know.  He said something but it’s a garbled bunch of nonsense to me now.  The real peculiar part happens now.

A Skip in Time

I wake up on my sofa looking straight forward to the wall clock, 1:25pm.  I can’t believe I’ve slept until this time and look out my window which is just behind the sofa I lay upon.  It’s daytime alright but what has happened?  I look around the slightly dark room since its winter, even in my dream, and see in a recliner, which I don’t have in actuality, someone I know.  It’s Rita, a friend of Natalie’s, and I come to the realization she managed to get into the dream due to Natalie mentioning her in a text to me a few days ago.  She was sleeping in the recliner when from the kitchen I heard a voice, it was Jonathan.  He seemed distraught and I asked him how I slept so late.  I didn’t know where to begin so I brought that up.  He informed me that there was a party here in my house last night.  I looked around and saw evidence of that as I woke up more.  He told me he threw the party and I was a bit shocked, he wasn’t the type.  He went on asking me if I really didn’t remember anything.  I did have a feeling of missed time from the previous evening until this very afternoon so I had an eerie feeling something went on.

Jonathan informed me that I was at the party but I had gravely assumed that since I woke up here.  He told me I had a drink but I protested that I don’t drink, which is true.  He claimed it was only a shot.  He didn’t go much into detail because he clearly had something else on his mind.  I walked toward the window and saw a small boy walking bare footed outside on the sidewalk inside my yard.  I knew his feet had to be freezing cold but the boy just happily walked to and fro as if it were summer time.  In my mind I wondered where the mother of this child was. 

I talked with Jonathan some more and finally I got out of him that a crazy party occurred last night and something dire happened to the two female students.  I didn’t know what to think and was still in surprise at this event.  He seemed somewhat in a panic, nervously pacing at least.  The news was on TV which was interesting since I had no cable in real life.  It was informing us that two brilliant girls were being hospitalized.  Of course it was the girls we had met the day before, the dream told me so, it was one of those things in a dream you know are true without much detail into it, you just know.  A news report on it seemed so quick but the media was this way nowadays, it didn’t take long to break a story.  Jonathan decided to go to the hospital and check on them, I went along.

As we arrived at the hospital we entered in through a back entrance of some type up a ramp.  We were sneaking in apparently, although I couldn’t imagine why, I felt as innocent as I’ve ever have.  I also couldn’t remember a thing from the previous night so who really knows what is going on.  Jonathan did lead me to believe I had nothing to do with it and it was some blunder of his that landed these unfortunate students here.  A news crew was crowding the back and we forced our way through, they didn’t seem to bother or notice us.  We came to the room with the two students and saw them in a terrible state.  They were side by side in beds and looked fine except their hands appeared to be severely crumbled, like an extreme case of arthritis.  They both had laptops and were trying to type but failing horribly.  The twisted bent fingers slammed the keyboard and they looked very angry.  Their faces also looked different than before.  They had a look of being twisted slightly, not much so that they didn’t appear so smart anymore.  They had the look of a mental patient in ways.  I felt sad for them and Jonathan appeared crushed. 

I don’t know what in the world happened that night in dreamland and it’s apparently a secret dream Jonathan will have to bear until a further time perhaps.  I have recalled dreams before as I have also remembered dreams within dreams as well.  I never close the book on dreams but for now we’ll just stick a bookmark in this one.  For more dreams check out the list below.

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