Monday, January 14, 2013

Congo - Book Review

Author – Michael Crichton

A review of Congo

I liked this book and it kept to Crichton’s usual ability to keep you interested throughout.  The thrill of adventure soared more than any other aspect I would have to say.  I wouldn’t say you’ll learn much about Africa by reading this but it was neat for me to find about it in some ways.  I’m sure there are plenty of books that discuss the rainforests, village life and illegal trafficking in Africa but in this book you still get a decent concept of it.  Of course I’m not very knowledgeable of the continent in general so learning about it in a Crichton novel made it fun for me.

If you enjoy treasure seeking journeys with added technological advances then you should find this read welcoming.  What I liked most about the story was the actual travel time within it.  Crichton had travelled in his lifetime and it’s easy to tell by the way these occurrences are described.  For me it was the mystery of what was to happen next and when it happened it wasn’t the greatest.  It ended well but it felt the rush was on to do so.  Considering the circumstances of the story I suppose it had to be that way.

What I loathed about the book can be summed up in the science part of the story you could say.  I normally like to read about science and what can be done in the present or future with it.  In this book though the explanations for it get lengthy and actually occur at moments you want the story to push forward.  I understand that the input of the science is important to include but usually Crichton incorporates it much better.  I found myself forcing to read through talk of this corporation trying to do this with, that to, this other one, hoping I’d get back to the adventure side of things.  I don’t want to mislead and will add this doesn’t occur often.  It’s mostly toward the beginning during the setup so you have an idea of where said corporations are coming from which makes sense.

If you’re a reader of Crichton I’d say you would enjoy this one easily enough.  If not or never having read one of his then it’s not a bad place to start either.  The back stories on the characters are short and to the point while allowing for adventure to take over much of the book.  The one thing I hoped for but alas didn’t read about was Tim Curry making a surprise appearance.  If you saw the movie adaptation of this novel you’d know just what I mean, long live Tim Curry.

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