Monday, December 31, 2012

Gremlin and Australia Dreams

The final two dreams are in this one blog.  They’re a bit vaguer and less interesting but the details are erasing themselves from memory by the minute.

Gremlin toy coming to life

In my room I’m staring at my dresser with a flat screen TV resting on top.  The TV is a few inches away from the wall in which the dresser stands against.  It could easily be reality if it weren’t for the blu ray player balancing on top of the TV.  It didn’t seem to make sense how it was doing that but it was.  It normally sat on the top of the dresser so how did this happen?  I ask my wife if she did this but she didn’t answer me.  I searched around and noticed that my Stripe Gremlin figure was just underneath my bed.  It didn’t look quite the same as usual.  I picked it up and it began to move in my hand.  The arms and legs moving about and I dropped it in surprise.  I’m not sure what anyone would do in that situation but I reached down and picked it up again.  The dream phases in and out for awhile giving me glimpses of the Stripe Gremlin running around but not doing much else.

As the dream shifts I’m still in my room but now General Traag, rock solider from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, is on the move but not really causing trouble.  That’s when a vapor or gas leaves its toy body and goes back into the gremlin.  I’m now convinced there is some sort of ghost or spirit in my presence.  As I reach down and pick up the gremlin again it moves its arms and legs trying to escape.  I stare at it in amazement but almost seemed paralyzed as I merely watch.  The dream sadly ends without figuring out what was really going on.

Delivering in Australia and being asked to paint a house

A man approaching a door with pizzas is the beginning of this final dream.  I can’t confirm its anything special except when the man takes the food from the other man and asks him to paint the interior of his home.  Of course I’m the delivery guy.  The homeowner was Mexican which seems a bit out of place considering the dream takes place in Australia.  Why there?  It’s odd in dreams when you just know but there isn’t really any proof to verify it, it’s my mind so my rules for now.  The Mexican man insists I help and that he will pay me well for it.  I naturally find myself wondering if I should help, how much were we talking about.  Another man walks up in a rush and dismisses me quickly telling me to go away.  It could be the homeowner’s brother or friend I’m not sure but I do get a nice tip which is sad that I’m dreaming of work.  I enjoy time away from my job so it’s almost a nightmare when I do dream of work.

The more interesting part of the dream occurs now.

As I’m leaving I have no car and head out into the street.  Above the road is a giant net with red poles lining the ends, sound familiar at all?  The net mirrors the road below and runs off in winding turns and such.  I knew exactly what to do.  I jumped up and grabbed the net and climbed along.  I didn’t know where I was going but perhaps a certain fat plumber who is partial to red hats with the letter M on it would.  I go on climbing around when stuffed animal toys begin to appear on the top of the net.  I don’t recognize any of them then the dream fades, ends.

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