Thursday, March 8, 2012

Turtles Forever (2009)

              This is a fan service animated flick if I haven’t seen one, in a good way of course.  The movie features around the latest turtles which I don’t know much about.  I watched a few snippets of them but I grew up on the 1990’s turtles which were permanently embedded on my brain as being the only turtles to ever be liked.  The latest turtles give me a feeling of a generic version of the CGI TMNT movie.  The silliness and wackiness of the 1990’s turtles gets much integration.  I know they weren’t that crazy but it pays excellent homage to them and is still very acceptable.  The latest turtles seem a bit more serious but very enjoyable to watch along with the 1990’s turtles as well as the original comic book style “prime turtles” in black and white.

                The entire movie is a must watch for any turtle lover.  Even the diehard black and white fans can appreciate the use of the prime turtles at the end.  The first meeting of the turtles was as perfect as you can script, a rescue mission of the 1990’s set.  The latest Michelangelo fits in well with them as he gets caught cracking up at their jokes quite often which establishes a quirky connection between them.  The 1990’s Shredder is a buffoon and exploited quickly by Utrom Shredder controlled by the alien, Ch’rell.  Utrom Shredder is as bad as they get, he’s hell-bent on destroying all turtles in whatever universe they’re from which means destroying everything, including himself!  Ch’rell was in space frozen and brought back by the 1990’s Shredder which gives him such a deep rooted hatred for the turtles that I’ve never known.  He has such a diabolical plan that succeeds until a familiar duo thwarts him.  When Utrom Shredder discovers mutagen it’s incredible how well he puts it to immediate use.

                A moment occurs when both sets of turtles teleport to the 1990’s universe. It was a great throwback to see ninja pizza, ninja dry cleaning etc, from the original pilot series.  April “always needs to be rescued” was a fantastic mockery of the old series.  The true treat in the movie lies at the end when turtle prime is made the final battleground.  The atmosphere and no-nonsense black and white turtles really took the movie to that next level.  Even with twelve turtles, Utrom Shredder still would have won if it wasn’t for our old pals, Rocksteady and Bebop.  That was amazing writing!  Rocksteady and Bebop begin to panic when Utrom Shredder is being blasted by the death ray.  They want to help and frantically run toward an exit to see if there is possibly a way to do something but they trip over the cord to unplug the death ray and save Utrom Shredder unknowingly.  With Utrom Shredder free to destroy basically every universe in existence the bumbling duo decide to plug back in the cord they dislodged.  The death ray immediately activates and destroys Utrom Shredder to mere particle dust.  It’s a perfect use for them and an inventive way to integrate them into the movie itself.  I know the death ray being plugged in is a tad cliché but this is TMNT world and things like that are quite common.

                I can go on and on here but its best to just watch this turtle masterpiece and be shell-shocked at its hilarity.  Pay attention to all the 1990’s turtle’s antics and lines, the latest turtles modern aura and the throwback turtles wicked attitude as you will be left thinking how much turtle power you’ve just been a part of!  It’s truly a fun time that can be enjoyed by a wider audience.

                Rating: 10 of 10 Cowabunga!

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