Thursday, March 8, 2012

Event Horizon (1997)

               A film that walks the edge dangerously and thrilling as far as my tastes go.  What do I mean by this though?  I love a good science fiction plot which happens to be my favorite genre.  This film had exactly that along with the perfect mix of horror elements.  Let me rephrase that, a perfect trickle of horror blended with all the suspense you could ask for within an interesting science fiction plot.  I don’t want to go too far without mentioning that this film is for a very specific audience.  A horror fan may be left wanting more of a monster presence while a science fiction fan may feel there was already too much gore to be interesting.  I, being the understanding individual I am, can accept why many people would not enjoy this film.  For me though it’s like a hidden gem!  The cast of Laurence Fishburne and the great Sam Neill (huge fan of) is excellent.  They work off one another in an impressive way while keeping the movie going forward at a frantic pace that is under control.  It has a very edgy feeling to it.  The entire cast was amazing though.  The special effects were outstanding considering the year it was made.  I regret severely not seeing this in theater; it would have stuck with me for a lifetime.

                The story starts and ends in space.  The event horizon is sent to explore deep space through means of transporting by creating a black hole as a gateway!  What an interesting science fiction notion!  The spaceship tears through a dimension to one filled with chaos and darkness so evil you’d wonder what was wrong with who thought up of such a place.  You only get teasing glimpses of the place but it’s all you need to let your brain attempt to fill in the gaps and putting anymore scenes of the place would degrade the film as a whole.  The darkness that remains on the spaceship breaks your mind and makes you feel the horror of its origin by sifting all the worse things you’ve had happen in your life.  It amplifies them and brings them to a cruel reality in which you probably will die.

                The ending nearly, ever so nearly I emphasis, goes downhill fast but closes on a note I will forever adore.  As the hull is compromised by Dr. Weir, Sam Neill, a vacuum sucks him out to space and Captain Miller, Laurence Fishburne, along with Starck, Joely Richardson, flee to safety.  Cooper, Richard T. Jones, returns from a near death outing in space, which I feel he should have died, to apparently be safe on the event horizon.  It seems like a terrible quick wrap up but to my astonishment it sets up a horrific finale.  Captain Miller blows up the ship into two pieces while killing himself along with a twisted Dr. Weir, who returns without any explanation other than the apparent powers of where this spaceship has travelled.  The others seemingly escape in the event horizons life boat.  The honorable captain saves what he can of his crew.  Seventy two days pass when a rescue team finds them only to be Dr. Weir in disguise to inform them the ship will forever have you now.  It ends leaving you wonder what unknown force exists outside of our knowledge of the universe.  The imaginative concepts of the plot beginnings really hold together the entirety of this movie.  I personally like the film due to having actors that I really enjoy watching in the movie such as Neill and Fishburne. 

                The feeling and mood get you masterfully.  You have to have a science fiction passion along with a specific taste of horror to appreciate this movie.  The story holds strong for me as you get information on the event horizon and where it’s been along with solid character backgrounds.  The horror gives the icing on the cake.  It’s a film that will leave yourself asking questions in your mind to try to stay attached to it after you press the stop button.  My weakness is precisely a movie of this caliber.  I like the science fiction genre a lot and it does churn out more awful movies than not but this one is mostly entertaining.

                Rating: 9 of 10

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