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Ghosts R Us

Episode 1 – Season 1
I must first mention how much I love the idea of capturing ghosts and containing them in a storage facility.  The possibilities seem endless with all the legends and memorable happenings throughout time.  This episode isn’t a solid enough start for the show however.  The Ghostbusters catch an annoying trio of family ghosts only to have the ever bumbling Slimer release them that very night as they sleep.  The ghost family decides to run the Ghostbusters out of business by capturing ghosts themselves.  They end up biting off far more than they can chew which results in their capture again with the Ghostbusters left to deal with the mess.  The writing on this show goes up and down which reflects the writers.  I admire some of them while others couldn’t write the alphabet correctly if you ask me.  I’ll make sure to list the writer of each episode as we go along so you understand what I mean.  As far as the writers for this one, I’m not a fan.

Worst ghosts ever
The beginning is flashy and upbeat as the Ghostbusters, who look like heroes according to the roaring crowd, arrive at a chocolate factory to investigate a disturbance.  Slimer probably has the best scene introduction wise to the viewers.  The lack of introductions for the Ghostbusters is a bit disappointing as this is the first episode but it’s not a big deal.  The three ghosts they encounter give me an ill feeling.  I don’t like their look at all and their character is not for me.  They seem too goofy or non-ghost like.  There is nothing I like about them.  They get captured as the Ghostbusters receive four huge boxes of chocolate from the owner of the factory.  That’s sums up a lacking introduction.

Being slimed is never fun
The guys decide to give Janine the chocolates but must be unable to distinguish a box full of chocolates compared to an empty box.  There all empty as Slimer devoured them all, a somewhat comical gag but still could’ve been better.  Peter wants to blast him for it, I’m all for Slimer being trapped or blasted but this isn’t something really warranting it.  Peter says one more mess up and blah blah it’s all for folly.  There was a funny line by Janine referring to “a piece of cake” as reply to Egon that she’ll hold their calls.  Slimer shows up looking for cake as Janine says it’s a figure of speech!  It’s probably one of the best moments in this episode.

Slimer in trouble
Everyone heads to bed except the slime ball who is dreaming of food.  Slimer heads to the refrigerator to get food with Winston on his trail.  Slimer eventually heads to the basement to hide and manages to do so as Winston gives up.  If I were Winston and heard noises inside a building with ghosts in a giant electric storage unit I would have my PKE meter with me a lot.  I didn’t like the idea of that I suppose.  Slimer slides down over a switch and releases the three terrible ghosts that were just caught.  An earth shaking alarm goes off in which nobody hears it somehow, but at least Slimer turns it off.

Yeah, great disguises..
The family ghosts disguise themselves to look human but still look like ghosts or at least not human at all.  They pretend to catch the big fat annoying as <expletive> baby ghost time and time again, in a garbage can.  The whole city falls in love with them somehow and they always beat the Ghostbusters to the call, since they already are there causing it.  Trying to put to words this steaming pile of crap is proving difficult.  The guys mention the “ghost grabbers” or whatever that trio of ghosts call themselves, remind them of the ghosts they caught the day before.  So in one day Egon claims they will be run out of business?  Isn’t he supposed to be smart?  How can they not tell they’re all ghosts and not just the one in the garbage can?  Anyway this episode is enough to make anyone with a brain to suffer from a migraine by the time it’s over with.

When sushi strikes!
The ghost family goes to an old toy factory to coax an old ghost friend of theirs to get the Ghostbusters.  Can’t they do it themselves?  That’s right they’ll get caught because they’re probably one of the worst ghosts this show ever put on screen.  Anyway, a new ghost, a more powerful ghost than the one they knew is haunting the factory now.  They foolishly awaken it and at least the show picks up a tiny bit.  The awakened ghost pursues the idiot family ghosts over the Brooklyn Bridge I think.  The Ghostbusters recapture them easily enough on ecto-2.  The class ten ghost remains and the Ghostbusters, with Slimer’s aid, force it over the bridge into the water as an overloaded ecto-2 goes with it.  Ecto-2 explodes taking out the ghost with it.  How does that happen?  It’s a ghost, so how explosions can hurt it is beyond me, even as a kid I thought that was stupid.  I know it’s a cartoon but I still like it when a show can stay within the universe it’s created in.  Couldn’t they have at least used their throwers on it for a capture?

Anyway, if you have seen this episode and are a fan of the RGB I trust you can understand what I’m talking about here.  It’s not the worst episode I’ve seen and it has a bit of interesting elements to it to keep it off the bottom of the list for me.  I hold the RGB to a high standard.

Rating: 2 of 10 


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