Thursday, March 15, 2012

Commando (1985)

               Will I be hunted down and brutally killed by saying this film is a few apples short of a bushel?  I love Arnold Schwarzenegger as much as the next action crazed fan but after viewing this one for the second time overall it’s just a silly movie.  It showcases Arnold’s superior strength as he tears out a car seat and hurls a telephone booth; he even pushes his old pickup truck off a dangerous roadside.  It’s full of so much gunfire it’s ridiculous with explosions to boot.  There is nothing serious about this one so take it with a grain of salt. 
                The story is that Colonel John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is retired, in which he is 30 something years old (isn’t that young to be retired and a Colonel at that!)?  He has a good father daughter relationship going on until a South American group of criminals kidnaps her.  He shifts his focus to save her, obviously, and gets coaxed upon to kill someone to start some revolution in South America.  It’s not an unworkable plot but it’ll have to do.  Matrix meets a random woman Cindy (Rae Dawn Chong) who ends up being a tag along the entire ride of the film.  Matrix doesn’t show mercy to anyone who opposes him, be it mall security or the South American criminals.  John Matrix is very robotic like and seems to be emotionless much of the film or perhaps that’s just Arnold still trying to shake his Terminator role off?  Anyway he is invincible as next to no bullets ever hit him considering how many times he gets shot at.  He runs in and out of gunfire repeatedly with no consequence, it’s really like a videogame.  I will explain that there are scenes he is standing in the clear while dozens of soldiers or criminals charge him with gunfire and he remains perfectly intact.  I understand it’s an “action film” but it’s a bit incoherent to watch at times.  I know that’s the nature of this type of film but it’s frustrating.

                The final battle with his ex-teammate turned cold hearted killer Bennett (Vernon Wells) is awful, Matrix destroys everything in his wake until a beer bellied man stands toe to toe with him.  He gets electrocuted badly but just continues to fight Matrix somehow.  Bennett also has a bizarre fetish type of character.  Knives seemed to give him erotic type pleasure as demonstrated before the final fight.

                The story doesn’t flow either as it is just a movie where you ask, “Well what will Arnold do next?” as opposed to digging into plot.   Arnold did spat off a couple decent one liners and the girl was rather amusing in her first couple of scenes.  Bill Paxton as the intercept officer was amazing!  It was a one scene cameo but it’s great.  Bill Paxton is the guy.  Let’s be honest and admit this isn’t Arnold’s best performance but rather an adrenaline rush of boom booms.  It’s not even a classic, check out Predator if you want that.

                Rating: 3.5 of 10

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