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Books I've Read in 2012 - BLOG

I made a New Year’s Resolution to read more and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.  It’s mid March at the time of this entry and I’ve most likely already read more books this year than any other year in my life.  It’s nothing to brag about but I can see the effect of simply reading already.  An increased vocabulary has been welcomed by my mouth as saying the words “good” and “great” have been used more times than your favorite pair of undies.  Was that too personal?  Marvelous!  Let’s continue on, reading seems to bring on the natural desire to write.  That leads me to list the books I’ve read to share.  I posted some mini comments under each one and would hope you can as well.  It would also be interesting if you posted some books you’ve read as well.  I know your time is valuable so why not spend it here in your favorite undies with me?

20,000 Leagues under the Sea
Captain Nemo is more than what you know of him if you haven’t read this book.  Did you see, “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?”  Now forget you did and help stop Jules Verne from rolling over in his grave by reading this.

Around the World in 80 Days
I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing this book was.  It’s short, simple but really fun to read.  The main character Phileas Fogg is one of the best I’ve read about.  This is another movie to forget you ever saw, Jackie Chan as a Frenchman?  I’m so sorry Jules Verne.

A Journey to the Center of the Earth
Go figure, the book I thought I’d love the most turns out to be a decent page turner but it’s not for everyone.  The idea is interesting but it doesn’t live up to the hype I gave it.  Also it had no dinosaurs which I thought it did.  I’m bitter, moving on.

The Mysterious Island
A group of men get stranded on an island.  The process of imagining them build a mini civilization is most intriguing.  It’s filled with all positive aspects of things you doubt could ever really happen but it’s enjoyable to read for after all it’s only a story.

The Time Machine
The dreaded H.G. Wells presents a story of a time traveler in which he goes so far into the future you wonder how he came up with what he did.  It’s short and it makes you think, which is fantastic since that’s what books should make you do. 

The Invisible Man
I didn’t know what to expect from this one but it satisfied me immensely.  What does one do when he is invisible leaving him naked in a cold climate?  Unable to wear cloths due to the appearance you would give to others while being sure not to draw attention to yourself by any means.  This isn’t a happy story but the cold hard facts of the price to pay for invisibility in the 1890’s. 

The Terminal Man
I get back to Crichton my main man about a man who suffers from seizures so terrible he goes through horrendous black outs.  What happens during this time is anyone’s guess including his own.  The science aspect of this book will knock you out.  He becomes a patient at a hospital until something goes..

State of Fear
Does the topic of global warming interest you?  Do you think you know what global warming is?  How do you feel about any organization that claims to be for nature?  It’s not a typical science fiction story but does bring facts to the table that begs to be read.  You will not be the same once you’ve read this, be careful about this journey my friends.

A team of historians goes to the year 1357 during a time of battling between the English and French.  Their goal is to rescue a professor who became trapped in that period.  Crichton makes it believable that moving between multiverses is entirely possible.  Science and history combined make for a page turner you’ve never read before.

Domes of Fire: Book One of the Tamuli
My first reading of David Eddings is fantastical.  An evil so mysterious is causing quite a stir in the land and Sparhawk is a key part of an attempt to stop it.  It’s filled with fantasy lore such as trolls, magic and honorable knights.  The way it’s written is incredible especially the wise use of the English vocabulary.  If you’re one who is thinking about fantasy I’d start here.  

The Real Ghostbusters: This Ghost is Toast!
My first graphic novel read of the year is about the old cartoon series characters in new very short comics.  It’s the perfect cure for rekindling your passion with the classic cartoon.  Egon, Peter, Ray, Winston, Janine and Slimer all are included as they handle new ghost phenomena that threaten New York City.  You’ll get a hearty injection of nostalgia and laughter upon reading this.

The Shining Ones: Book Two of the Tamuli

The Hidden City: Book Three of the Tamuli

Rising Sun

As of January 14, 2013 I have abandoned further work on this page, I had to start somewhere and now my book reviews take on more detail with bigger paragraphs included.  If you really want the complete list then it must be demanded in the comment section below otherwise this might as be an old warehouse with secret hidden artifacts forever secluded from the outside world.

I’ve read adventure, science fiction and fantasy stories so far, coming away quite pleased each time.  Recommendations by author or a particular book are always welcomed.

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