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Gay Marriage - BLOG

Marriage is between a man and a woman the last time I checked.
the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies

This is the first explanation on the website and thus will be taken as what is ordained to be most correct.  Why go with number two when number one is always easier right?  It’s a joke take your time.  Sensitive people please stick with me; I’m only loosening you up.

                Homosexuals are making quite a big deal about getting married to one another, especially as election year looms.  Am I missing something or are the homosexuals trying to imitate heterosexual behavior?  Now put your mind in a place of understanding by allowing the concept of how behavior affects people.  It’s clear that men and women differ in behavior, particularly natural instinctive behavior correct?  If you get two of the same gender behaving generally the same to one another, then a different end result would begin to formulate.  What I’m suggesting is perhaps marriage isn’t the actual path homosexuals are supposed to be following, but do they even realize it?  They're obviously trying to go in the opposite direction of the flow so why not commit to a whole new culture instead of copying from an existing one (marriage) that isn't set up for their lifestyle?  I think they're lazy.  Well consider it, they are clearly prideful of their behavior and demand an equality that isn't even necessary.  Instead of creating a new label for the action they are striving for they opt to cling to what their counterparts in sexuality preference use.  Now do you see where I’m going with this?  It’s an ever-changing world and it’s possible a new explanation is needed to describe what homosexuals seem to be going after.  Shouldn't the homosexuals have another term used to describe their 'joining together'?  Perhaps they need to regroup back in the closet and rethink their purpose, I'm terrible aren't I?

                Look I’m not interested in the fight for or against ‘gay marriage’.  Think about all the times you either checked “single”, “married”, “divorced” etc. boxes while filling out forms, now add a new box entitled, “in league”.  Here read this -
There you have it, “a covenant or compact made between persons, parties, states, etc., for the promotion or maintenance of common interests or for mutual assistance or service.”

Right you see ‘promotion’ standing out because all this jibber jabber about homosexuals ‘joining together’ is promoted by protests, parades or rainbows.  They are promoting themselves to be together by any means they can.  Why not just make up a new classification so everyone can be at ease?  The heterosexuals will still have their ‘marriage’ and the homosexuals will get this brand new ‘in league’ status to be gay about, sorry I had to, don’t take it personal.

This next bit is a tad off topic of ‘gay marriage’ but I felt like adding it.

Down the road I wonder if a homosexual couple will adopt children while raising them up to be homosexuals as well.  Wouldn't that be the course of action they would attempt?  I doubt a heterosexual couple would intentionally raise their offspring to be homosexual.  The natural tendency of humans is to head for the opposite sex so I'd imagine those teenage years would be even wilder than they already would be!  “Try dating that guy son, ‘but the girls look so much better, uh dad’s’.”  I know what some of you might be thinking now in your rage of reading this outrageous blog, what about the people who are born homosexuals?  Let's consider how many people believe in evolution, in this day in age I'm sure it’s growing by the day.  If you know anything about evolution you'd know it’s the "only the strongest survive" type of deal.  Now if people are being born to attract naturally only to the same sex than the human race is no longer evolving in a way that would ensure their survival.  If no one mated in the long run then humanity's time is already numbered.  In my view it’s a scapegoat to justify the simple choice of homosexuality, that's right believe it or not it's still a choice.  Its human nature to escape any type of negativity regarding the actions we take so claiming it’s something that occurs in the womb that is out of our control will deflect the guilt one has in being homosexual.  It's not my fault I was born this way!  Unless you're Lady Gaga I don't think that will hold up.  

"To me I can understand why they wanna get married.  However, I don't understand why homosexuals would like to have kids."  -my wife

“Marriage is for opposite genders so if they want to chase that feeling then they are deceiving themselves, you see?  This is why new terminology would be more fitting to their cause.” –me

I hope I’ve stirred the pot up but also helped you realize something you may never have even thought about in an entirely new status title for our gay neighbors.  A new era in this country is coming so why not get a jump on it by simmering the hatred while we can before it gets too bothersome.  Go vote YES on ‘in league’ status and deny ‘gay marriage’ while supporting it at the same time, in a way.  I’m a confusing SOB aren’t I?

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