Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dreaming of East Chicago?

I had this dream over two weeks ago but it still remains on the surface of my mind.  I’d say a good 99% of all our dreams go forgotten by the time we relieve ourselves shortly after we wake and those that remain, well that’s the mystery.  I don’t know what this dream may be implying but here is what I remember of it.

                I’m riding in the passenger seat of a car while my friend Spanky is driving us.  The area we are driving through reeks of a downtrodden society.  The buildings are mostly abandoned at first glance, lawn maintenance is nowhere to be seen and the overall look of some post apocalyptic scene haunts my vision.  There are a couple shady passengers with us in the back seat and Spanky has the look on his face that everything is well in hand.  I don’t say anything and as we continue to drive the sun is blaring down on us.  I could feel the heat in the dream it was something of an oddity as temperature doesn’t usually play a role in my sleeping stories.  The sky was clear and no clouds could be seen which made this terrible area seem more pleasant than it actual was.

                We eventually arrive at this building with more sketchy people waiting outside as Spanky appears to be dropping off the people in the back seat.  I remember feeling extremely nervous and almost afraid standing awkwardly as I had no clue what was going on.  We soon left and Spanky drove us to another part of this glorious city.  It’s weird how I knew in the dream that we were in East Chicago but it looked nothing of the part that I remember nor did anyone ever confirm it was the place.  We now left the car on foot as Spanky really wanted to sight see around which I felt uncomfortable with as random shadows of figures appeared around alley ways and such.  The strangest thing was we came across an old restaurant building by the name of Wendy’s.  It looked deconstructed in a burnt to the ground type of state without any signs that it was ever on fire.  There were no burned pieces of wood or ash of any kind.  Spanky pointed out an old logo for the restaurant still visible inside and claimed it was the logo used back in the 1980’s.  I still don’t understand his fascination with walking around this place but he seemed to be searching for something but was attempting to hide the fact that he was.

                It ends like that, a cliff hanger of sorts that dreams normally do.  I’m curious as to why it’s been hanging around in my brain for such an extended period of time but this is the mystery of dreams.  If you enjoy this post then you can head over to the link below for more dreams.

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