Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dark Shadows & Thor

I’ve been able to get back to that ‘spare time’ I was lacking the previous weeks to bring you some more content.  I do hope you enjoyed the ‘Gay Marriage’ proposition I posted recently as I really did have a splendid time writing it.  I watched some new movies, for me anyway, including ‘Thor’ and ‘Dark Shadows’.  I also watched an old friend ‘Lost World Jurassic Park’.  Can you guess which I’m most likely to want to review?  I also put the finishing touches on a ‘revamp’ of my post recalling why I love Jurassic Park so much.  I had to go back to my roots and make sure I was satisfied with that post so I added more content along with photos.  The direct link for it is here:

My mini-reviews are as follows:

Dark Shadows (2012)

                The special effects in the movie are just as good as they can be in this day in age but that’s not why we wanted to see this movie right?  The story is a poopie if you ask me.  I know with Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeifer you’d have talent to work with but it’s just not ‘unique’ in that (normally?) Tim Burton way.  I love to see made up worlds from the mind of this man but this world reminds me of ‘Pirates of the Carribbean’ or something that’s out of a ‘normal’ setting.  Tim Burton and normal don’t get along, they’re polar opposites.  That’s why I admire most of what he does but I’ll leave it alone for now at least.  The actress playing the ‘witch’ character was awful and sucked up too much screen time for my general liking.  Her strange attraction for Johnny Depp is just too impossible to believe even in a silly movie like this and that’s sad.  The movie does have some solid ‘ha-ha’ moments but other than that it’s discouraging as we’re used to seeing higher quality stuff from Burton and Depp.  If Depp is a vampire then hasn’t he created a small army of them by the time the movie ends considering how many he bit?  It’s not a thinking movie, just laugh when you’re supposed too.  There is an actual moving scene when a small boy gets abandoned by his father over greed basically, I do want to give that the attention it deserves.  If you’re into the vampire phase right now you’ll probably like this more but I for one thought this one to be a dud.

                Rating: 4 of 10

Thor (2011)

                The superhero wave keeps coming at us and you’d better get used to it.  I’m fairly unfamiliar with this storyline but it’s interesting I’ll credit it that.  The nine different realms picks at my science fiction brain that at least held my attention.  I also only watched it when I found out Natalie Portman was in it, sue me.  Alas she is no more than a giddy schoolgirl nerd falling head over heels for the almighty Thor.  Did I mention he got tazed?  That was probably the best moment for me in the entire movie!  Or was it when the doctors gave him a shot to calm his nerves?  Either way you may or may not know what I’m rambling on about so I’ll stop now.  Thor is the typical immature young man, who wants to make his father proud.  He does something stupid, gets banished to earth (wow, who would’ve thought) and must learn the true meaning of being a king.  Thor aside, even though it’s his movie and he looks like Brad Pitt, Loki is the character to keep an eye on.  It’s Thor’s sidekick bro but he’s a complex guy which really makes me wonder about him.  You see there are these ice giants (the enemy) who Loki is unknowingly a part of since he has spent his entire life with Thor and his race.  Now it’s not a major game changer since Loki just wants to please daddy (Anthony Hopkins) like Thor does and eventually doesn’t get picked to be the future king or something.  It’s a familiar story and there is nothing unique to set it apart except the ‘terminator Cyclops’ hybrid enemy Thor must defeat near the end.  Seriously what was that thing?  Oh yea SHIELD is also in this movie but seems more like a ‘has to be there’ type of deal when it’s just extra.  I’m not sold on Thor but he does have a very well trimmed beard.

                Rating:  4.5 of 10

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  1. I've been put off watching Dark Shadows and after reading your review I think I'll wait for the DVD release.

    One thing I did want to ask you was, how much screen time does Michelle Pfeiffer's character have?

    1. I'd say you're making a wise choice by waiting for the DVD release. Michelle makes decent appearances in the beginnings of the movie but fades quickly as the story becomes too much about the 'relationship' Depp and the witch have going on. I wasn't thrilled about that to be honest as I hoped for her to have a bigger role.