Thursday, July 26, 2012

Knock, Knock

Episode 14

What can be more thrilling than an episode about the doomsday door opening early?  We get an episode that can easily be made a movie due to its grand scale of ghostly threat.  The Ghostbusters must find a way to close the door before the world as we know it is no more.  With an epic finale and a nearly Slimer free episode it has to be a fan favorite!

It starts with the Ghostbusters tearing apart a bowling alley in true ghostbusting fashion.  I like how the ghosts get slammed into the ceiling just before their capture.  They head home hearing chants of victory from the crowd outside the building.

Sorry maybe next time Peter
Upon arriving back at the firehouse Peter and the rest of the guys notice a trail of food and slime leading to Slimer.  Janine is ticked off explaining, “I tried to stop him, but you guys don’t need a receptionist you need a babysitter, a whole platoon of them.”  It’s true that pesky green gob of goo is more of a rotten child if anything else.  Peter heads over with his thrower aimed and ready to blast Slimer.  Ray and Winston spoil the fun by tackling him as Peter begs, “Just let me blast him, once.  Is that really too much to ask?”  Egon claims they need the ghost for science so they can’t but it’s always fun to watch Peter lose it and try to sneak in a shot.  As they empty the trap it’s hilarious as Peter and Winston pretend to argue over who is supposed to do it.  They trick Egon into doing it instead which is a really neat moment in the daily routine of these characters.  They all head to bed after a weary night of busting ghosts.

Nice front door knocker
Meanwhile deep underground a construction crew is digging a new subway tunnel and run into a mean looking door.  The crewmen argue a bit over what to do until the boss says to drill through it, big mistake!  The door speaks, “Do not open until doomsday.”  This door is a signature icon in this series although only seen in this episode.  Whenever I think of this episode I always think of this door first.  It’s so creepy and scary.  The door decides to unleash doomsday early and the supernatural events begin immediately!  Subway trains come to hideous life while graffiti dances off.  Naturally the Ghostbusters get a call, “The subway systems messed up?” Janine asks.  “How can you tell the difference?”  Way to be a smart@$$ Janine!  The rest time the guys thought they were getting is now gone and they suit back up for work.  While walking down into the changing subway area Ray states, “It’s like the whole place itself is becoming evil, becoming alive.  Boy this is great!”  Don’t you just love his excitement?

One way to get some space on a train
The guys get on a subway train that pulls up without knowing it’s possessed by the other side.  Egon uses the PKE meter to determine that the source of the activity is down the line and this train will take them straight there.  How convenient!  They get more than they bargained for as ghostly passengers mean to help them to their ranks.  The theme music triggers and a wild romp through the tunnel and streets ensue.  It’s a classic moment and very well done as they eventually reach the end of the line.  Egon states that the energy being released changes the nature of everything it touches.  That’s some very serious stuff to deal with and I wonder what would happen if one of the Ghostbusters got hit with some of it!  Peter spots a lady in the distance and tries to help her in his often flirtatious manner.  It ends up being another ghost as he freaks out.  Winston stumbles upon an engraved message which Egon translates.  It explains that the doomsday door has opened although it wasn’t supposed to until the end of the world.  I’m very fascinated by this story and it has intensity written all through it!  The Ghostbusters continue on knowing they may not make it back alive.

Maintaining a heroic image
The finale awaits as they locate the source.  The environment is wild and hectic as they try to figure out how to stop this force.  Ray says, “I’m just glad we don’t actually have to go in there.”  He is referring to the other side of the door.  Egon replies that is what they must do in order to close it though!  He goes on to state that they need to pull back all of the energy that has escaped already but their proton packs don’t have enough power.  Ray begins to figure it out when he adds that inside the door is enough energy to accomplish that.  There is a blue orb manifesting energy beyond our world’s capacity just inside the gateway.  They must blast into the orb to supercharge their beams to reach out and pull back all the supernatural energy that has already released.  It’s such a neat concept!  They even use a capture mode on their packs I don’t recall them using before.  Peter suggests that Egon knew all this before they arrived which he confesses to.  If they knew then they probably wouldn’t want to do it but Egon really takes the reins in this event and shows leadership.  Peter also remarks to Egon’s statement as, “That’s a terrible thing to say but you’re right of course.”  He keeps it honest by admitting he wouldn’t want to die this way but who would? 

They close the door shut and prevent doomsday in a frantic finish.  As they make it back home Peter heads to the refrigerator to eat finding Slimer has already ate everything.  He loses it again shouting how he never liked Slimer.  The guys try to talk him down and it works enough that Peter feeds Slimer a pizza in secret to end the episode.  Peter does have a heart it’s just hidden behind high emotions and a unique sense of humor.
Peter in perfect form
This episode is one of the best!  From Peter’s continued hatred of Slimer, Egon’s intelligent solution to stopping doomsday and Ray’s excitement of the situation it’s no wonder this series started out on such a high note!  It’s not my top episode but it’s right up there with them.

Rating: 10 of 10

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