Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman (2012)

I wanted to see this movie for one reason, the animation of the lizard.  I usually don't choose to see a movie based on something so minor as opposed to a well told story that is.  The previews made me enticed to see the motions and movements that the lizard man would perform and I'll admit I wasn't disappointed in that aspect.  Despite the lizard looking like a beefed up version of the goomba's from that old Super Mario Bros movie it was neat to watch.  The movie had hits and misses throughout so I'll try to go over some of them.

What I enjoyed about Spiderman was his smart ass attitude while in costume fighting crime.  I remember him being that way which did bring a humor that in my mind was always associated with the persona of Spiderman, not Peter Parker.  That's the thing about alter ego's, the person behind the mask gets to unleash what they've always wanted to say or do in secret so as not to be embarrassed.  Peter Parker in this version didn't quite fit the character I'd enjoy seeing.  I like him being a nerdy, shy and passive type of guy more consistently only to let loose his inner desires through Spiderman.  There were times this happened but it changed up very fast.  His nervousness around girls is common as Peter but he breaks that barrier and turns into just another teen with that similar attitude.  I just didn't feel anything special about this one.

What was up with Dr. Connors talking with himself?  Didn't the Green Goblin already have that going for him in the earlier version?  If you're going to rehash something just go away from everything that's been done.  It may not have been a problem if this movie came out say twenty years from now but it got a new look only ten years since the previous Spidey film.  There were plenty of times during the movie that the characters had to explain nearly everything they did as if the audience couldn't figure it out through the actions or if we weren't watching the movie with full attention.  I don't particularly enjoy being told all that unnecessary dialogue when I could follow along easily enough, I suppose the kids need to be told.

The idea of regenerating body parts and healing people for the good of mankind is neat and all but didn't the first Hulk movie attempt that too?  If my memory serves me I thought Bruce Banner was attempting something along those lines but who would remember that right?  How could you use the lizard man if you didn't use that same idea though?  Wasn't it a bit cliche to have Dr. Connors be "shutdown" and fired so he had no choice but to try the lizard potion for himself?  I expected more creativity with this movie but it was a lot of what we've seen from other movies of its kind.

How did Peter Parker not get caught dancing with all those spiders in that restricted area?  How was he allowed access as a Spanish man while selecting his keycard?  It seemed to silly to be allowed yet things of the sort were common place so you just have to go with it.  It was fun to watch Peter build his web shooters as that's how he originally did it in the comics.  In the scene on the bridge when we first see the lizard going nuts and Spiderman almost loses that kid in the van, that's right if you know me I think that kid should of died. It would have provided an emotional moment in a movie that had a bunch of fake ones.  I suppose parents wouldn't want to see Spiderman watch a kid die that he couldn't save though right?  Kids would be terrified to no end thinking not even Spiderman could save them anymore!

How much web can blast out of those tiny little cartridges on his wrists?  Shouldn't we get to see him refill them?  The movie was long enough to add that, might as well.  Peter Parker now boards, skateboards!  I didn't know and it seems a trait to add for the current phase of kids walking with skateboards in their hands more than actually riding them.  You've seen that right, isn't it odd?  Lizards of New York? unite in the sewers and join the Lizard Man!  Why were so many different species of lizards crawling around down there?

I forgot but at least I can go on that I wanted to watch this movie because it was seemingly going to reveal what the crap Parker's parents were up to.  It starts off that his dad was the creator of the genetic spiders but it cuts it off origin to save it for a sequel, bah.  I don't want that, don't coax me into a second movie of this rehash for a small morsel of origin.  You probably think I hated this movie, just couldn't stand it especially after paying out opening night admission.  It was OK though, I wouldn't rush out to see it unless Spiderman is your thing though.  The only thing 'amazing' about this version is that it comes so soon after the others, perhaps it was an attempt to rebound from Spidey 3?  At least we almost got to see Stan Lee get blasted with a flying table.

Rating: 7.5 of 10

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