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Accident (2009)

For my Hong Kong fans out there I’m sorry to have left out your movies.  Let’s break that trend and see why this movie is worth a watch whether you plan on it or not.  If you’re an American who doesn’t venture outside their own country to check out foreign films you’d be best to know that we don’t make all the ‘best’ movies, that’s Hollywood hogwash!  The internet connects and binds us so why shouldn’t our movies as well.  Enough introduction filler, let’s get to the movie.

The movie takes place in Hong Kong with a four person team that works together to kill people by making the deaths look like accidents.  The deaths they conjure up are quite interesting and you discover early on that they are a freelance type of death service.  The main guy in charge is a perfectionist and also the brains of the outfit.  A fat guy collects payment and does some of the running around for them.  The old guy causes some sort of non obvious distraction and a woman rounds out the team, I forget what she does.  There you have it, the death team.

You get to see the team set up an elaborate accident and kill a mob boss of some kind as the movie begins.  It’s a quiet movie meaning there isn’t much dialogue so that helps having to read a bunch of subtitles which I’m not a huge fan of.  The lead guy of the team comes across as being a bit paranoid as he takes this way and that just to get home where he has a stockpile of cash in a safe.  All is well for everyone until the next job.

During the second accident the team wishes to set up the wheels fall off and the fatty gets hit by a bus.  The lead man thinks someone is after him or his team and trying to dispose of them by means of an accident!  At this point I really fell into the movie and believed it to be true because why wouldn’t there be others like them out there doing the same thing.  They’re so discreet and private if there was another team out there you wouldn’t know it if they also knew what they were doing.  It’s around this time as well that the old man on the team begins to suffer from memory loss.  The lead man returns home to find his apartment broken into with his money all stolen.  The police inform him that many apartments in the building were also robbed.  He believes more firmly now that someone is indeed after him and he becomes even more paranoid.

He finds a new place to live and begins following around some people and even his team member woman in hopes of discovering the truth.  He has a run in with her at a pick up spot for new accident assignments and ends up doing something rash.  What was it?  Well you should probably watch to find out because I’d rather not spoil it if I already haven’t.  He tails a man he believes is behind the death of the fatty on his team and ultimately is responsible for killing his wife or girlfriend.  It’s a real thinker as you try to unravel what exactly is happening to this man and whether or not an accident is being targeted for him.

The ending is well done and I’d hate to spoil it so take my word on it that’s its worth the watch.  I saw this on Netflix so search for it if you get the time for it won’t waste your time if you like a well put together movie.  It might make you think twice when you hear the term freak accident!

Here is a link to entice you further: Accident Trailer - A Hong Kong Film

Rating: 8 of 10

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