Monday, July 9, 2012

Irresistible (2006)

A twisting type of movie that doesn't break new territory but I liked it.  It stars Susan Sarandon, Sam Neill and Emily Blunt.  I was a bit surprised to see Sarandon still had some acting left in her but she did well as a seemingly insomniac crazy woman.  Sam Neill played her husband who was caught in the middle of her troubling times and the mysterious Emily Blunt.  It's an Australian film so when I saw it on Netflix I knew it probably didn't originally make it to the states.  It's usually always good to watch Sam Neill and it's worth a watch if you're into mystery type of thrillers.

Sarandon is a wreck but that's good for her character.  She plays an exhausted artist who has overworked herself to the point of paranoia.  Emily Blunt is a character who newly works with Sam Neill, Sarandon's husband, and has some issues of her own.  I won't go too far into her part because it's a neat character that makes the movie worth the watch.  Neill and Blunt spend time together while getting seen or caught by Sarandon at the most inopportune times.  The question that remains throughout is what is really go on here?

I'd say anybody with a half a brain could probably deduce where the movie is going but it doesn't make it so clear until the climatic ending.  Watching Sarandon stalk people around and pry into houses or hid in bushes doesn't seem like it would be interesting but I believe it comes off as barely making the cut.  I also loved the scene where Neill let's lose and throws his wife around!  Does that mean he's the bad guy?  Well do you think I'd give away pertinent information like that?  It's not a lifetime movie so you'll have to come to your own conclusion.

To wrap it up in short here, as I'd hate to give away the movie much more, it's worth one view in your lifetime if you enjoy any of these actresses/actor.  The psychology of the movie is gripping enough to let you hold on for what happens at the end.  For me it was splendid to see Sam Neill still trucking along here, let's only hope he can have at least one more encounter with some raptors in the future!

Rating: 7 of 10

A link to tease you into watching it here: Irresistible

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