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Sea Fright

Episode 17

You would think the idea of ghost pirates in search of their stolen treasure would be an exciting concept but it falls short of its potential.  I believe this episode to be one in the series that could be liked quite a bit since it’s not bad but it’s not great either.  I’ll explain through my review why it’s just too plain to be that much fun.

It begins with a diver removing an old treasure chest filled with gold from the bottom of the sea.  A green cloudy excretion escapes from it as it is taken.  The Ghostbusters are at the firehouse singing a pirates tune.  Oh how I loathe it when an episode is themed to a specific concept, in this case pirates, and the star characters just happen to be singing a pirate tune.  However as the guys talk it’s discovered that Ray has been following the recent story of the treasure chest in the newspaper so at least it makes sense why they are doing it.  Max Palopolis is the man who recovered the treasure and Ray has been following him for an undetermined amount of time it seems.  In a short scene following the guys chatter the ghost pirate ship is sighted in a thick fog apparently in response to their missing treasure.  Why else would a ghost ship suddenly emerge right?

Arr, I've sighted a shaky RGB story!
The Ghostbusters arrive to a damaged ship but I wonder why they were called first.  I don’t see any signs of supernatural activity to make someone think they should be here first.  Egon has his PKE meter as usual and is detecting something but did the person who called them have one?  Peter falls over the bow into the ship and then again when he slides down the stairs below decks.  He says, “This is embarrassing.”  I’d think so, falling twice in the span of a minute.  He finds three crewmen tied up with a ghost parrot that eventually flees.  I really find it hilarious that Ray brings Peter up onto the deck leaving the crewmen tied up!  You don’t see them again so I’m guessing they were left.  Hey they are here to bust ghosts not save people!  Captain Jack Higgins is the ghost pirate after the treasure and he makes his debut.  The ghost parrot lands on his hat as he says, “There be times I’d like to kill this bird if it weren’t already dead.”  I’m reminded of a certain Captain named Jack Sparrow and his hatred of an undead monkey.  He also shared desire to certain treasure chests.

Egon as the kids say, "Fail."
The ghost ship heads toward the Ghostbusters as Ray points out that they are indeed ghosts along with that ship of theirs.  Don’t you love it when the characters spell it out for you especially when you already know?  Egon used the PKE meter to figure it out anyway.  Ray goes on to explain, you know what I think you get the idea already let’s move on.  Captain Jack issues orders to plunder away at New York City.  The Ghostbusters fire upon the ghost ship but it doesn’t do anything although that’s not addressed at all.  Why wouldn’t it?  It’s all a ghost, ship and all so what gives?  We’ll never know since it’s never explained.  The ghost pirates fire showing no effects of the beams.  The guys blast the ghost ship again with the same no effect results.  Is their gear malfunctioning?  The ghost pirates head out to face the guys in close range.  Egon performs one of the stupidest things I’ve seen in this show to date.  He tries to hit a ghost pirate by swinging his thrower at it while yelling, “Scram! Go away!”  Why would that ever be a good idea?  Blast the ghost!  Are you trying to destroy your equipment?

Use your thrower if you want to portray true anger!
The guys all get thrown into the water and rightfully so, if you’re dumb enough to do what Egon did you deserve it.  Captain Jack and his crew head into the city to recover the treasure while causing chaos along the way.  Winston comes up with an incredible notion, “I just wish I knew what them pirates had on their minds.  It’s as if they were after something in particular.”  For not being a scientist he has figured out the general plot of the episode already!  How could you know it’s something in particular?  What gave that away?  Come on the audience isn’t that dumb, maybe Egon is, but we’re not.  Ray figures it to be the treasure that was recently brought into town by matching the stag on the ghost ship to the treasure chest but Winston didn’t know that.  Maybe he did though I suppose it’s of no real concern at this point.  They want to speed to the treasure ASAP but something is slowing the engine down and it’s Slimer, boo.  Why is Slimer in the engine?  Oh Slimer had to be written into the episode that’s why.

Can they even, umm, you know?
Ray does his best Egon impression by attempting to hit Slimer with his fist.  I do like that Ray is actually pissed at Slimer for a change which is my favorite part of this episode!  The ghost pirates get some screen time doing some stealing and other stuff of the sort.  I do like the horny pirates’ comment he says as he stares at a female mannequin, “How long it’s been since, oh since, since when?  It’s been so long I can’t remember.”  It’s delivered very well too as far as the voice work.  The Ghostbusters arrive at the building with the treasure only to be denied of it.  Well of course did you think they’d just let you have it?  Peter gives up stating to let Captain Jack have his treasure and why not?  Once he gets it if he continues to haunt the city then you can bust him and charge a hefty fee for it!  Peter comes up with a plan, sort of, to capture the pirate ghosts.

He's not playing!

It’s a less than stellar finale even with the theme music on.  Winston does go a tad ‘overboard’ in his attempts to capture the ghosts.  I liked when Peter drops a trap onto the deck of their ‘pretend ship’ and kicks it out.  Slimer tangles with that ghost parrot which just wastes time.  They eventually trap the ship and the pirates.  It probably sounds as if I really hated this episode but overall it’s still decent enough.  The fact that Slimer was minimal, which I always love, and the story being somewhat creative I can’t thrust it into the toilet.  I have a weakness for pirate stories as well.

Rating: 6 of 10


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