Friday, August 24, 2012

Election (2005)

This is a Hong Kong film and it’s about triads.  If you know anything about triads then you know they’re usually the bad guys.  In this movie though, it’s more than just cops vs. triads because that would probably be so boring.  Simon Yam plays a lead character and you can be grateful he does because he can actually act.  Don’t get me wrong the movie isn’t filled with bottom feeding acting but a few guys could use some more classes if you get me.  Anyway I like Simon Yam he was in IP Man and that’s my favorite martial arts flick.  Now it’s not about martial arts, I don’t want to mislead you.  I can see the action fighting junkies drooling now but let me stop you.  Don’t beat me up just watch Flashpoint it’s probably more for you.  Enough of my antics let’s just get to the movie.

The story is about the inner turmoil the triad society is going through.  In the triad system a man gets elected by vote to be chairman, a very prestigious position.  Well this guy (Big D) loses out to Lok (Simon Yam) and he goes bananas.  He wants to deny tradition and thrust himself into sole power of the triad society.  That starts fire that will burn throughout the movie and it moves along very well.  The cops nab them for causing so much trouble.  The cops know they can’t stop or end the triads so they basically tell them to get their society back in line.  If the triads have a correct organization at least the cops won’t have to work as hard, they will govern themselves.  It’s the “in-fighting” the cops actually can’t stand. 

A main catch to the plot is the ‘Baton’.  It’s a sacred item that the chairman must have in his possession to prove he is the leader.  Each side within the triad is trying to get it and eventually Lok does.  Big D never wants to give in until he finally accepts Lok’s proposal to gain more territory in Hong Kong to improve the society and those within financially.  It would seem all is well near the end until Big D gets some fresh ideas that don’t go over too well with Lok.  What happens?  I’ll save that for you to watch and trust me it’s worth it.

I’ve visited Hong Kong a few times and it’s great to see some of the places and streets I’ve been down.  The memories that creep back out of my mind are a welcome joy to experience.  I encourage you to give the American cinema a break and test foreign waters and you’ll discover that there truly is another world out there.  Adam Sandler’s latest idiotic comedy can wait, give Hong Kong a chance.  The director of ‘Accident’ also directed this one so if you did watch that one then you should be hurrying to Netflix now.

Rating: 8.5 of 10

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