Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Study of Scarlett (Chapter 2)

In late February/early March in the year 2015 it has come to my attention that after an unprecedented event occurred my daughter has shown a very curious ability.  How this happened suggests unknown phenomena are partly responsible.  It’s an unsolved mystery with no revealing evidence.  I’ll bring to light all I know of this most interesting tale and perhaps someone out there may be able to connect the dots.

            Said event took place after what can be considered a most exciting late afternoon activity for my wife & I – sleeping.  Anytime you find the chance for an hour nap you seize it tightly with two closed fists.  With a little one at home what was once a mere relaxing close of the eyes becomes something much more savored, a trip to dreamland where you haven’t been for what seems ages.  My wife & I awoke she headed to the kitchen while I carefully plodded to the bathroom to relieve myself.  Its dusk now, and I don’t have my eyeglasses on when my wife calls my attention as I enter the bathroom.  Naturally I was quite looking forward to adding a bit more fluid to the toilet bowl, isn’t it always like that?  It’s a bodily relief nobody tires of.  Let’s not sidetrack, I step out of the bathroom as my wife says, “What’s that?” pointing at the floor.  I lazily peer down but my eyes are useless at such a distance for so small a thing.  It’s a blur, I mumble I can’t see it then use the toilet.

Floor Tile
            What is discovered when I have my framed eyes in position and a light illuminating is a shock to me.  My wife is getting frantic.  She says she thought it was fuzz but upon closer examination my eyes take in what my mind wishes to refuse – a tiny lizard!  Yes!  On the tiled floor is a lizard completely frozen, possibly due to the sudden change in environment.  The intriguing aspect is it has camouflaged to the floor color, which fascinated me into awed staring.  I’m familiar that reptiles can undergo such a transformation but to see it in the flesh, in an apartment is a new experience for me.  It’s possible my sleep daze is still affecting my brain.  My wife on the other hand has come to a swift conclusion – kill it.  Naturally we have a baby in the next room, its instinct to protect her from what she cannot defend.  But to destroy so small a creature for this sake, I pause thinking it over but at last agree trying to catch it could prove more hassle than just smashing it.  If it were to take refuge somewhere hidden away it could strike when we least expect.  Also the thought of the tiny reptile nibbling on my daughters lip was disturbing.  If any have read Jurassic Park you’d see my point, not the dinosaur angle but small lizards in Costa Rica that creep into nurseries biting infants in their cribs.  You see there is a toxin in the saliva of these lizards that will cause the infected area to swell…  It would be best if you read the book.

            I’ll spare the detail of our hairless little friend’s demise other than it was quick & painless.  It did however spasm and flip about which made my wife jump in astonishment, don’t worry it was dead already.  What has happened in the days since has been… strange.  Scarlett has shown a clear visible alteration of her skin pigmentation but it changes depending on circumstances, mostly it’s her normal tone.  It doesn’t happen as often as the little reptile may be able to do with its skin but certain situations will encourage it.

            The primary method, of her skin color change, is an unusual combination of high-pitched noise emitting from her mouth while her arms and legs are actively moving.  The affected area is limited to her face for the time being.  Trigger signs that she is undergoing a color change include whimpers or cries that are quiet but steadily gain volume.  During this time her pigmentation changes to red and as the noise increases and her mouth opens wider it can alter to maroon while giving her lips a shade of purple.  It seems a different technique than our small lizard may perform but the results are stirring.  Whereas the reptile could change color in absolute silence it required Scarlett banshee-like wails from her mouth to accomplish the change.  The question remains is how far will this go?

            As of this time we’re positive no physical contact was made with the lizard and Scarlett so how did this ability to color change come about?  Will she gain other attributes of the lizard?  Did the death of the reptile release an unknown spore that attached to her body?  We’ll continue to monitor her and update her condition but as of now it would seem it may be a temporary state of… possible infection.

            Later observation of facial color change occurred when she would clench her tiny hands and grunt in succession.  That would cause a rumble sort of noise from her mid section culminating in a squishy sound just south of her stomach.  Afterwards her color returned to normal and she seemed in delightful spirits often sporting a smile.  However a foul odor always followed this and it was later found some sort of yellowish material had excreted from her rectal area.  It’s possible the ability to color change produces some sort of waste that must be discharged.  Further analysis of the biohazard may determine source of color change.

That is the story and details as remembered.  She will continue to be monitored, documented and poked to ensure proper research is being done of her.  This is a most interesting case study of Scarlett.

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